So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Yes Luis it is a matter of when.

so, all -

Meadows' name is becoming kinda prominent in Cheif of Staff prognostications. All I know about him is he is supposedly leading the House Freedom Caucus, which i used to pay more attention to than I have recently - so I'm unsure what the caucus has been doing. I'm wondering what ya'll think about him doing it if he does, my initial sense is he might be kind of a moderate version of a trait of Steve Bannon = in advocating non-beltway agendas. I also don't have any clue what his leaving his House seat would impact.

What do ya'll think about it?

Larry, I am a big fan of the freedom caucus as well the western caucus. If Trump trust Meadows I see at this time that having a freedom caucus person at the President's side a good thing. The establishment republicans have real issues with freedom loving peoples so I say about time to elevate one.

Meadows is from the 11th district in NC and I think a good republican could be found to replace him. 

A redistricting gave the 11th a pretty impressive republican stronghold.

My u.s. congressman Paul Gosar is a member of both the freedom and western caucus.

thanx Patricia

i saw a news clip of two people's opinion of the CoS position, one saying it was the among the highest desired positions of a politician and the other saying it doesn't usually end well for a politician. It got me to thinking = if both are true, then accepting the position would be an indicator of the intent of being a politician. An indicator of if you're out to make a difference or have a long career in politics.  Once upon a time it was the make a difference and return to the private sector 'guy' who was most admired and appreciated. Maybe he's that type of guy.

Larry, I view term limits this way. Some politicians are for and term themselves out for the rest I just view it is the voter who must take responsibility term a rep out if need be.

Meadows I would suspect views the opportunity as a link in his career path. President Trump, I think, would benefit from what Meadows brings to  the table.

Meadows himself a successful businessman in land development I would say that gives he and Trump a chance to jaw over common ground.

Meadows is Chairman of the freedom caucus but there are good people who can fill his shoes. Besides these next 2 yrs a fellow from Congress could prove useful to the President.

All in all of what I have seen of Meadows on CSPAN and MSM he can I believe "handle" the Presidents style.

SAY WHAT???!!!

TIJUANA, MEXICO - Radical leftists had reorganized a part of the mostly Honduran mob that were sent up to the border to storm the US Consulate DEMANDING $50,000 EACH from the American taxpayers. That then and only then would they go back home.


I thought that those "caravaners" were fleeing for their lives from the gangs and crime in their country! So, $50k would make it all go away...the rapes and the murders, huh!

What a crock o' shit! This is what the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the media -- and even some GOPers are protecting?!

This is what an open border would look like --> an invaded EUROPE! I'm TIRED of this! It is our devine right to be safe in OUR OWN nation! It is the RESPONSIBILITY of OUR gov't to protect and defend our borders and our very sovereignty.

NO OMRE of those "C.R.s"!!! WE DEMAND a budget and a WALL! WE DEMAND that our US govt STOP GIVING AWAY $$$$ to hostile countries that HATE us! STOP the foreign freebies to Mexico and the Central American nations. They are CORRUPT as the Obama-era Justice dept!

SHUT IT DOWN!!! And I'm not merely talking about those bllsht "non-essential govt employees" either! I'm talking about THEM - the INVADERS!



There is still time for the GOP led House and Senate to pass Everify legislation.  WHY isn't Trump talking and tweeting about that along w/ the Wall?! 

WHY aren't there the rallies over this issue popping up across the country as they had during 2009 - 2010?  The voters can't just blame DT and Capitol Hill.  Look at the reflection in the mirror too!  WAKE UP!!!  Our duty as US Citizens does NOT end after an election! 

SO Luis, Have you contacted your congressmen over the wall and the demands of the illegals?  I have.

Your points are valid and I support them but just telling each other does nothing to solve the problem.

I marched in 2009 and 2010 and attended rallies in spite of a bad heart and numerous other health problems.  I have no desire to march today as they are too many crazies that will attempt to mow us down as we observe the laws and they don't.  We are not the "select few" who get protected at all costs.

Hi, Norma.

Babk in 2009 I had a local group of almost 40.  By 2012 it was 45 strong.  They have dispersed shortly after that.  

I had sent emails to my district rep about the current border situation. No one is picking up the phone.  

"but just telling each other does nothing to solve the problem."

