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So...here we are......Mueller has the FBI raid Trump's personal lawyer's office.  A minor conviction on one of Trump's campaign people    Millions of tax payers' dollars being spent on everything and anything.  Meanwhile, nothing on Clinton's airplane tete-a-tete with the U.S. attorney general. Nothing on Fast and Furious.  Nothing on the IRS blocking tea party groups from getting funding. Nothing done on Clinton's email gerry mandering. Nothing on her foundation spending and contributors. Nothing on her setting up the selling of  Uranium to Russia. Nothing on the numerous liars who sat and lied to congress. 

Redacted papers when congress gets anything at all.  By and large they sit up there and put up with it because they (Uni-party} is leading the congress.

Please somebody stop this merry-go-round.  My head has been spinning for years and there's no end in sight.

It's so obvious that the 'Hooked on Hillary' nation of people are willing to do whatever it takes to take Trump down and out.  The problem they don't seem to realize is that it's not Trump they are waring with, it's the President Trump...of the United States of America, of which is We the people of America, tens of millions of We the people of America that voted for Trump to be the President of the United States of America.  It is my not so humble opinion that this will actually cause more Americans to go to the polls, not necessarily to vote for a republican, but to vote against the out in space democrats openly demonstrating their anti-American, anti-Constitution tendencies.  The incredible side benefit of a President Trump is that it has cause the democrat party and their constituents to be consumed, i.e. controlled by a confidence that is full of unrealistic desire, i.e., wishful thinking.  It's happening again.  Their unrealistic belief that Trump could never be the President, is now an unrealistic belief they will take control of Congress.  I'm personally so energized that I will vote for republicans only and might even find a way to vote twice.  We need to give President Trump more, like a larger Senate majority, not only to make America Great Again, but to make American Even Greater.   Trump, President Trump is the person that will do it.  

I will vote in the primary for committed conservatives that are squarely behind America First Agenda. While I am one who believes that there is a difference between a registered republican and one who is either registered as an independent or republican and  a committed conservative my support goes to the conservative and in a general should my candidate lose in the primary before I cast a vote for a RINO I will determine the odds that unless I vote for the RINO there is a chance a progressive/socialist or left-wing candidate could win if I think that couldn't happen then I will write in my conservative candidates name.

We voters need to work our butts off to keep congress red.

Isn't that the truth... but how are we going to do that with the -David Hoggs- of the USA who just turned voting age?

President Trump must keep on moving forward... like a Tank!

The PRIMARY is in many ways more important than the general election.  However, write in votes, IMHO, don't work other than to make a statement.  We should be careful that our actions should never inadvertently support the democrat party.  The democrat party is anti-constitution.  It is clear to me the democrat party agenda has much to do with a rewrite of our Constitution....to manipulate their un-American policies, like to change the 2nd amendment to be able to confiscate our guns.  

Michael the mid-term this year is so very critical. If voters fail to give Trump a majority in the senate and house voters can only blame themselves.

I was careful that a write-in instead of voting for McNasty in the general well not so brave of me to do the write-in. It made no statement in the real world. McCain would win over his opponent. So what doing the write-in do well it was a feel good thing for me -- I drew a red line in the sand never would I ever cast a vote for McNasty.

The scoop here is that McCain will resign soon or croak. 

McCain will never resign....and I'm not sure he will croak.  

Norma, exactly, no action whatsoever on so damn many important (high crimes?) issues...

I think someone said it s like trying to throw jello at the wall...

The left-wing progressive socialist funded by the Soros' are not interested in stopping the coup at play to unseat a duly elected president. Not interested in restoring rule of law, not interested in prosecuting the crime family.

The tyranny that our President and his family are being subjected to on a daily bases we can not allow for that is unAmerican.

I'm so darn fed up -- screaming "I'm angry and not going to take it anymore". The difficult part of "not going to take it anymore" is challenging.

So the easiest action that I think I have is to vote for committed conservatives for Congress, try to aid other conservatives in other states and support our disruptor MEGA Don.

I post everywhere I can think of --

If a story on Fox goes to content exposing the demorat operatives I tune it out I have no patience for the vermin.

If I were President Trump I would shutdown Mueller, fire old Rob and replace Sessions. I have always liked Jeff but I do think he is out of his league.

I would like to modify a thought expressed and it is based on happenings today in the news clearly the dems must be a little worried about losing votes in the midterms because of the cries for impeachment. Could hurt their chances to take majority in the House. Do not trust the dems its deseption.

Good questions and along with them solutions.

I guess I will add this all makes for political theater of the most cruel kind, its a war on Americans and America.

You guys are so fixated about the "David Hoggs" coming of age for the midterms, and how DT must keep moving forward, that you are overlooking these very real problems:

1. Hundreds of 1000s, if not millions, of illegals have been, and presently are, being issued driver's licenses. As such, they will be voting,come November.

2. As I've pointed out many, many, times before, potus's powers are limited. He depends on the other two Branches to really move forward w/ his policies. And Congress has been stalling w/ appointing the many justice slots that are still vacant. And that's because there are deep-state-GOPers that would like to see him go away.

3. If...IF...campaign funds were used to pay off that pawn star, and DT's lawyer says that DT was aware of it, to save his @ss in deal that could keep himself out of jail, then that is the end of DT's presidency at the very least.

> Now, although #3 is merely a feasible, #1 is very real. It can tilt the results in November. And if the Ds get away w/ it, it will affect every election from here on out.  And THOUSANDS more are coming in that caravan. And the National Guard...who will be unarmed, mind you...have NO Constitutional powers to do anything but point them out as they come in.  MORE welfare cases - as if our system isn't already overwhelmed...and as importantly, they will be the future democrat voters. 

Cloward & Piven must be wetting their pants w/ joy.


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