So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Excellent video, Larry. The biggest problem that the west (the US and Europe) is:

1. that our cultures are of a "utopian" mindset. "And they all lived happily ever after" has been used as an ending to our tales for many many years. Put your heads under the bed covers till all the bad passes.

2. Tha pacifism that Americans had (and still do) could've been our demise back in the beginning of WW2.   The west refuses to believe that a people (Isamists) are so bloodthirsty - even when there are videos showing them beheading, or burning judeo/christians alive > several at a time.

The game of chess is about 1. understanding what each piece can do; and using them so that they operate WITH each other.  2. Deceptions and distractions are key tactics. nd sacrifices MUST be accepted and become a key part of the strategy.  And 3. To veer or force the opponent to move/react in the direction of YOUR choosing; and to THINK how THEY do to be able to anticipate their next move[S] (plural).

The western culture doesn't think/live in this manner. Thus, they apply their fairy-tale thought processes / retionale w/ Islamists. Hence, it must be something WE did wrong. 

Every chess game (or war) is won...or lost...before the first shot gets fired.  jmho   


I just took the time to re-watch that video, mostly to see if it IS where I saw the population density numbers I'm remembering. It's not. A couple searches haven't been fruitful yet either. That's too bad, because the actual numbers is quite the impressive visual impact. They're pretty small population density numbers triggering the next phase each time.

but, it is still an impactful on point video.   ...silly humans. 

I do think the left will embrace McCabe. 

No surprise the liberal left would now offer McCabe a job. Next will be millions to have a ghostwriter book deal.

I would like the cuffs first on his wrist then around his ankles cuffed he awaits trial

Rosenstein needs to go.

The President is all in for drain the swamp but these agencies have enjoyed the setup that the O administration gave them. Its like trying to wrestle 100's of hungry alligators at once.

The left remains steadfast in keeping Mueller around. They need the talking points -- good grief what else do they have besides HC recently humiliating herself by insulting millions of white women and their incessant rants of racism and the like.

"Establishment Disciplinary actions have been taken..."  (?! That's funny. The terms "establishment" and "actions" in the same sentence) 

"You can all rest easy the internal swamp is being cleaned."  (LMAO! "rest easy"?!  The "swamp" getting "cleaned"?! Okay, now substitute "swamp" w/ words like "black mold" or "syphilis". How does it sound now!  You can't "clean" diseases away. They have to be destroyed or they'll destroy you; or US as a Constitutional Republic. It's like a red wine in carpeting. It may "look" clean...on the surface. But the stain always reappears. Because it had been ingrained within the fabric.)

"President fired Andrew McCabe!"

Hmmm...Good move - politically speaking and on an election year at that. BUT, means squat in the big picture.  What about James Comey or Hillary Clinton for that matter? And lets not forget that it has been revealed that Barack Obama had started this whole Fusion GPS tactic w/ Romney. They saw that it was effective and, more importantly, they can get away w/ it.

DT needs to take that to his bully-pulpit and DEMAND action. Now that is something w/ SUBSTANCE to tweet about!

What I have figured out is the whole thing behind the democrat/media-machine trashing Russia/Putin, from the moment Trump won the election, was to take the public's already short attention span away from the REAL story - which IS bigger than Watergate.

Personally, I'mm thinking the Swamp will try to reverse McCabe's firing / loss of pension. I also believe that the GOP side of the Swamp will be trying...quietly, mind sabotage their...OUR...chances at gaining more seats come this November. Even if it means contributing to the dems that are running against us.

That's my take.        

Luis, Not resting easy. The damage to the Republic is deep and broad. The swamp dwellers lurk in the swamp in large numbers. You hit the nail on the head those swamp critters are members of both parties.

The Az GOP appear to have a favorite candidate to replace Jeff Flake, McSally, I consider her a Flake in a skirt. They never give up. Flake who would not win AZ is toying with the idea of running for President in 2020. He knows he couldn't win against DT in AZ but he will be the John Kasich to  try and deny Trump. 

Sad when the GOP engages with the left to break the backs of the American citizen.

I have said many times that to pull the plug on the swamp it would take decades. MEGA Don is 1 man. He has made few friends in The District. What worries me is the constant daily assault on him by the dems and with the repubs joining the chorus at every opportunity. This wears on the Trumpsters. Question are the American citizens by 2020 be thinking that if we vote for another candidate all this constant barrage of negativity end? It want of course it will only change to another political war game and the Republic is closer to disintegration. The country gave the GOP a gift in 2016. They are virtually p$ss$ng it away.

We are left with no institutions to have faith in and the rule of law well it applies to just some citizens 

Once in awhile a ray of hope shines through. The ray is small. 

Parents have reared a generation of whining, weak, instant gratification loners who will tattle to the state on command.

DT did not do this. The dems did not do this completely by themselves.

