So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Such a scary idea like in the movie AI Artificial Intelligence "who is Blue Fairy"? 

I believe people will become obsolete in advertising especially... they can now manufacture an image of a man-made woman/man with language and tones and inflections that we see as charismatic... Use clothing on this image we can relate to... down to eye color, and movements, gestures... that are made for our brains to react in a certain way... I have always said the world we are shown is all an advertising campaign! 


don't think I've seen Blue Fairy but it sounds like another movie from the 80's, Looker - with Susan Dey. Similar plot anyways..

In the movie AI and in the story of Pinocchio the boys were looking for the "Blue Fairy" to make them human...but you know who the blue fairy is...

And they're back to amnesty, and open borders, for all . . .including ruthless, bloodthirsty, gang-bangers and terrorists.  That's what "sanctuary" looks like.

This new SEPARATION ANXIETY over the children of illegals is just the latest attempt at the progressives' no-illegal-left-behind agenda.  But, why this old ploy again? I see two key reasons: 1. When the radical left scream, spit, and kick, the repubs in DC cave every time. And, 2. The left's "Russian collusion", "obstruction", and "impeachment" strategies have FALILED miserably; and the IG's report hurts the democrat machine more than it could ever help them in any sort of way.

But, again, there's the "upper-crust" of DC's Republicans.  Like clock work the new matriarch of the GOP's royal family has chimed in. 

It comes to no surprise to me that Michelle Obama and Roselyn Carter have chimed in.  It's what the far left does. They circle the wagons. (If only the "right" did that, right?)  I wasn't even the least bit surprised to've heard the new matriarch of the GOP establishment joining in the left's circle as well.  

Where were the Carters and the Bushes when Barack Obama did the very same things; and at an even HIGHER rate?  Where was that "outrage" then?  If they are such "humanitarians", where was that outrage when it was exposed that Planned Parenthood was chopping up babies for parts? Or when illegals had committed a pattern of atrocities only to be released w/ out consequence?

I totally get that the democrat 1st Ladies representing their machine. Laura Bush, on the other hand...well...they Bushes are still P.O.'d over Jeb's humiliating rejection during the 2016 primaries. Hell, Bush43 was not exactly a friend of Ted Cruz either -  because then TX SG Ted Cruz beat GW43 standing with the international courts over TX state law and the US Constitution.  (See  Juse Medellin v TX )     

Then president Bush was willing to set free an illegal that raped and murdered a 14 and 16 year old girls.   Cruz won the case keeping the rapist/murderer in prison. "I don't like that guy" is what GW43 had to say afterwards.

The Bushes were never friends of Ronald Reagan or Ted Cruz - and especially Donald Trump.  Like the democrats these GOPers stand side by side w/ the EU/UN's international laws which does NOT supercede American laws.  That's what globalism would look like, folks. 

This border thing is merely the same ole smoke blowing ploy.  And whichever of those repubs are actually STUPID enough to believe that they'll gain democrat / ind votes to make up for their LOSS of votes in the coming midterms for standing with the lying radical left will have a very rude awakening come this November.  And my concern will not be over the loss of seats by these GOPee-ons at all  - but of the loss of our Constittuion; our sovereignty; and our very Natural Rights to Freedom and Liberty. 

Make no mistake, folks. We are at the precipice.


Luis, This manufactured crisis is the perfect example of politician war games at the expense America and her citizens.

Melanie didn't bother me at all for her comments. I took this as a ploy by President Trump and I would  bet he ask her to do it.

"I would bet he ask her to do it."

I can see that. DT is really good at pushing the left's panic buttons, for sure.  His admn is doing a good job of making it clear that the separation of those children is not "his" policy - but a LAW put into place BY THE DEMOCRATS!

Meanwhile, Bill Neson and Debbie smellywazoo Schultz, two of the biggest LIARS of Florida, are whining because they were denied entry to a facility which houses children that entered the country illegally. 

Hmmm...Funny...Those two-faced democrats were NEVER interested...let alone concerned at visiting that facility ever before; and it's been there since Obama was the "king".

The solution is very simple: GET RID OF THAT LAW!  Period!  But, of course, the dems aren't really interested in that.  No-no-no-no-noooo!  They want the talking point. The top headlines.  The left's strength is to stay in perpeuat crisis mode.  That's where the $$$$ is!  To hell w/ the brownskins; black Americans; or the impoverished n general.  It's been a TRILLION dollar industry since LBJ's "War On Poverty". Over FIFTY years...and the slums and delapidated schools are STILL there.  But, sadly, most of'em might not become aware of this because of their pop culture and the radcally activist celebs as well as the teachers and professors that super dominate the education system.  Perhaps the FACT that employment is at record HIGHS might shake'em up...HOPEFULLY!  But...who knows... The world is totally upside down.

