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I can't pretend to understand all of what you have written here. Seems clear that you are a man on a mission. Good luck taking on the system.


Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames After “Horrific” Crash, Killing Two Men Trapped Inside


Worst news for parents.

Isn't it also sad that this news of Tesla S did not make national news, may have but I do not recall.

I rarely get mad enough to vent but I've had enough of all the ugliness from the media. I'm tired of the intimidation and the manipulation by the Left. I'm tired of all the negative coverage on President Trump. I'm just plain tired of all the "Bashers". I'm especially tired of all the Trump bashing from Left and Right.  

He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for stabilizing the relationship between North and South Korea with the help of China for 2018 yet, the Socialist Democrats persist in defaming him. The President should have been Times "Man of the Year" for 2017. He turned around the economy and gave the people hope for the future.

I'm even madder with Republicans on the Hill who continue to badger President Trump through their own petty ugliness. The majority of us who voted for Trump had no illusions about who he was or is when we walked into the polling booth. If this latest quip about McCain is true then it shows me the ultimate depravity they will go to in demeaning President Trump. If McCain no longer has a back bone then it is better he should retire. If he is the man he portrays himself to be he should have retired 10 years ago when he lost to Obama.

I know who the Socialist Democrats are and the RHINOs but, it's the voters themselves who are most to blame. They still don't understand the Primaries are the most important vote they ever have to pick those who will represent them. If there is a run-off most don't seem to know about it and they stay home. This tells me they don't follow or understand the importance of the Primaries.  I'm just glad there are enough people who do understand to keep Socialism at bye. We have Primaries coming up in SC and I'm hoping there is still enough voters who will turn out for the "Run-Offs". 

I just wish I could put a "Gag Order" on the media to shut up all the "Trash Bashers". Yet, because of the 1st Amendment all I can do is tune them out.  

Hello, Christine

You say DT " deserves the Nobel Peace Prize".  I completely agree!  But, ask yourself these questions: 1.  WHO runs that committee?  Norway. It's been reported that that nation's rate of felonies continues to climb exponentially due to the mass influx of Islamists being welcomed in by the Norwegian govt.  2. WHO encourages it?  The EU and the UN.  It's their progressive global agenda that American Ds...and, sadly yes, some Rs, that had at work trying to move the USA towards the same deadly fake utopia (faux-topia).  3. Who were some of the "winners" of the Prize?  Yasser Arafat: Former leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organziation (the PLO). Today it's known as Hamas.  Then there's Al Gore and Barack Obama. WHY?  Both are liberal superadvocates of the global warming scam. PURPOSE:  a) Bury the US Constitution under layers of treaties that will render our very sovereignty as impotent.  b) Tax/punish the USA - for having been so prosperous AND standing side by side w/ christians and Israel.. c) Control of those revenues naturally going to the EU/UN. 

Thus, the Nobel "prize" is merely a FLEECE prize.  With that I'm saying DT doesn't need an "attaboy" from a committee that's as corrupt/ liberal as the DNC!     


El Gran Poder de Dios siempre cumple Sus Promesas! (Our Lord God Almighty always keeps His Promises!)


was looking for a volcano thread, figured 'steam' and 'vent' are close enough -

looking at the news clips of the latest fissure opening up, and considering it's the twentieth one, and remembering Mt. St. Helens sudden explosion vs. the way it's happening in Hawaii now, I'm wondering why anybody's still on the island at all. Looks to me like there has been ample reason given to leave, and time - a real blessing when considering how sudden it could've been (Mt. St. Helens). Looks to me like the whole island could explode, and may already be - very slowly.

Silly humans... wth is it that they're trusting by still being there??

Not much reporting on it Larry. Move on to the next topic, typical for the media. I wonder if the government has sent out its warning bells to the citizens to evacuate and the media is not reporting it.

Larry, you are right. I have been watching the Hawaii news (using amazon fire stick), it is on TV all day long over there. The residents are terrified, but there are no massive evacuations, no warnings- only in the actual areas effected... We camped in the volcano park many moons ago- very surrealistic- with steam coming out of the ground all around, can't even imagine now...

I'm with you Larry that whole island is at risk. My mate Chris has family on the island and experiencing earthquakes they live 100 miles from the hot stuff. Setting and waiting for instructions from the gov't.

LOL I can't help but have in the back of my mind that if and when the big island residence do evacuate please do not come to AZ that island is a nest of democrats.

I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed that the media's coverage is no different than that of a weather forecast.  Why? 

My opiniop is that if they haven't found a way to attach their "global warming" agenda as the cause.  

I'm totally surprised!  They did manage to blame ALL the Islamic attacks on "climate change" w/ a straight face, am I right?

Btw, by blaming it all on that bllsht the left is actually blaming the "evil" USA. 

As for the volcano, could it have an affect on CA's fault line?  Hmmmm... NOT impossible.

looking at the trail left by the hot spot under the pacific ocean that includes the Hawaiian Islands I'd guess it probably won't effect our west/left coast much. My 2¢ is what goes on north and northeast of Australia will have (is having) more effect on it. The Indo-Australian tectonic plate moves n/ne at about 2 inches per year (the fastest plate movement) and lately seems to be lunging forward frequently. That may have also been the trigger for Hawaii too.



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