The only chance the citizen has at this point is to exercise our vote against what is going on and hope for a better and better outcome each election cycle. I'm not convinced that it will "get better" but that is all that is I got.


Flake "toying" w/ a potus run is, imo, just another distraction. He'd never win.  It's about the HoR and Senate and, if WE aren't careful and vigilant, we just might lose it. We were supposed to be on our way to globalism via the Paris Accord by now.  Where a new embassy in Jerusalem would NEVER've been; and Obamacare would've been resusitateted - the deep-state GOPers would've said: "It's what the voters had voted for".  They still might get there yet. Why? Because Trump has done things in Office that NO GOPer had ever DT acknowledging that Jerusalem IS the capitol of Israel, for instance. That is HUGE all by itself!  DT is actually keeping promises; and he is HATED for it.   ,

Luis, What a nice reply. Yes Flake a distraction. IMO what we here in my universe know of Flake is that he is a lazy guy who rode the coattails of the mighty McNasty political machine and he is viewed as being a McNasty boy being pulled by a nose ring by McNasty.

The rich Rolex wearing pretend cowboy repubs like the Flake. Luckily more struggling down to earth cowboys and cowgirls in my county.

We all I am confident knew MEGA Don was not a conservative, aware that he was a playboy, knew he donated money to both dems and repubs alike. Feel I knew the color he liked was green. What DT represented was the mantle of disruptor. He read the tea leaves. He made promises to the faith based and all the rust belt. He worked hard to win. He knew that the coastal elites was never going to vote for him so he focused on winning the states that would bring him to an electoral college win. He said during the campaign season that HC did not have the stamina -- I felt he would know that because of knowing people that knew the Clintons after all people of that wealth congregate in the same space. I really believed he would win.

DT not being a conservative has so far delivered on conservative policies. More delivering to go. But despite the dems and anti-Trump GOP'ers he has had success.

I think if he were given another term we would see a bite taken in addressing SS and the massive debt would come down a bit.

The key is as you alluded to keeping the majority in congress.


The dem won the PA-18 specisl election because his [message] was pro-Trump and pro-life. The RNC seems to be avoiding to run on the accomplishments starting w/ Neil Gorsuch to  tax reform and even the repeal of the individual mandate in the ACA.  But, to do so, would be to ADMIT that President Trump has been an effective potus. And that the bring the democrat/media machine's flames-of-hell down on them. And again, many McConnell/Flake/mcCain GOPers despise DT. Imo, those imbeciles CHOOSE to even WISH that the total bllsht that is the "Russian collusion" were true.  From what I see, it's the DNC and RNC insiders that are colluding here.

Imo, 2018 might just be the year of revelations. Where we'll be by 2024 / 2030 might just be determined by the wrenches the GOP/RNCers throws into the campaigns this smumer  And how seriously the VOTERS want to keep the Ds OUT oof control.  I "hope" PA-18 was not the writing-on-the-wall.  ,  

Everyday I imagine that the DNC are so very close to usurping our gov't, this Republic. This is just another example that you have posted.

As Farrakhan said recently America 'is going down'. 

"Everyday I imagine that the DNC are so very close to usurping our gov't, this Republic."

Think about it Pat. The DNC is just one arm of the global/socialist agenda/movement. It chisled away our Constitution w/ the 14th, 16th,17th Amendments. Which opened the floodgates to the social programs (the lethally addictive "drug") and the Patriot Act, the NDAA and the ACA,,etc. The legislators. 

Then there's the social arm: the media entertainment, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Then there's the muscle or the literal arm-breakers and bombers like Antifa, BLM, the greenies, NOW and the Woomens March, the ACLU, and the unions, etc.

And, lets not forget their ace-in-the-hole, their long term investments. It's.the arm that assures that they continue maintaining their control - and growing.. This arm is their recruiting tool. The education system. I'm sure I left out other factions, but you get the picture. The DNC could NOT've done squat all by itself.

So, seeing all this, wouldn't you agree that the global-socialist machine] had already "usurped" our republic decades ago?  Imo, to even want to believe otherwise is to live in denial.

The [fight] is to get it back. And that...right now...may take a couple of generations of unrelenting resolve and sacrifice. And they've had over a 50yr head start. Anyone that has known me since the onset of the 912 Project and TPP know that the above, along w/ SocSec / Medicare catastrophe, has been my message and warning from day one. ALWAYS falling on deaf ears. America will get what it deserves. And, even then, we'll still be pointing fingers every place else. 

The very definition of "INSANITY".

Would anyone of us believe a democrat candidate that would say anything to help the dems gain control of Congress. There is certainly value in the DNC going full bore in districts where candidates appearing more centrist have a chance to win. The money for those candidates need to know where its coming from. That is key to exposing exactly who and what they are -- in districts of the coastal elites will they take a centrist campaign strategy no they want.

In the matter of filling congress with intelligence operatives now that is alarming.


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