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You're already aware of many key sites. But when it comes to US policy and military activity abroad here's one you're probably not familiar with. Plus it's ZERO conspiracy.  Just facts. It's called The Founders Code.


DENISE SIMON is a Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.

Her blog, Founders Code is considered by many to be the "go to source" for ahead-of-the-curve information.

> https://founderscode.com/

How about this?.............http://www.france24.com/en/..... I get to know what's happening around Europe......

Todays March is a Nothingburger

Today is the day of the “March For Our Lives," which has now transformed into al all-out anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment and anti-Trump movement.  Taking place in cities all across the country and funded by anti-gun left wing organizations, it will become a debacle that did not need to occur.

Ostensibly created by the Parkland school youth it is now working with adults from groups like March for Women Live Action Fund, MoveOn.org, The Giffords group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and of course Everytown, Bloomberg's gun confiscation group who have spewed lies throughout the time since the Parkland shooting.

And who can explain why a meeting was held in Broward County by someone named Debby Miller who introduced herself as a representative of the Giffords Foundation. I thought this was all put in place by the altruistic students. And why were school funds, a taxpayer resource used for the printing of itinerary for the March?

Students, with little knowledge and even less understanding, will take to the streets to demand that more action is taken.   Ignoring the fact that there are thousands of gun laws already on the books, and those suggested would not have stopped these actions. An SRO could have prevented parkland under orders to maintain a perimeter and too cowardly to take matters into his own hands and save lives. Maryland had shooting as well. Law enforcement stopped that. There needs to be armed security of some type in our schools. Any school shooting that has a massacre of the kind in the past will have to explain to the parents of those harmed why there was not adequate security.

These groups and many more, along with celebrities have rallied around children who have no concept of the talking points being fed to them by the progressive socialists who are giving all the resources needed to push the agenda of gun confiscation forward.

But just who are these people that are at the center of this temper tantrum. The ones who are blaming the NRA, a civil rights organization for the bloodshed. Isn’t it time to set the record straight? The PROMISE Program started by their Messiah Obama was a substantial portion of the reason this occurred, and along with a cowardly sheriff and SRO, this could and very well should have been avoided.

One is Cameron Kasky, 17  who has been working with the anti-Trump group Indivisible. Kasky has claimed that race is at the bottom of school shootings. A question that has not been asked of either Indivisible or Kasky is this. Low-income areas and inner cities are where most homicides occur. A majority of these homicides are black on black. Where has the uproar been over this? Why are you just now bringing this forward when it has been going on for years? Is it possible because this was occurring in Democrat cities, and was successfully hidden until now? Why did you not speak out until now?

And why are those students who feel that the 2nd Amendment is part of our Constitutional rights are being suspended or in one case even beaten to the extent that the boy in question needed hospitilazation? Glenpool High School in Tulsa Oklahoma had a young man who was beaten to the point that his collarbone was broken. The reason was that he differed in opinion on the 2nd Amendment with the teachers and students who walked out. The young man named Chandler was attacked by a 17 years old student, harassed at lunch, and struck when he left the cafeteria.  After the altercation, Chandler was found to have a collarbone broken in five places, a chipped tooth, a cut nose, a bump on his head and other various damage.

The student that caused his pain was arrested and made bond and was out in a few hours.

Johann Fichte made clear in 1810 the direction of education admired by the progressive socialists to this day:

            “Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are schooled they will be incapable  throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting than as their schoolmasters would have wished."

Why do schools feel after indoctrinating the students they have any authority to force children to participate in a political action that they do not agree with. And can someone explain to me why students as young as kindergarteners are being forced to take part? 

Is it because indoctrination of the youth has worked in the past when used by leaders like Hitler, Pol Pot, and Castro to indoctrinate the children in the progressive socialist agenda that they wish to push forward. But it isn't just our schools, media of all types and social networks have driven the victimhood status of any and all with a grievance.

These children are being coached by such luminaries as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the same person who has yet explained the Amran scandal. Along with the rest of the leftists and progressive socialist organizations they have been coaching and feeding the talking points that the children restate without any thought to what they are saying.

The lefts favorite mouthpiece is David Hogg whom I have written about before. (http://www.intellectualconservative.com/an-open-letter-to-david-hogg/).  For some reason, this child is now at the forefront of the attack on the 2nd Amendment. With the dour look of a medieval priest, he claims he is a voice that must be listened to. Adults are idiots, and he has disparaged many people for their beliefs, people he knows nothing about. He expects to snap his fingers and have millions follow him.  He has called for bans against companies that do not agree with him, and the media fawns over his every word including his swearing and pontificating on what others have put in place with little knowledge of the situation.

