So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Am912, BTW the gov't with the hi-tech and with this highly connected world and thus in the interest of the new order tracking, spying and indoctrination to the new order pandora is out of the box and will never be put back.

If it wasn't so very sad I would laugh at how we as individuals purchase and use products to aid the new order to spy, track and control us.

Recently I looked a terms & agreements of the two top private companies that one would pay to provide a person their lineage. What a databases this provides to the state and they do make use of them.

one of the observations of the masses and new technology I find perplexing is the seemingly taken for granted concept that everything about you being electronically filed by not only governments but anybody capable of gathering it - such as facebook and anybody they sell it to -  is okay, and laws will prevent predators from preying on you/us and doing harm.

that's just silly

Larry and AM912,

An old saying comes to mind "best things in life are free" what a crock I have learned through my long years that there is no freebies. 

We gave willingly to the use of the www perhaps for some that its use in all types of forms were thought to be free. Far from free. Liberty went down the drain.

If we recognize the possibility of a breakout of a wwIII and I for one hold that view all that President Trump is trying to do is preparing our nation to be able to take care of the nations needs. Maximum national security a must.

The military complex has in many ways with the great speed they have moved to with a very big dependency on hi-tech I think of this as a vulnerability. We need to move to hi-tech dependency with more measured approaches.

Ships in the shipping lanes of Asia running into each other while the small crew sleeping honestly the crew sleeping were being dependent on hi-tech and I do believe there was a hack factor. Its insane.

All the usual character nation's and that includes the U.S.A. are now engaged in a 'no holes" barred  cyber warfare.

The cost is high. The folly within the new order thinking that this kind of war will save the world from another blood shedding war is just a pipe dream.

I would appreciate that our leaders in The District would just cop to reality and speak the hard core truth to the American people. But alas it seems instead they are engaged in domestic political warfare games and the games they play the American citizen is made a casualty and so is our nation itself made to be in jeopardy.


your mentioning the military being too reliant on hi-tech brings up another personal experience;

When I was a data network analyst on my way to becoming a guru (about 20 years ago) I went to a TCP-IP (internet's communications protocol) class in a suburb of DC. More than half my classmates were US Navy personnel so I got curious and asked a couple of them why. The answer was the navy was transitioning it's ship communications to TCP-IP and that has bothered me since - for the reason you state. Not only is it so common that every nefarious techy in the world knows it very well, but the navy must rely on transmitting it through the air which is the most unsecure medium for electronic communications.

I still don't think it was smart at all...

...and on a continuing note = a few of us use to know (online) a lady named Marlene. She was recently retired from being a contract facilitator for government contracts purchasing all kinds of stuff for our military. Her biggest concern was that we bought waaayyyy too much from foreign providers to be a self-sufficient military. Dependent on foreign suppliers for batteries, weapons parts, parachute parts, etc... and even boots. She used to scoff at the phrase 'American boots on the ground', saying our troops don't wear American boots.  :~} 

all this inter-dependency may sound all flowery to the progressive academics, but it's a common sense abomination imo too.

Larry, "American boots on the ground" no not really. Military uniforms made in the USA "stitched together" yes with products from foreign sources.

I worked in Silicon Valley have my degree in CS. I have worked in many areas of hi-tech. Products they produce consistently put on the market before their time and done so driven by competition, need to get an IPO, sell their product to a competitor so that investors get their $$'s back.

TCP/IP protocol classes I took while working at Sun MicroSystems.

I had to laugh and feelings of sadness when after a major hack at CMS the folks in charge there operating their systems on legacy platform and OS's were just incapable of making the right decisions. Hi-tech easily could pull the wool over their eyes.

Yes satellite dependency is a threat to our national security.

The progressive academics/engineers well not so smart after all.

I could see as far back as the 80's that the central gov't wanted to be the drivers of standards. At that time the engineers of hi-tech had no appetite for govt controlling standards and did not hold the gov't standard pushers as qualified, held them in low esteem. Bottom dwellers in fact.