That useless moron Bill Nelson is trying to pressure the POTUS to commit a "Barack Obama" by telling DT to use the power-of-the-"pen". 

I just heard that an Exec-Order is being drafted for DT to sign that would stop that LAW that separates families.

I hope that Donald Trump DOESN'T do it!  This is a LEGISLATIVE issue.  It's CONGRESS that has the POWER and RESPONSIBILITY to correct this terrible law.

Mr President, please don't let this DO NOTHING Congress off the hook!  It's THEIR hook! And it has to be shoved up their rumps!


You got it right Luis the President cannot create, write laws. 

Playing with our minds, after reading the headlines today we should consider how many immigration rules and laws are on the books before coming to a conclusion.

Things are not what always they seem ....

Trump signs executive order to stop separating families at the border, but keeps the 'zero tolerance' policy

Immigration lawyers warn Trump's executive order still gives the government plenty of wiggle room to keep separating parents from their children

Separation of children and families, DACA And Amnesty 

I have NO confidence in the McConnel / Ryan led Congress at all. Those GOPee-ons WANT amnesty. They owe their lobbyists...which includes the Chamber of Commerce...lots of campaign $$$. And, like McCain and Flake...Speaker Ryan is gonna show his true-blue progressive colors - w/ out having to worry about reelection. 

DACA is not a "law". It couldn't pass. It's why BOzo made it an Exec Odor (yes, I'm aware of the spelling).  And the problem there was that the worthless GOP led House not only did NOT challenge its LEGALITY - they FUNDED it!

As for the "family separation" issue...which goes back to wild-poon-hound Bill Clinton, and doubled down by CAN be stopped PERMANENTLY by repealing those laws AND closing the loophole that allows entry by foreigners from the Central American nations like El Salvador or Nicaragua, etc, w/ out challenge or consequence. And it CAN be done w/ out amnesty!

It's these things that I DO NOT believe those GOPee-ons will do.

If...and that's a big fat "IF"...McConnell and Ryan do get something close to the above points through, it will likely include amnesty.  BUT the rest just might have a sunset date, like the tax reform law has.  AND there will be no extra $$$ to fortify our borders.  Which means the nation will get totally and completely SCREWED - for decades to come. 

Why do I believe this? Simple. Because it already happened in the 80s. And, like our Debt and the overspending, NOTHING was done about it then either.  The difference between then and now is:

1. approx 20 to 30 MILLION illegals;

2. $21 TRILLION in Debt  and between $200 $300 TRILLION in SocSec unfnded liabilities; and last but certainly not least,

3. A completely corrupt Congress and DoJ.

The People rest.

Luis, Right on target as usual.

LOL I love the reference to GOPee-ons, wild-poon-hound Bill Clinton and Exec Odor. You have a gift of words.

President Trump did the right thing by turning back the issue of DACA and a chance to close loopholes to Congress. "Exec Odor's" for the purpose of legislating from the executive branch is unconstitutional. Problem not fixed. 

Pat, ;)  They are all one big sappy family, aren't they.

Now, as for the way the President is keeping the "ball" (or "separation" issue) in the dems court is the absolutely correct thing to do. It IS, after all, a legislative matter. 

Just recenty up-Chuck Schumer (DS-NY) had said the following:

 “The president can end this crisis with the flick of his pen, and he needs to do so now.”.

Had the potus been some run-of-the-mill "Pee-on" he'd've folded right after his Inauguration.  The leftist's machine gets ever more rabid because NOTHING is sticking to him!  None of those tried and true filthy trix that they had perfected decades ago is worikng w/ President Trump, and they are all LOSING IT . . .from Hollywood to DC as well as their power-bases from Silicon Valley to Wall Street! 

I am quite sure that the members here have noticed that NONE of the media outlets are yakking about "collusion" anymore.  The midterms will be here in a NY-minute and the left is no where an closer to taking out Trump; and they're behaving like cornered rabid NY sized RATS! And those are the vicious and most dangerous.  As long as DT keeps that "ball" in their court it will continue to expose how their slimy fingerprints are all over those laws; and just how infinite it is the left's level of hypocrisy...and INSANITY...really is.  That Fonda comment and that Twitter feed on how to MURDER an ICE agent was waaaay over the top.  Those democRATS are literally capable of anything. I hope the Secret Service are at least on "DEFCON 2" right now. 

Do you recall the event that occurred in Phillie during the 2008 elections w/ the Black Panthers?  ("We might have to kill some white babies")  Add Antifa and OWS at the republican precincts during the coming midterms and we'd have Cloward & Piven's wildest wet dreams.  Don't rule that out.        



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