So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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I considered moving to Prescott many years ago but the timing wasn't right. A close family member of mine is currently scouting out houses in Payson today, Will be hiking the Grand Canyon tomorrow, hiking back up on Thursday.

"should be an energetic experience"

No doubt, for sure. It is a VIP ride! Too cool. They must recognize how lucky and fortunate they are to have you as a Committee member on their team.

Wheel chairs are extremely important for handicapped individuals mobility. Curious me wanted to know if Insurance companies covered costs for wheel chairs and what is the cost for an electric wheel chair.  I haven't yet looked into scooters or 4 wheelers for you Patricia ;)

Here is a small sampling .....

AM912, Thanks for the link.

My first wheelchair was ordered by Mayo Hospital. I had spent almost 3 wks there and they sent me home with it. After 5 years it was mine. No cost. In order to make it easy on Chris I saved $$'s for quite a number of years to purchase a lighter chair with a few more convenient features to carry in the Van so she did not have to get the 1st chair off the porch and lift in and out of the Van. Cost for the 2nd chair bore by me.

Up keep to wheelchair(s) cost for parts all on us. Things do wear out. Cushions for the chair(s) are costly and arm rests are way overpriced.

I can not manage a scooter. I have not wanted a motorized chair because that introduces more challenges of all kinds and could end up requiring more costs in order to get off the porch and take the darn thing with us.

I have a 3-wheel recumbent street trike. This was an investment of $$'s. Chris assist me on and I sit low to the ground and can hold on to the handles and so far have not fallen off. Allows for a sense of freedom and visiting folks out and about in the neighborhood. Affords great exercise. My condition experiences vary at many different times throughout my waking hours. So I have to pick times that I am more apt to handle being out and about on the street,

I fall a lot just trying to get to the bathroom or to the bed. My best intentions of doing it myself is not a guarantee of success and yes we have lots of bars installed. I fell recently and really hurt my left shoulder. As long as my arm is not in a particular position doesn't hurt so not getting involved in the madness of the medical loop.

BTW Chris tried to find a wheelchair usual places -- used one, it just didn't yield one.


I totally get President Trump's description of MS13. I only cringe at it because it is very much an insult towards the animal kingdom itself. MS13 is in the same category as every other gang or terrorist group like Bloods, Crips, Black Panthers, BLM, Antifa, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, etc...

Their message is one: Do as we say or we'll kill you and your family. These bloodthirsty criminals end up murderyng whomever's in their path anyway. They are below jackal.

That is where I put the Planned Parenthood & Baby Parts industry. When they slaughter enough babies, and strip their corpses for parts, you can purchase a Ferrari.

It's all this that the media and democrats offer their loyalties and support to. Their mascot shouldn't be the jackass. But either a jackal or a dingo as well.

Luis ,

Agree MS-13 below the animal kingdom. I'm alright with the President calling MS-13 "Animals" because I believe that he meant NO knock to the Animal Kingdom just using the commonly used language of peoples.

The left stream media is also in my thinking lower than the Jackal. They ran with "animal" as if the President's use applied to all spanish speakers, did they know differently? Yes I believe they did -- totally deliberate and have not put an effort into cleaning up their propaganda.

Two things these days do not trust the press and do not trust any demorat running in the midterms.

Finally parents do you know what your kids are up to today? 


If I were tea am owner I'd make it clear that, when the player is in uniform, it's because they acknowledge that "I" am their boss; their employer. That when the player is in uniform they represent my team.

As such, there are rules And the first rule is "You are here to play the game of football. Period! If you want to express any opinions other than the game you shall do so only on YOUR OWN TIME and NEVER when you wear any part of the team uniform. To do so shows a complete disrespect to me, as your employer, the team and the fans that make your very substantial PAYROLL possible and come out to GET AWAY from bllsht politics and the daily grind of life. Any such behavior shall be dealt with by getting docked 10% of their yearly pay - for EVERY offense. More than three offenses would end your contract at the end of the season and an ineligibility to a next season which they wish to renegotiate."

Now - are you ready for some football?!



Levin schools ‘ignorant’ libs on how a president — yes, even Trump — can order an investigation

Mark Levin CRUSHES Judge Napolitano / A President can NOT be indicted

Mark Levin: Appointment of Mueller is unconstitutional

Amazon demonetizes conservative website (us)

NFL Teams Will be Fined if Players on the Field Kneel During National Anthem

New NFL anthem policy

Let's face it options exist. However let's face it solving this entire scandal is not in the interest of either party at the moment.

"At the mment", huh Pat!  We're still in Afghanstan, for goodness sake! Osama bin Laden has been dead for six years now!

DC solves NOTHING! 

DC is about ducking, rolling, CYA and get elected again.

"The nine most terrifying words that you could hear is: We're from the govt; and we're here to help"  - Ronald Reagan

DC solves NOTHING! Don't you think that that is intentional?

Valid question, Pat, and a relevant one for those that aren't knowledgeable about the goings on in DC (or the District of Corruption). 

I'd say "yes" when referring to the democrats and D-INDies. I'd also include the progressive (or liberal) repubs as they are on board w/ the EU/UN globalism scam and amnesty-plus-benefits for ALL illegals. And lets not forget the clear resistance to completely repeal the ACA.

The Rs that had announced during the 2016 race that they'd opt to vote for Hillary-the-pooch over the MAJORITY's choice (DT) - is enough proof for me that those "Rs" had every intention to continue using their OLD EXCUSE that they would've done all those things that were PROMISED to us since 2010 - but that...well, gee, the voters had spoken. If you recall, back when Obamacare was passed and signed into law by EVERY dem in DC, including king O, the former Speaker/lush John Boehner, was quick to get in front of the cameras and mic to addept and acknowledge that Obamacare was now "the law of the land" and that it was time to move on.

Now, the ones that are genuinely trying to apply the Constitution to their law making...especially for repeals...are met w/ mockery, insults and even threats by the media and the DC-machine. These are the members of the Freedom Caucus. Their only active and open supporters in DC is Judicial Watch and the ACLJ (thank God, at least!) 

Now, back to those RATS first mentioned. Make no misake, their motivation is, imo, twofold: 1. Get the USA within the EU/UN's control. Hence the sabotage; and 2. GET RICH by the progressive lobbyists on K Street and, of course, including Wall Street, Silicon Valley and George Soros $$$$. 

Progressive money buys A LOT of crooked candidates and judges, instant-protestors (Antifa, BLM, Code Pink, etc), illegal voters (including "pardoned" felons) and violence.  Imo, we're living within the birth pangs of worse times to come. These "fixes" that the Rs actually managed to get through...thanks to DT and the voters...are just TEMPORARY at best. The tax reform has a sunset and the body of Obamacare is still in tact. The OVER spending continues to rise quickly. These small advances WILL disappear the very next time the Ds get control of at least two of the three houses in DC. And bloody revenge is HARD on their minds! They're gonna get us back for setting back the momentum and totally global-progressive policies and regs bestowed by Obama. 

Sorry to say tha it is coming. The left had a hundred year head start.  Now I "hope" I'm wrong. But, to quote an old TPP friend: "Hope is no kind of strategy".    


"Hope is no kind of strategy".

Neville Chamberlain used "hope" and good intentions during WW2.  The Colonists (Founders and Framers) of the New World didn't change their course by merely hoping for it and saying pretty words. It was ACTION and SACRIFICE.  Do w/ that what you will.

Neither are mere good intentions.


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