So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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Spot on Luis.

Thanks for the congrats. I had never campaigned before but it helped -- we conservatives were solid with our voting for each other but the extra push with a campaign from me helped. 

The first signs of crumbling?

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is standing w/ Chucky & Nancy by pleading for a CR. Then thcoul cd address the border.  Does she not understand that such promises had been made by the democrats since the Reagan era; or is she in a state of perpetual BRAIN FREEZE?  

Who'll be next? Collins? Snowe? Sasse?  We already know where Romney stands.

of course those progressive Rs will continue to be the progressives they always have been

BUT can Schulosi's brethren refuse the command from Cher(hollywood) to give Trump ?his?(<--keep waiting for somebody to contest that with 'the sane real-world majority's') wall?  ;' /

It is truly a very sad day for this Republic when cher or others in the entertainment industry that any one left or right think for 1 nanosecond that their words, what they think, is more important than we 'common' peoples.

Yes she does understand.

I must admit I have many times questioned Trump and some of things he says on twitter.  But this one is great:

Donald J. Trump

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked...” Barrack Obama, 2005. I voted, when I was a Senator, to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in...” Hillary Clinton, 2015.

53.5K people are talking about this

Right on Norma! Good find! And BTW- I seem to survive well on hope. Because - I choose hope over despair.

Crossword clues for 'COMPLETE LOSS OF HOPE'

Clue Answer

Complete loss of hope (7) DESPAIR
Total loss of hope (7)
Lose all hope (7)
Lack of hope (7)
Absence of hope (7)

Suzie,  I have to admit I have circled the drain towards dispair many times since Obama became President, but I manage (as many do and have) to fight my way out.  It's an easy trap to fall into when you see these terrible people escaping unpunished and walking free.

this was the only clip of the exchange i could find on youtube, wish it didn't have the distracting jerky video spots within it.

Cruz spent his allotted 5 minutes making an important overall point on your point Norma, and on one of my primary interests of importance - IRS's/Lois Lerner's nefarious behavior not being held accountable by DOJ or at all. I also wish that video clip woulda showed Barr's reaction to Cruz's statement that if/when Barr is confirmed Cruz intends to request him to "examine IRS/(Lerner)'s conduct and insure that if any laws were broken that individuals will be held accountable".

I think the whole of Cruz's 5 minutes was spent allowing Barr to express his core beliefs and understanding of the founders' intent within the constitution - having layers of checks on fed/gov's powers for good reason.  

Today i notice none of this has been deemed newsworthy by even 'conservative' news sources, but that's no surprise to me.  I think it's worth a watch for the important point(s) made.

The Brexit Exit?

Despite the fact that the Brits voted to get OUT of the EU. The British PM and Parliament had DEFIED the people's LOUD calls to LEAVE the EU.  No surprise here.

This defiance mirrors the events occuring here. Where the Democrats...including members of the GOP...are firmly standing AGAINST the American people who had voted for DT to do just that.

The dems are so "concerned" and "worried" that quite a few just had to take a timeout -- at a reosrt in Puerto Rico. Uh, you know. Since they were there.

Meanwhile, Chihuahua-eyed Nancy said that DT needs to delay the SOTUA until this partial shutdown is resolved. She's "worried" about the govt not being able to provide the proper security to protect the members of Congress.  YET, the democrats couldn't care less that the illegals coming over the southern border organizing and networking their drug dealing gangs; the rape and murder of INNOICENT citizens; or Islamists joining with or establishing new sleeper cells.  That is a nonissue for the left.  It's defeat Trump and his base -- AT ALL COST! Even if horrifying cromes occur against the American people.

Hang in there, Mr President. I'm w'tcha!


on SOTU and WWWest's tactical 'fears' of not being able to protect the House due to the shutdown = I read that 2 congressman are experienced bomb squad bomb disablers and are volunteering their services to make sure the House chamber is safe for a SOTU.  ;' / 

... i kinda like Rush's advice on the matter to Trump today, deliver a written SOTU to the House and then hold a rally in a large stadium somewhere to deliver it verbally. Let the petulant children of the House do their brat stomps all they want, but subvert the intent their tantrums in ways that piss them off even more.

Larry, I too like Rush's idea after all the state of the Union is for we the people so why not give it where we the people are congregated and not where the Congress are sitting on their respective sides of the aisles. 

Our President has done quite well under the most assault to run a coup against him from the left. If Chucky Cheese Head and Peelosi want to attend let them do so by having to face good patriots,


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