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Good questions and along with them solutions.

I guess I will add this all makes for political theater of the most cruel kind, its a war on Americans and America.

You guys are so fixated about the "David Hoggs" coming of age for the midterms, and how DT must keep moving forward, that you are overlooking these very real problems:

1. Hundreds of 1000s, if not millions, of illegals have been, and presently are, being issued driver's licenses. As such, they will be voting,come November.

2. As I've pointed out many, many, times before, potus's powers are limited. He depends on the other two Branches to really move forward w/ his policies. And Congress has been stalling w/ appointing the many justice slots that are still vacant. And that's because there are deep-state-GOPers that would like to see him go away.

3. If...IF...campaign funds were used to pay off that pawn star, and DT's lawyer says that DT was aware of it, to save his @ss in deal that could keep himself out of jail, then that is the end of DT's presidency at the very least.

> Now, although #3 is merely a feasible, #1 is very real. It can tilt the results in November. And if the Ds get away w/ it, it will affect every election from here on out.  And THOUSANDS more are coming in that caravan. And the National Guard...who will be unarmed, mind you...have NO Constitutional powers to do anything but point them out as they come in.  MORE welfare cases - as if our system isn't already overwhelmed...and as importantly, they will be the future democrat voters. 

Cloward & Piven must be wetting their pants w/ joy.

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What did you think about the Comey interview? I thought there would be more discussion about it...

Well first thought "what a piece of work". Calmed down a little and my thoughts were of a man who is out for revenge -- vindictive, no ethics.

Our President is no choir boy but 1 thing sets him apart from Comey and that is MEGA Don does have the instincts to know that it is past time for America First with Comey its make Comey the first. With Trump he is totally transparent with giving him the credit for what he has accomplished towards making America Great Again. With Comey its more about carrying out his craft within the deep state. He believed the HC would be elected and he proceeded to ensure that he would be secure in having his job. He screwed up.

One of the things that had always puzzled me is how the RINO's in Congress seemed aways supportive of Comey and went out of their way to praise him to voters. Comey must have had I think some juicy things to hang over their tainted heads.

I want buy his salacious book.

Only saw the parts that Fox showed.  I think instead of saying someone is narcissistic, I will just say someone is 'Comey'.  He's a white Obama narcissist.  I heard he is 6' 8" tall.  I didn't think ..... piles that high.  

Michael Ben Garrison the political cartoonist had a belly buster yesterday, "Comey Pyle",  See https://grrrgraphics.com/

Michael, Love it!!LOL! but yes indeed it does pile up!


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