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Luis, You have demonstrated that you are of good character and respect meter goes off the chart.

I like your writing style. 

Luis, I believe that not only myself but Am912 mentioned posting in the discussion forum- the main forum- not this Steam Room...  one of the main reasons is that it is laid out like this with threaded replies that are easier to follow... meant for discussion... whereas the editorial section (which  is actually coded to be a blog) allows for comments only  and it would be easier for your followers to follow the discussions in the discussion area...

Humbly submit messages given, heard and time to move on.


I have always commended you on your writing style! I really enjoy it as do many members...

edited.. lets just move forward...

Luis, that was funny....entertaining even.  I guess it could be called 'Editorial satire'.  On another site I was very much involved with I had a section call 'A funny thing happened on the way to...'the name of the site'.  That site closed because of the enormous cost for the software to run the site.  Which is the same software used here.  It was up running for years and years.  Maybe there could be a joke section here.  I greatly respected the owner of that site as I know first hand the cost to run a site.  Way back when there wasn't an 'Internet' there were BBSes.  The cost was not only monetary, but more than that, it was time consuming, like in a room with computers and modems while the kiddies in the rest of the house were growing up.  It's a bit*h man, so where ever I go to 'blog' I never take issue with the operator even if I donate money....which is far easier than operating site on the Internet.  

 So I posted this but it got buried... What do you think about this...

Sooooooo...... hhhmmmmm.... My mind was just blown by the investigative report on OAN (One America News)... which stated that the Chemical Attack was staged by terrorists.... OPPS! so how is the "retaliation" by Trump going to look?  Oh My!

Target: Syria
Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Site, Concludes “They Were Not Gassed”
Fisk is the first Western journalist to reach and report from the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack widely blamed on Assad’s forces.
by ZeroHedge.com


Lanyon, Had to research a little for remindments of who Fisk is --- and that brings up other questions to my mind.

We, I think it is true, are left with who is telling the truth and with honesty I say we may never know.

I think it is most difficult to understand what is true because there are so many actors with so many varying agendas.

I have just come down with the thought I'm glad that the strike on Douma was at least to date as we know the particulars an actual surgical one and hit the targets intended.

Patricia, I only hope you are correct on that... This is just mind blowing ... whats  the next Fake...These kind of games could start a real WW3..

Yes  indeed these games could result in the next outbreak of a whopper ww3.

America with the obvious buy-in to the globalist agenda and it world wide supply chain I believe has left America with an astounding nat'l security problem. If America being degraded in its ability to mfg for herself, produce Pharma products, depleted food stores, totally dependent on other nations  (likely ones who will be enemies) for hi-tech goods for war machines etc we are in deep doo.

I wonder often that President Trump with his pretty good instincts is acutely aware of what I have just wrote. It may also be true that across our gov't that the leaders know this as well. Bloodless war goals I think is not a reality.

If all from both parties know this -- what the heck is going on to what seems political games the party elites are doing? Obstruction and engagement to unseat a duly elected President when should I be right unity for purpose should exist.

I suggest that the very ugliness of what the leaders are playing is to be the winners for directing in the game of so called bloodless wars, should a breakout occur of full throttle war each party seeks to be majority in ofc to gain hopeful credit for attempts at winning. In the meantime if what I have written has some truth both parties seek the metal for re-invigorating America's industry.

Our leaders both the elected and their appointments as well the deep state bureaucrats to few are Patriots. 

We the people (citizens of America, this Republic  are and I think viewed as necessary casualties of the war games they play.

I obviously could be totally off base with my thoughts. Wish I could truly believe that I am.

One other thing is that I believe the citizens of this great nation are deserving of hard core truth. Not to be made victims of the games they play.

Doesn't this go back to responsibility and all those other good traits we used to be taught and followed years ago?  Since the arrival of the Clintons, and possiibly before, things are skewed and lies are told. 

We read a headline that the Syrians were gassed.  This has happened before so it's not a reach to believe it has happened again.  The liars probably played us.

Fake news is running rampant.

here's my thoughts on this Suzie...

I'm wondering how a couple articles by OAN recently seem so out of character to what I've thought to be it's norm.. this one about 'false flag' in Syria and another one on psychotropic drugs/mass shootings <-- which is something I've been preaching and think is important to put the spotlight on. ...The psychotropic drugs article was all about Ron Paul's stated opinion, which doesn't help with bringing the topic credibility, or OAN. AND, hollering 'false flag' (Syria) is very much a Ron Paul and his congregation thing.

Together they make me wonder if I've missed OAN's RonPAULism up until now, or is it something changing at OAN.

....that's what I've been thinking about it


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