So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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yeah Patricia, that reason too ;' /.

i've never really liked the self adulation of politicians effect at past SOTUs anyways, it far too often has reminded me of hollywood's awards shows. A bunch of narcissists in a room celebrating each others' elitism. 

Once again Larry my thinking tracks with you.


Did you know that 26 Presidents did not give their SOTUA from Congress?

In other words, it is not a Constitutional obligation to do so.  But a tradition.  And, we all know very well, President Trump is anything but DC-traditional.

So, although the director of DHS made it clear that Homeland Security and the Secret Service IS ready to secure the SOTUA, I'd tell Chucky & Nancy to stuff it!  That he'd give the Address at a privately funded rally.  BUT, invite C&N and the rest of the HoR - and the nation WATCH'em NOT show up.

Btw, fmr FL gov, Senator Rick Scott is calling for a bill that would STOP payment to ALL elected officials in DC during any federal shutdown. Lets make sure that it's W/ OUT retro pay. No furloughs! 

We ALL know it won't ever happen. Yet, the very fact that members of the House and Senate WON'T sign on to pass such a bill could light yet another fire in people's bellies; and perhaps a FIRE under the feet of those that obvious don't really give a damn about the American People -> let alone a bllsht "shutdown"!  The longer this shutdown continues the more AWARE the people become about the corruption and hypocrisy in DC!


Pat I totally agree. I've been listening to the EIB for over 20yrs. I never heard Rush so energized before.  We finally have a potus that is listening TO the American People - and NOT the dems or the Republican Party. 

BUT, as I've been saying since 2008: No ONE person will change DC or the people's old patterns of behavior.  It HAS TO be all-hads-on-deck. Otherwise America's very founding prnclples / judeo-christian values will be gone forever. And, imo, we are very close to it.

Luis, For sure May is pulling one on the British people. Tell me what prevents the UK to say a complete NO to the EU Brussels crouw of unelected.

If I were the UK I would not go with any of the regulations nor pay then a dime more money. Globalist would go bonkers for a short while but they would soon adjust.

Imagine giving up your nations sovereignty to those EU folks.


While the "Angel Families" have been trying to meet w/ Pelosi, she's been ducking them and tried to get away from those people by taking a trip around the world. And to add insult to injury - the trip would've been paid for by the TAXPAYERS! It seems that Nancy has no concerns over the safety and security of her congregation during her trip. Seeing that there's a govt shutdown and all, right?

Sorry, Nancy-pooh. President Trump is not gonna let you run and hide from the American people! You and everyone like you are hypocrites!


Honestly would we really expect that Nancy would face the Angel moms. No. Instead she [Nancy] would instead try to figure out what theatrics in the political would go well to the D base and the young socialist that have been elected.

I love the Presidents move that grounded Nancy. However what is common sense who among us who went to work and though part of our job was to harangue our coworkers at every opportunity would have a job for long? No the game and it is a game, a political game for the player and not for we the people nor national security for this sovereign Republic, To  the player it is about them and getting the best swipe in that brings them fame, glory, air time at the country's expense.It all of course adds to the networks ratings or not.

The interview that Covington Catholic school student, Nick Sandmann, gave to the Never Believeable Channel (NBC) was gracious and respectful. And it was dead-on!

As for Nathan Phillips. He is as much a "war" veteran as FAUX-cahontas dizzy-Lizzy Warren is a genuine Native American.

And those so called "Black Israelites" (BIs) are bile SCUM!

Btw, why isn't the LGBT mob going after the BIs who have expressed deep hatred for homosexuals in the absolute ugliest ways. The slander...which is on the WHOLE video...was completely outrageous! Yet the LGBT mob say nothing. Don't get me wrong. I'm not surprised. The entire leftist mob-machine are CROOKED HYPOCRITES!


Luis, Agree with all your conclusions.

Honestly Luis I grow more in despair as each day goes by. I try to take actions each day that are of alert actions needed. The truth is that the major party elected, save a few, have no respect for what we think -- both parties elected  want the chaos that reigns at the national level and infects our state and local gov'ts. They seem to care NOT that citizens are made casualties and worse much worse they are destroying this Republic.

As Peelosi said there will be casualties but so be it.

Make no mistake the tactics of crooked hypocrites of the fascist left and the leftist mob-machine is being taken into the Republican Party.

Trump's signing of a bill to get the furloughed govt employees paid was, IMO, the right move.  It put the spotlight on Nancy & Chuck who have stonewalled on EVERY plan DT has brought to the table. Including extending protections to DACA illegals.

The question is: Is America finally paying attention?  And perhaps even more importantly: Will the GOPers on the Hill ever circle-the-wagons? 

It recently dawned on me that part of Mueller's straegy, w/ assistance from the media of course,  w/ the arrest of Roger Stone, is to build divisions between DT and the GOPers in the HoR and the Senate. As we all know that the eentire far left-machinery has FAILED to break President Trump's resolve; or tear his massive base away from him these last 2 years.

Again, the spotlight's on Nancy & Chuck. The have till Feb, 15th.

DT's address on Friday was, IMO, as good as any SOTU. He needs to do like commie-Barry used to and take his message TO THE PEOPLE across the country for the next 3 weeks. The.clock is ticking.



On one side of the Democrat rainbow there's the now infamous anti-semite Ilhan Abdullahi Omar -- the US Rep of MN.  She's just a great gal that she had the likes of fellow anti-semite scumbags Linda Sarsour and David Duke vouch as "character" witnesses.  Gee!  Where's Louis Farrakhan's testimony?!  The late US Senator Byrd (D-VA)would've been proud!

On the other side of the Demcrat rainbow there's the good ole Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA).  But, don't worry. He's not gonna step down!  And why should he? A person's past should be forgotten. Let LYING dogs LIE, right?  Lets not apply the VERY SAME SCRUTINY that's applied only to NON-democrats, right?  

Wow!  No hypocrisy there, right? Nosirreebob! 

Plus, they are ALL on board w/ the INFANTICIDE law that the late-great state of NY recently passed: The LEGALIZED MURDER of newborn babies.

ps:  They aren't lying about Alexandria Occassional Cotex's original Green Raw Deal either.  Come on! That's krazy talk!

Kamala and Cory sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.....

POLITICS ARGGHHH --- this is what you get when you allow POLITICS to have dominance(rule) over every aspect of life.

.....silly humans

Senators Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Receive Unanimous ...

8 days ago · The Justice for Victims of Lynching Act was first introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who was also joined by Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.). The bipartisan bill is …

IF ONLY..... politicians weren't imune to punishment for their crimes Kamala and Cory would get highlighted in the Jussie investigations. Instead, their obvious involvements with their friend (yes, personal friend) Jussie's crime will be shrugged off as 'Just politics' while their rube takes all the consequences.   ...and why he would/will NOT take them down with him is beyond my understanding, but that's what is gonna happen.


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