President Donald J. Trump’s Supreme Court List

President Donald J. Trump’s Supreme Court List

Issued on: November 17, 2017


President Trump Says the Next Supreme Court Justice is on This List


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Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement will come from Trump's list of 25 potential names

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So it's "Coach K". And the far left's preassembled and premanufactured protest industry was there and ready for their latest series of b*tchfits on cue.

I like how Judge Kavanaugh emphasized on how he'd "interpret" the law and not "write" it.  The problem I do have w/ that is his hands were also on Justice Roberts last minute dissent on Obamacare.  He also mentioned "precedence" as well. Which ole lady Ginsberg is "big" on where Rowe v Wade is concerned.

Imo, Rowe v Wade is not the issue at all.  Continuing the funding of OBAMACARE and PLANNED PARENTHOOD is the taxpayers' problem. 

The way see it, if the SCOTUS has determined that public sector CANNOT obligate non union members to pay dues - WHY should the taxpayers also be obligated to continue funding the ACA and PP?!

That aside, I do believe Amy Coney Barrett is next at bat. And that, folks, will be one of the most vicious shows on Earth. 

I believe it was reported that McConnell said that her nomination would be explosive. SO!  If "we" up the senate seats come the midterms, WHO CARES abiout the dem/media?! As if the Obama-Ds have a rat's @ss about the economy or the country as a whole when they UNANIMOUSLY passed Obamacare; or weaponized the IRS and the DoJ; or made huge federal land grabs...?!  I can go on!

I have a good feeling about Amy!  I think she's made of the same "stuff" that Nikki Haley's made of!  :)

yeah, the hypocrisy/projecting of the left is shameless - x2. from their side of the coin they feel no shame or even a reason to consider it, from the other side of the coin there is no shame thrown, or reason to consider throwing some.

looks like today's widespread attack on the nominee is his supposed staunch second amendment record. which gets me wondering, if you're into staunchly protecting any one of the 1st 10 (bill of rights) how can you not be equally staunch on the whole bunch?? They were/are all/each derived from the same context - limiting fed/gov and keeping it's authority away from essential natural rights like privacy and individual autonomy.

;' /  embracing that weedhopper nickname

I've suspected for a while what you say is true for repealing laws as well. Can't admit a mistake by fully undoing it. Better to dilute it in hopes of reducing it's ongoing effect and pretend to be saving face. Better to assume the citizenry is too stupid to see it's a foolish mistake or care. Politics = image over substance, it's one of many reasons why politics shouldn't dominate a culture.

"DILUTE" it and HOPE it...what...doesn't kill us quickly?!  Wow! That's very DC worthy language.  Lets see:

>  It's just a little lump in your breast, that's all!

> There's lead or chemical waste in your water?  Dilute it!

As for that tax reform:  "Reform" is NOT synonymous w/ CUTS!  And it means DIDDLY SQUAT unless there are REAL and PERMANENT CUTS in our federal spending as well!  It's ALL a friggin ILLUSION!  But it is a feel-good movie, right? And that's all that matters, right?  Jeez!

Btw, enjoy the new kool aid. Don't worry . . .it's di-lu-ted!  

"OK, you are not going to answer thequestion. How about being in the mold of Scalia and Thomas?"

My response:  I could only aspire to be as dedicated to the law; the Constitution; and oyr country, as they are.  They are genuine keepers of the very spirit, or original intent of, our Framers."

What makes my skin crawl is that the cherry-picking of questions is/was never exclusive to the left.  The elected officials, as well as the voters, do it as well.  

The key difference between the two sides in DC is that the "right" is much HARDER on the pro-Constitutional members of Congress than they ever were on anyone on the left.  Example: 

WHY hasn't Trey Gowdy or the other GOP members of Congress put Rosenstein in Contempt Of Congress for committing Obstruction over the Mueller probe?   WHY didn't "our side" of the Hill ever even tried to challenge BO's Exec Orders thru the circuit courts - like democrats ALWAYS do?  WHY have the GOP members that were deadset AGAINST the ACA bill back in 2009-2010 so resistent about full repeal of it?  And WHY is it that the party that has claimed to be fiscally "responsible" still manages to RAISE our Deficit and Debt in leaps and bounds decade after decade after decade...?

Finally, WHY is it that the very GOP sorts that despise DT (i.e. McCain; Flake; Romney and the Bush family)  as much as the liberal media seem to have locked arms w/ far leftist Justice Elaina Kagan where Kavanaugh is concerned?    

These are rhetorical questions. I did say, prior to DT having officially nominated "K", that he'd be accepted and that he may just be the swing-voter-replacement for Kennedy. And, if not, there's always good ole John Roberts, right?  I wish that  it was he that would retire next instead of the Honorable Justice Clarence Thomas.

(Go away Ginsberg. Go away.)


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