The fallout of the political theater of destroying opponents using identity politics and goodies from Hillary’s deplorable basket has trickled down to my state government and to my County GOP.  I find it offensive. The leaders of my County GOP appear as Beavis & Buttheads. They are amateurs really taking orders from players within the higher ups in the state much more seasoned along with special interests. Yet those in leadership of the County GOP sadly do not recognize how foolish they appear.

Draining the swamps in governments is a noble endeavor. Efforts made becomes less so when left to politicians with motivations to slash and burn a political opponent or an opposing party and yes to run a coup to unseat a duly elected President. At this point the purpose is not a noble goal it’s for raw political power and for self and if it happens to be a plus for party that can be tolerated as well.

Virginia state government is now feeling the pain. Pelosi not concerned, so she said, that the VA debacles would harm the DNC brand. I unlike Pelosi am concerned that what my County GOP behavior is dabbling in using deplorable tactics in fact does affect the RNC brand.

Nancy Pelosi said, “there will be causalities, so be it.”.  I say the causalities are this Republic and we the people.

Bubbling within my AZ State government is what now is dubbed by some as AZSCAM I and II. A republican elected who exposed scam found himself roasted by the scammers. Good patriots who have reported on the mess find themselves referred to as conspiracy theorist and worse.

The target in my CD is a state Republican legislator. He is a conservative and a no on new taxes guy and pro Arizona family candidate.  He is well liked by voters. I was a supporter and over time know him well enough to call him a friend.

This legislator acquired enemies among the powerful RINO’s who are cozy with special interest types (think developers). He was successful a few years back along with liked minded core friends and by spending around $12,000 they were successful defeating two taxes pushed by special interests and their RINO elected within the County.

This past primary season the County Party found an opponent to challenge him in the primary. Poor pick. The legislator gave a speech in Prescott and during that speech he talked about hard truths of illegal immigration and some of his words were taken out of context to use against him. I must have listened to his speech five + times and could not share a view that what he said rose to a level deserving of labeling him a racist. They came on with a vengeance to get their poorly picked candidate elected. A left leaning action PAC of developers in Scottsdale and CA spent dollars for the poorly picked candidate.

Many of the grassroots Precinct Committee women and men along with voters as well went into action. Letters flooded the Editors of the local newspaper. I and others wrote opinion pieces for a local E-news, supporters called in to the local radio station. We took advantage of social media platforms and wrote articles for local Republican blogs.

Resignations were called for of members of the County GOP Executive Committee (EC) who voted Yes to issue a press release calling for the Legislator to apologize and with draw from the race. None of them resigned we had no expectation they would. They dug in.

Our legislator prevailed in the primary with an impressive win and in the general he received the highest number of votes for an AZ House candidate ever.

The battle is not over. People with political motivations and vendetta laden revengeful hearts seem not to know when to stand down. I fear that by taking the bait of the democrats the RINO’s are aiding them to make more inroads into our communities. I imagine the dem’s laughing at the GOP fools.

The casualties in this is not only the legislator but trust in leaders of the Republican Party at all levels.

I concluded that those who were elected as EC members at the County GOP were so wrapped up with thinking they were so all important in their positions what they failed to do was to bring in the elected Precinct Committee men and women along with Precinct Captains for consultation, disrespectful, we lost PC’s due to the EC’s actions. Another thing the EC’S clearly had lost touch with the voter base. Staying within the comfy nest of RINO’s and failing to venture out with voters to chat with big mistake. They can crunch numbers and think they know the voters, but they lost sight of the very western independence factor. Who better to give them a read than the PC’s and PC Captains? Sound familiar. The EC’s did not take away from the 2016 general election that Trump won by having a good read of the tea leaves and the pulse of the rust belt.

In conclusion, as a conservative, I want the party under whom I choose to register to rise above the behaviors of the looney left. I know it’s a naive wish. I also know if I am able too, I will work to change the calculus and push hard back to effect restoring trust within my County GOP.

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I feel it is now time for a third party to rise. All those who now recognize that our political leaders don't give a fig about the masses and are not only indoctrinating but working to control the thinking of the masses only have their own interest. Gallop says at least 42 million South Americans are preparing to walk across our Borders. The first five million are already preparing and waiting for their opening to start marching. Two decades ago I would have said it was paranoid but, since Gallop is a trustworthy Leftist group I know it must be true. The problem with these invaders from South America is they don't want to get stuck in Mexico. 

I keep asking myself if these Socialist Democrats and Democrats "R" don't want a wall then why aren't they chanting "tear the wall Down" at rallies through our streets. Why does Canada and the U.S. still have control of our Northern Border? Our small steps into the camp of the Democrat "R" is having an effect. The masses are looking for new leaders who will stand up for them. I feel the 2020 Election could be a landslide for Conservatives if they can deliver the right message. It is time we upped the pressure and let those in Office now we are not pleased with their performance. 

I want to share something I replied to at another site.

A comment by a member:

"We all know that another so-called Government shutdown will put the President in a [ bad light.] "

My reply to him:

Hmmm  By whom?  The left has literally hated DT from the moment "their republican boy", Jeb, lost the GOP primaries miserably. As did the progressive-GOPers in power at the time. 

Lets go back to 2013's "shutdown". Did the GOP pay-the-price?  Nope. And we all know how the leftist machine tried to put it all on the GOP!  Yet, the 2014 results spoke volumns!  Despite the recent record breaking "shutdown", President Trump's numbers are at 52%!  Much higher than BO and GW43's were halfway past their first term!

If DT signs on to yet another OVER-spending bill...when he did say back in 2017 that he "wouldn't do it again"...w/OUT something CLOSER to the $5.7B - THAT could hurt him even MORE than yet another shutdown!.


1. The economy is stronger than it has ever been in well over a decade.

2. More blacks and hispanics are employed today than they ever have before.

3. The USA is finally the bigboy energy EXPORTER. 

4. At least the individual mandate of Obamacare...which what used to fund it...has been repealed!


5. The tax reform and the removal of regulations have brought jobs back home. And the workforce has more disposable income in hand.

*6. Border security and INFANCIDE/abortion is finally center stage!  Something EVERY other GOPee-on had avoided like vampires avoiding the sunlight!  

 Because of all this, and more, the President's #s are high.  PLUS, the Mueller rectal probe is DEAD! 

If DT decides to VETO whatever CRAP Nancy & Chucky have cooked up - I'll continue to stand WITH HIM! :)


Christine you are one smart patriot.

I do believe that a conservative movement is in the making. The dem r's, great use of a label so thank you, will fight the tide but the more they do they will begin to lose elections.

One race in AZ that I fear is the McSally vs. Kelly. Kelly a former astronaut so McSally's military service seems to be checked. McSally is a lousy campagner and even worse debater. The DNC + all the $$'s from out-of-state gonna make it tough. AZ could end up with 2 dem senators. Kelly is an anti gun guy for thee but not for me.

McSally is not a conservative. Maricopa County the most populated with its democrat controlled election ofc will certainly do all it can to rig the results for Kelly. The election ofc already cut its teeth with methods to get Sinema elected.

But with this sad state of affairs I see a conservative movement rising. Will it be enough by 2020 in numbers, I do not know.


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