So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Take it and run w/ it. That's why I oisted it!

Google (now part of parent company Alphabet) spent over $18 million lobbying politicians in 2017, according to federal disclosure records. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, this is the first time a technology company has spent the most on lobbying costs in at least two decades.

$18million on the record, seems smaller than I expected. ...and I'd feel very safe in betting it is much smaller than the off-the-record dollars spent.  $18million was the most by any one company though, which doesn't surprise me at all. Hobbesists/socialists need a company with google's technology abilities partnered with government to facilitate government's authority over EVERY aspect of life. Accepting partnership with them through gifts/bribes/future financial guarantees/whatever is easy when it fits your vision of things to come.

So . . .yh . . .FAUXcahontas strikes OUT again! (chuckle)

A last count her dna score was is in the one-thousandTH of one percent. Even the Cherokees think she's a joke!

But, I will acknowledge her claim.

Dizzy-Lizzy,I dub thee "Babbling Waters". Hey! Maybe you're related to Maxipad Waters!

As for the missing Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi, it's been reported that the faimly is calling for an international investigation. I want to make something clear to the demecrat-socialists out there. "International" means United Nations and not another Mueller or another Avenatti - who also intends to throw his opportunistic hat into the 2020 ring.

Question: What will the worthless and useless UN do about it? Well, didn't they totally stand behind the bloodthirsty Iranian clerics - despite their murdering students that were protesting them back during Obama's rule? Didn't the UN sing high praises to Obama's personal deal w/ the Iranian clerics; giving them over 150B in pallets of CASH? Was it the UN or his holiness Obama that got the release of our citizens that were held hostage by the NoKos? Or even the christian pastor who had been held captive in Turkey?

The leftists starting from the UN on down don't give a rat's ass about Khashoggi except for that he contributed to the WaPo. It's just something else to add to the shitpile of blame on President Trump.

If FAUXcahontas is 1/1000TH "Cherokee", then the entire leftist machine is 110% dnkey doodoo! ,

@ fauxcahontas = just read about it backfiring on her big time today, in a few ways - in a few articles. Some talked about Trump's tweets/released statements.  ...and thought about a couple things;

. the continuing entertainment value i get from watching Trump doing Alinski-back-at-ya to their habitual alinski tactics and their inability to deal with it. I just think that's pretty great, considering that's what I learned to do in progressive hell Austin and used to preach a lot about it being the correct response (that Rs had/have no clue about) on TPPatriot's forum. Although probably nobody but me remembers that, I still like eventually being proven right.  :~}

. Trump's alinski-back-at-ya response to fauxcahontis' b.s. today is him beating a 2020 candidate now, and I'd guess he's fully aware of that.

p.s. =

...and then i cringe at going back to news and finding that he's 'went there' with the word horseface.   can't imagine how that will help anything good.

Doesn't matter, Larry. The democrat-socialist media, on cue, are accusing DT of being "complicit" w/ the Saudis in the murder of old school member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamal Khashoggi.  

These are the same Saudis that prince Barack Obama had bent over for back in 2009.  

Will this further expand Mueller's bullshit probe?

This won't affect the voters on the right in the least.

Love your words Luis. 


It's been reported that THREE state supreme court justices will be retired when the next governor takes office come January 2019.  And the present already liberal leaning court had determined that the present governor, Rick Scott, can not nominate the replacements as he is at the end of his 2nd term.  

It'll be up to either Desantis, or the democrat-socialist, Andrew Gillum.  

Well, iour future is in the hands of the people of Florida.

Well, well, well.
Mueller announced that he will release his "Russian collusion" report to Rosenstein . . .AFTER the midterm elections.


Why "after"? Why not now?! How about because, after 2 YEARS, he found ZIP, NADA, ZILCH! The way see it, if Mueller had found the SMOKING GUN he would've LEAKED IT out faster than Stormy or Dr Ford's accusations went totally flat! It would've been the left's wet dream of their ultimate October Surprise!

Mueller found LESS actual evidence than dzzy Lizzy Warren found in her dna results!



What?!  Nothing?!  This is good stuff!

SUE ME!!!!   lol

Love the posts Luis. My concern is that Mueller's report will be carefully crafted to give the insane democrats some type of win to hold on to.

Holding the report until after the election well they might spin its avoiding a Comey but that would truly be aa spin lie. Mueller may instead holding the report hoping the demonic party takes the house and even the senate. I wouldn't be surprised if Mueller had 2 reports in  his grab bag to account for different scenarios.

 What a patriot Mueller is. NOT!

I wouldn't be surprised if Mueller had 2 reports in his grab bag to account for different scenarios.

good point Patricia, hadn't thought of it but it's probably exactly right.


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