December. 2017 testomony,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,          Will anyone ever be charged?

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Podesta and other Demented-Dems are scampering off their sinking ship.  obamba even felt he needed to "further brainwash" 3,000 of his ex-Regime Lemming with his colossal screw-up via open telephone.  The heat is on and others will flake off with their stories of the Great Puppeteer . . . . at least we can hope.

obamba had the audacity, or the lack of intelligence, to question "the rule of law" that was supposedly broken . . . problem is, the Alphabet Agencies, comey's motley crew in particular, broke ethics and the written law by forcing General Flynn into the trap they set, probably with "the community organizer's" full and complete knowledge.

He [Podesta] didn't know, HC didn't know, the DNC didn't know that is bullshit! Fusion GPS was shopping the dirty dossier to any who might pay for it and the plan was hatched for its existence from the WH down (O was still the de facto head of the DNC).  When I read 1000's upon 1000's of the DNC and Podesta hacks clear as day that emails funneled through both + HC brought in to key loops. What a bunch of crooks do anything for power including selling out America.

Rich, I don't doubt it.  Pati,  You've also put into words better than I can.

Steam rolls of me whenever I think of all of them that are still walking around after all they did to the citizens and the descent lawmakers that we do have.

........More....................Obama included:



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