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I will be having back surgery in the near future, after I complete all tests. My pain level is over the top. No choice! I am going to need a little help with the site during this time. I think 2 moderators, one on each coast -could cover most of the time. Please volunteer- all you would need to do is read the site- which you do anyway!

Back to the business...

I have been giving much thought as to how I can still provide the website for all the wonderful loyal members, and protect myself from any legalities and future stress!. and no more ups and downs for the site.

I have always tried to be “More” professional, “More” active, offer “More” information in short I wanted the site to be “more” successful. But in reality “more” is not always better!

I think Luis hit the nail on the head when he said the site is more of a “Social Forum”, and as a social forum the site is successful!

The majority of members have been with this site for a long time, many friendships have developed over the years. But due to my idea of “professional” I did not include ways to build on those friendships. Sharing on a different more personal level is important to sustain any group.

We will still maintain our reputation for offering up to date Political information, but other topics will be added to our Menu... because as a social forum we can lighten up and include some fun apps to the site.

I will also be changing the site layout and colors...

Since these changes are just in idea stage I would like feedback from members...


What's on YOUR Wish list?

What about music in the background?

How about a category to introduce yourself?

I hope this new direction will give us a renewed sense of community

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Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  I have had back surgery before so take the time you need to recover, it will happen.   

Suzie, My friend I know your back has been a source of "pain" for a long time. I am glad that opting for surgery is in the cards. I will of course help out where and when and how you would wish.

Please no music in the background :).

Colors well I like the white background but will deal with whatevers.

Nice to hear that you have decided to keep the site and no more stress introduced.

I promise any changes will be optional!!! If you want music you can select it.... And we could add a recipe swap category... Home Remedies... old fashioned cures... there are many options I can add... perhaps  live streaming news...and Blog talk radio...????? Some Forums that are fitting to our venue!


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