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I had not watch Glenn beck in a while... but what he said gave me goosebumps... If BLM Whom I refer to as the "Brainless Barbarians" because the only BLM I know is  the Bureau of Land Management. 

So yes I was shocked because if these idiots do reach religious status- it will be out of control... but here are the contradictions... if they are/become a religious entity will it be equal to Islam which is OK to teach or Christianity which is no longer allowed... How do they get away with being a religion and denouncing our Constitution because they see religious ideology!  My question- is this an act of ignorance? or brilliance?

It wasn't necessary for me to watch the entire video, but I will, perhaps a bit later.  The reason I didn't feel compelled to watch the whole thing, is because I've been watching it all unfold for the not only the past 4 months, but the past 40 years.  What we're witnessing in America is the direct result of the planned dumbing down and social indoctrination of students from K-through college, by people we used to laugh at and call hippies back in the 60's, then came their children the yippies, then the yuppies all totally indoctrinated for a single purpose to indoctrinate those who followed.  The West is now under attack by our own grandchildren and great grandchildren and there are more to come after these.  Four decades is a long time to look the other way and not see the festering rotten thoughts that have replaced History, Science, Math, Civics, Social Studies and Geography.  The choreographed mayhem we're seen didn't just happen over night or in the last 4 months, hatred of America has been drummed into the little mush heads for many years.  Needless to say, I've been writing, warning and alerting people for 15 years, and I realize that I was already too late.  Even if Donald J. Trump should be re-elected this year, it will matter very little.  You see, these mobs will not stop.  They don't care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Law and Order, or even Right and Wrong.  The reason being they haven't been taught any of this, no, not in school and not at home, and not for 30-40 years.  Total destruction of this Republic is imminent, regardless of elections and in spite of them.  When these mobs of vacuous brains run out of statues and monuments to destroy, they will turn their hatred to destroying people, yes flesh and blood people.  Their parents and grandparents and other family members that disagree or refuse to cede their freedom and liberty to the mobs, will be the first and easy targets.  Make no mistake, this BLM/ANTIFA movement will make the Nazi's look like boy scouts in comparison.  Why do I say this, because Nazi's weren't cultivated by decades of indoctrination, our progeny have been.  Diverseness and it's acceptance was the main cause for the annihilation of many empires, all from within, America will be no different.  We've allowed the development of a rebellious army of empty headed lemmings, who will do what their told, without question by Leftist Fascists.  Without Divine intervention and soon, I do believe we've been fortunate enough to have lived through America's best years.  When Benjamin Franklin said we are giving you a Republic, if you can keep it, I do believe he knew in his heart of hearts that we probably wouldn't keep it.        

Spot On!   

It looks and feels like we are seeing the end of our Republic UNLESS there is "some sort" of quick turnaround from the 50-60 years of "educational" brainwashing, with the last 20 years being the most damaging to humanity.  Our corrupt system of education could be turned around overnight (with a decade to produce Americans, once again) by simple "competition".

Home Schooling, Charter Schools, Private and Public Schools should have to compete for their students.  Only the successful will survive.  The sub-par education many kids receive or, "are indoctrinated with", will die on the vine and successful education institutions will grow.

The Left, who survive primarily due to the K-12 teachers unions and University tenured professors, will fight this change tooth and tong, but this seems to be the only solution, otherwise we are hearing the whimpers of a dying Republic.


Right on! Education is the KEY! The one good thing I can see in this mess is the fact that Home Schooling may take over the indoctrination stations (schools) but then if Mom or Dad is a brainwashed loon- so much for that! Yikes...

We were blessed to live in the best of times!

Jerome, As always right on! I always appreciate the depth of your thoughtful posts.

One of the main reasons I became a Conservative back in 2009 was that as a child advocate I could so clearly see the brainwashing and indoctrination toward socialism/communism and the total lack of respect for elders and any form of American tradition...

I believe we have lived in the best of times! it sickens me...

"We've seen the best."  I appreciate you kind words.  It's amazing how melancholy I get when I do the research and come to the realization that I'm on the right track, how disappointed I feel when I find proof, over and over again, especially when it comes to the negative indoctrination of the nation's young folks.  There is disheartening proof that BLM and ANTIFA curriculum's will be taught from K-college this coming school season.   I can't stress enough that parents and grandparents need to get to the schools and demand to view this coming season's curriculum plan, and if the students are going to be pounded with "you are systemically racist and you need to be ashamed because you are White."  These parents cannot scream and yell enough about their distaste and objection to this line of teaching.  And they can't allow themselves to be dismissed.  It is the children who will be subjected to mental abuse beyond the imagination. 



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