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Excellent points, Larry. My hypothesis is based on the fact that HI is in the center of the Ring Of Fire.  I like to describe earthquakes (the result of volcanic activity) as a mattress. When you pound one end of it it has a ripple effect.  As for plate movement (tectonics) I describe it as placing books flat on the floor touching each other up to the wall.  You push one into another and the others react by lifting up over the other or cutting in under them. It's how we got mountain ranges.

What I also find interesting is that the Moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth at a rate of approx 1.5" per year as well.  A that rate of speed it'll take 100,000 yrs for each to move approx 3 mi. And for life to continue the Moon is necessary. W/ out it we'd've never been in the first place.  By the time the Moon is far enough away to maintain the Earth's present eco-balance, the Earth's geograhy will be completely and utterly different. How many Ice Ages will our little blue marble see from here to then?  How many Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or an asteroid or comet strikes occur; and will they be an extinction level event?  All are feasible.

And here's my final point:  NOTHING that the human race can do will change the course of the cosmos. Pollution effects man - NOT the planet.  Mind you I said "pollution" not that man made global warming farce!  Yup. I'ma space/science geek!  ;D 

yay! glad to have a friend paying attention to those things too Luis...

take a look at that link if ya would. note the shape of the pacific plate, and the shape near Australia. imagine a n/ne trajectory for the indo-Australian plate putting n/ne pressure on the pacific plate. Where do ya suppose the pivot point is for the pacific plate? My guess is that will determine what happens on North America's west coast when it's pressure is released. I kinda see the rotation of the pacific plate crushing Oregon, Washington and Canada's coastline and ripping the Baha California westward, extending the Gulf of California northwestward, maybe up through the s/w corner of Arizona.   :~}  

All are feasible and must say, very interesting professor.

Speaking of the moon ....

WHO owns the Moon? According to the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, signed by every space-faring country, no nation can claim sovereignty over Earth’s lunar satellite. 102 countries have entered into the 1967 accord; China joined in 1983. But space law scholars debate whether the Treaty actually implicitly prohibits, or allows, private ownership on celestial bodies.


Current List

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Status of International Agreements relating to Activities in Outer Space

The status of international agreements relating to activities in outer space is compiled and distributed every year by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The most recent compilation is available below. http://www.unoosa.org/oosa/en/ourwork/spacelaw/treaties/status/inde...

Countries can sign on to a UN thing. Like the small arms treaty/ Meaningless really. Kerry signed this treaty but Congress never did so useless ink used by Kerry.

Me I think we have now defined so many different types of conflicts to fight over.

Goodness the UN huh! Since when do different nations from time to time ignore them? All the time.

Hey we planted our flag first. The moon belongs to us and well Mars soon enough.

Everytime I here the UN did this that or the other I just plain think f-bomb to myself.


As far as I'm concerned, w/ the exception of Nikki Haley, the UN body could claim ownership of the Moon - as they very much are LUNATICS!  Doubt it?  Just ask Governor MOONbeam!

Yep! Seems all part of 'business as usual' along the ring of fire. Having endured living in CA for some 40 yrs I would say the state is overdue for another big one.

 And I sit around 5 miles from the Head of the San Andreas Fault line...The fault lines are a tourist attraction! Have you ever watched the Shake Scenario on USGS site - wow! We have small earthquakes all the time... Oh just noticed you have same link...

and have you ever taken a look at what they call the "Future Maps" that so called "seers" have seen upon waking from comas and such... strange that maps throughout history are basically the same even Edgar Casey- no idea if it is true...but they are interesting calif. no linger exists! Land mass starts in Colorado!! Yikes!


The San Andreas is a formidable fault line and so is the Hayward. Fault lines the lesser known and the ones yet to make themselves known chris cross the state N to S and W to E.

Yes earthquakes in CA occurring each day in CA. 

Have walked in a trench left by a quake on the San Andrea fault line, it was impressive.

Have your RV packed up and full of fresh water Ms Suzie.

Luis you are an observant man.

Yes so true that the left sets blame squarely on the USA and as well President Trump at every opportunity they can come up with.

CA did recently experience a noticeable quake a friend who lives in Pacifica, on the coast, reported to friends.

Wonder why the loony left has not marched against Mother Nature herself.

Sen. Rand Paul Warns That Haspel Is Close to John Brennan: What Does She Know About Trump Surveillance?



Bill Introduced To Prevent Government Agencies From Demanding Encryption Backdoors



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