  He shows his immaturity when he disparages our President and elected officials,  including Betsy DeVos, our secretary of Education who had nothing to do with the shooting in Parkland but will not say anything about how the FBI and Broward Sheriff Office dropped the ball. His judgment is from the far left field, accusing those who disagree with him that they want to kill children. Even all adults that do not follow his indoctrinated diatribes against guns including his own parent  “don't know how to use a F**king democracy." A salient fact little Davie…. we are not a democracy we are a representative republic. Perhaps you should have paid better attention in government class if you were required to take one. And if you can not make your point without swearing, you have already lost the argument. You are talking about subjects you know nothing about, and you are nothing more than an arrogant self-serving little adolescent who is running his mouth because he has seen his fifteen minutes of fame and wanted it to continue.

 This little loudmouth has now claimed it is his lifework to do TV and calling for new gun control. He will do very well, even if there isn’t a college anywhere that would accept him. The left-wing media will place him on their shoulders and parade their newest low information ignorant ranter that they can find until the entire situation will run out of steam as it will. Then he will be just another tool of the left that will have abandoned.

Further reading:  http://www.intellectualconservative.com/a-walkout-based-on-lies/

Very good perception.

All these folks bussed to march in for example The District on a Saturday when all the lawakers for the most part have left the city. The MSM will make hay none- the-less from the showing up.

What does the right do? Take on the chin. 

About two-facebook:
I had opened an acct once, about 9yrs ago. I was fully aware that the site FULLY OWNED ALL INFO a subscriber entered into their page. So, used a throwaway/alias email acct. Added NO personal info let alone any photos, etc. When saw that facebook sends notifications...although I had set it to NOT to receive any emails, I shut it down faster than Hillary Clinton could delete confidential State Dept emails. Well maybe not THAT fast!

It's mindboggling that billions of sheeple post very personal thoughts and photos on a "free" social site. Even that two-faced progressive hypocrite-owner, Mark Zuckerberg, had said that the subscribers were STUPID for doing so.

The pathologically fake media have been calling what Cambridge Analytica did a "breach" - which is as false as the "Russian collusion" bllsht. All Cambridge did was use the very tools/apps available to the Obama admenstruation, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and numerous other leftist groups. It only became a "scandal" when a group that had OPPOSING political views bought the personal info that Zuckerberg collects on his membership. Suckers never learn. Screw'em.


Luis and all...

Do you really think your info is private? With todays internet, anyone who uses the internet is already out there...even using a username does not hide you!

I just looked you up on Bing- easily found all the places you post via Intense Debate... If I read them all I could easily find out more. From your posts here- I know your nationality, where you are, and where you came from... just from discussions...

Do you shop on line? Do you use a paypal account?

I just figured WTH my info is out there. What do I have to hide? We go to efforts to protect our banking and such... but as for the rest- I do not think we live in a time where we have much privacy because indeed Big Brother is watching!

"I just looked you up on Bing- easily found all the places you post via Intense Debate... "


I'm famous?!  YAAAAY!  Drinks all around, bartender! (Well-drinks, that is. Not top shelf )   ;D

Just pointing out that if someone wants to know about you- they can. Anyone can pay $20.00 to search people... Nothing is private! or not much anyway... What can we do about it at this point?

 However I do worry about kids...I do try to enlighten folks about posting family pictures though... These folks who post these beautiful grandchildren are asking for trouble... I showed one of my friends, that by reading her facebook page I could find out what day care you use or what parks you go to...both places where predators have access to children.  I can find the type of car she drives..They can learn your friends names, grandma and grandpas names-common names the child knows - predators use that info to gain a childs trust...

Does it make sense?


Nothing about politics ever makes sense.  Never will. 

As for the "expulsion".  It's mere symbolism. To show support for our strongest NATO ally.  No real repercussions.  If this was real, the British PM would've called for embargos and to freeze Russian bank accts.  This was called an "attack" was it not?  Anyways...   jmho

;' / was gonna say the same thing.. 

in politics things like 'nobody likes the bill so it must be a good bill' and 'we'll have to pass the bill to see what's in it' seem to make sense, but not at all in reality.  ...why is it again most everybody is okay with politics ruling over every aspect of life??  it's no different putting the most emotional petulant teenager in the family in charge of everything.

Dig it: "What's  in the bi"ll". The behind-closed-doors- schemes where the final product was an over 2000 page last-minute billll which "must be" passed BEFORE we can actually KNOW what's in it.  Hmmmm...   Deja vu.  DC's definition of "transparency".

Yet, despite this, many still believe that DC (Ds and Rs) will fix the problems DC created in the first place.  Perhaps I'm not pessimistic enough!.

Well said Larry! And like a "petulant teenager" will get their way by constant verbal abuse.


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