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Conservatism won!


To the Honorable Justice Bret Kavanaugh and his family:

Congratulations on a well deserved, and earned, appointment to the highest court of the land. The ugliness that you and your family had so unjustly endured goes beyond the realms of common decency.

Thank you, Justice Kavanaugh, for decades of dedication to maintain your Oath to protect, adhere to, and abide by the Constitution of our not-very United States of America. Thank you for neither giving-in or giving-up as so many in Washington have throughout the decades; and, very sadly, still do.

You and your family are true patriots. And the mental and emotional attacks that you've all endured is, in my opinion, equivalent to those that have fought on a battlefield. I am saddened that what should be a day of celebration will likely be a simple day of momentary relief and a deep and humble gratitude to all that stood and stayed unwaveringly by your side.

The scales of Justice may remain balanced because you stand along with the others like Gorsuch, Alito and Clarence Thomas.

God Bless you, and God Bless America

From the Members of The Constitutional Conservatives

October 6, 2018, 

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Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh. Ronald Bernier

My heartfelt congratulations to you Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Please extend my thank you to your wonderful family. Patricia Gillenwater, Dewey, AZ

My most sincere congratulations Justice  Kavanaugh. Tony Salazar

Respectfully,  Rev. J. Francis Roth

Congrats...  Good luck...  may God be with you...  You're going to need both.  

Congratulations and thank God you will be serving us and him.


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