The gov't has made strides since those days by using methods of intimidation and that seems to be working.

Am - took a look at them both and didn't like either ;' /

. china hacking - maybe it's changed since my time, but one fact that every network techy understood as absolute was/is there is no such thing as an impenetrable router/firewall. If your data is an appealing target to many the firewall can and probably will be breached. If you fixed what was the latest known weakness this morning there's already another one now. Multiply that problem by the number of access points (routers) on your network.  For this reason and the natural trait of government to change slowly I often find myself thinking that government and internet are functionally incompatible.

. Race based elections -- I sure hope not, hate seeing it. my 2¢ is at this point it HAS to be about ideology. yaknow.... Hobbes vs. Locke

Patricia - rehashing the old times of internet development; One of my given responsibilities was to keep up with regulations during the initial phase of development.. which was mostly necessarily standardizing things like wire ends and software protocols to be used. But I took suspicious notice when thrown into that was a sudden campaign to make internet access 'free' to all. ...and was disappointed in how fast an otherwise uninterested public clamored together to insure it got it's "FREE" internet. ...which completely changed the authority fed/gov has over the internet. I still remember the moment I read fed/gov had determined the internet would be "free" and my thoughts that it was a predictable but profound mistake by the manipulated public.

btw Patricia.. did ya catch the recent PBS bio-doc about Hedy Lamarr and her inventing wi-fi?  I've been out of the tech world so long I wasn't aware Wi-Fi utilizes frequency hopping. Pretty interesting I thought, as was her whole life according to PBS, keeping in mind it was a PBS show. 

H, Larry...Pat

If I may. Where hi tech and our military's concerned, I can't help but hink that w/ the more advances we have i technology, that we become ever more independent on it. And, in exchange,we may be losing a very valuable asset: Skill and gut-instinct developed over time.

Prior to all this super-hi-tech pilots and ship captains and its crew had/ have? hands-on knowhow.  Just look at all the wrecks that have occurred w/ our naval vessels alone the last several years. Has their training been compromised w/ the same levels we've had through our education system?  Has political correctness (liberal ideology) infected our military training as well?  How can we beat the enemy when our pilots, sailors and grunts are taken "secstivity" training and are occupied w/ refurbishing our naval ships as well as our bases w transgender friggin restrooms (heads) and shower stalls?

And if the "l-g-b-t-q-xyz" don't have what it takes to "be all they can be"...and SHOULD be...will they be kept within the ranks to avoid the attacks that are sure to come from the "anti-gay / homophobia" industry.  Just how many lives and hardware would The Pentagon sacrifice in the name of "pc"?  Imo - ONE is too many.   

Larry, Intranets offer more security possibilities but I worked at NO company where a hole was not punched in for many reasons and once punched opens doors for hackers to gain access.

Keeping access to www the external net segregated from the intranet a goal all to often not met. 

Luis, There is afoot and thus some recognition of the need for special forces who train without the total dependency on hi-tech. Given the Soviet aggression and the intense belief that Russia poses to the Baltic nations they are preparing for defense tactics against an offensive strike and the purpose is resistance, passing info back to what would be a NATO offensive force. This "resistance" includes combat trained and Baltic nations private citizens. Kinda reminds me of WWII where our troops thought many times on their own driven by pure need to survive.

Hmmm...yeah...the IG Report...

I have NO expectations at all. Zero.  NO ONE will face any real consequences; let alone prison time.

Btw, as for that that immigration/amnesty bill that Ryan and some other GOPers are pushing...

Are they intentionally trying to sabotage the upcoming midterms?  Because that's what it looks like to me.  But, then again, he is leaving office. So the mask comes off.  Just like McCain, Flake and Corker their true-BLUE colors are waving.

Some might argue that those GOPee-ons don't realize that Trump's ways have saved the party. BUT, it has taken away their progressive cover; and it's putting their power at risk.  

Luis, Over the years I have both have come to admire and enjoy your play on words. GOPee-ons is priceless.


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