Absolutely true.  Yet we don't hear a damned peep from the new members here either.   If DT goes along w/ Chuck & Nancy on yet another Continuing Resolution...which ALWAYS means another win these would be Trump's own read-my-lips moment.  I had saw/heard him say about that costly spending bill of 2017, "This won't happen again".

On a positive note DT did completely expose the dems for the FRAUD that hey are during their meeting.  From one side of Pelosi's face she talks about "traasparency" dozens of times. Yet from the other side of her face she says that the meetings need to be "behind closed doors".  All very revealing -- but it means nothing in itself.  Bottom line is that only thing that ever matters ISN'T who is more clever;  who shows the most outrage; or even which side has the best intentions.  I measure everything by RESULTS.  Period!  

No the theater for power along with fueled hatred from the dems and some of our GOPee ons it's the chaos theater the politicians are invested in and the script is well planned and directed by bad peoples prove beyond any doubt that we as citizens made the very best choice for President and that was Trump. 

I have talked directly with my reps, eye to eye. Written letters and made phone calls and signed petitions. Trump rallies are really a message to the elected. Far as I am concerned Norma the Trump rallies are as good of a rally as marching in the streets. Wearing my MEGA hat, now one that says Keep America Great and a switch to one Trump 2020 everywhere I go is as good as attending an organized march. Also setting in my wheelchair on a busy street sidewalk and waving a Trump yard sign pretty darn good thing to do.

I'm a Trump deplorable.

In the AZ primary I supported only candidates that I vetted to be a Trump supporter backing his agenda. The GOP did not get behind all my picks and AZ ended up with Sinema.

Honestly we can only do what our old bodies allow these days. I feel I live in Trump country and we delivered over 60% votes for our President and the GOPee on leaders still trying to undermine us voters.

Pat and Luis,  Thanks for the replies.  Yep, we three and others a following through. But until and unless the majority of those 60% that voted for Trump start expressing their anger at congress for ignoring our wishes, they are going to proceed as usual following their money handlers.

It's darn hard to see the support for Trump when most of the media are against him. 

Hi Norma

Let me explain why my group had dispersed.  The GOPers in Congress were/ARE weak.  Where did Fast & Furious; the IRS investigation; the case against the DNC/Podesta and Hillary's emails go? Where's the Clinton Foundation audit and the Comey investigation?  They're nwhere to be found even today.  

Today Mueller is trying to cook up a case against DT over campaign finance violations for the purpose of impeachment -- since it's SO obvious that the "Russian Collusion" claims were false and it's dead. Yet, the Obama adm had been found to've committed campaign violations to the sum of $2 MILLOPN. No real consequencs let alone any outrage from the GOPers in DC. And despite all that, GOP members got together w/ the dems to try to pass a "bill" that would protect the Mueller probe!  Btw, that bill is UNConstitutional!  I CAN go on. But the picture is clear.  DC does NOT do the People's bidding.  They've been "ignoring" the People for well over a century. The other probem is that the People had LET IT HAPPEN!  And now -- here we are.

> Another CR is coming instead of a budget bill.

> The Deficit WILL continue upwards.

> A huge package that ocntains LOTS of social spending and a "War Powers Act" hidden under the guise of a "farm bill" may be on the horizon. Will DT sign it -- if it contains the $5B he's asking for the Wall? The question then becomes:  How high a price are the Trump voters willing to pay just for a Wall?  Don't forget -- NO ONE is pushing for Everify let alone tighter policies immigration; or appealing the law that opened the floodgates to "chain-migration" etc.

> The tax reform laws has a sunset. WHY?  The reason energy production has finally made the US a major EXPORTER is Trump's Exec O's killed Obama's. This means that DT's Exec O's will be killed WHEN the next dem becomes potus. WHY haven't they've been written into law under this Congress? 

As for those "60%" that voted for DT -- how quickly will they go to sleep AFTER Trump?

ps: Many in my group had walked away when Chief Justice shielded Obamacare. And even the body of that law is still i, place.  This growing economy and 3.7% unemployment # is temporary. NOTHING has been done to REPEAL the laws that started this fall many many many decades ago.  And NO ONE here (the sites)...there (DC)...or anwyhere is or had been interested to even talk about it!


Over and out.



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