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I agree! I will not watch any Netflicks... my hubby went farther-  he canceled

Suzie, Tell your hubby good for him.

I honestly dislike having to boycott companies. But geez Netflix has obviously made a decision to aggressively be all in for Obama's destructive efforts of indoctrinating to the left's ideology.

So do I but the only way they take notice is to feel it in the pocketbook! Greed will be their demise!

Yes the Nothingburger crap will dominate beyond 2020. Overall I think that it is hurting the dems. Many independents, high % of republicans and conservatives see the conservative policies of this administration and they like and appreciate. Heck went to my dentist recently and I know that the women in the office voted for HC but they all were happy with the tax cuts enacted. The dentist has even experienced a resurgence in her practice. 

Well they keep this crap nothing burger going full steam and Americans are not pleased with that dang swamp nest.

I learned a long time ago, just about when I went from a democrat to a republican, that the democrat parts is all about party and nothing about country/constitution.  The Country and Constitution is nothing but tools for them to advance Party, not Country.  Now it's obvious to me that its constituents are also embedded and therefore complicit in the obvious intended policy to rewrite the Constitution.   

Michael, Bingo! Know what if our republican elected held 

1) it's voter base in high esteem affording their base with respect

2) avoided the sinkhole of self power

3) even bothered to uphold the core principles of the republican platform (very much conservative principles)

4) upheld in all they do the U.S. Constitution

5) sought to do no harm

6) tried as President Trump has to keep promises

They for the most part fail miserably. 

I was sharing the other day with AM912 how factious the AZGOP is -- the issues comes between RINO's an conservatives. Truth as I see it the conservative wing works to hold the RINO's feet to the flame for not upholding the tenets of the republican platform seeming not to care a fig about our costitution or even the AZGOP's own Bylaw's.

Conservatives are outspoken for the most part and thus a burr in the butt of established RINOs.

I have learned to be strong and even more committed.

I ssee people bemoaning the fact that we got Dewine running for governor.  He's another "pretend" republican. Where were those people when I and my son voted in the primaries? 

Many people do not Norma engage in their party orgs. I get it life is tough, busy lives but it's also true if one does not candidates up and down a ticket is picked by a powerful party machine and the machine is dominated by the self serving. In the case of GOP good conservatives (non RINOs) voices are hushed.

Until the people are willing to stand up and SHOUT Enough! Enough! Enough! I think those folks who did not get instant gratification from signing a petition or whatever- they simply quit again- easier to be in the coma of apathy and do nothing but bitch... the other half are afraid to speak up...We are in big trouble...

The Free Beacon, huh. What's next?  The veggie police monitoring meat eaters and the greenie police measuring how cool we keep our homes in the summertime and how warm in the winter?   

How about clothes and accessories that can show traces of heroin, meth or cocaine?  How about if they pickup traces of gun powder and bomb materials?


Ooooh, no no no no no!  That's an invasion of privacy and shows bias against blacks and muslims, right?

How about clothing that detects LIES?   So much for politicians, and the corrupt press eh!

It's further proof that George Orwell's "1984" was also very prophetic. And it's barely scratched the surface.  But, fear not. When the Rs overwhelm DC w/ the coming midterms - all the bad will go away. Yup. 

Well when repub's overwhelm The District our work to keep them principled begins once again in earnest. Be on them like white on rice!

"Be on them like white on rice!"

Been doing just that going back to Beck's original 912 Project.  The problem is that, unlike the libs, the "right" doesn't network; nor do they organize across the country. And our "side" really NEEDS to because, unlike the radical left, we don't have the mass media Hollywood or the campuses on our side.    

Plus, again, unlike the left, our  message and priorities are all over the map.  We had a mission back in 2009-2010 (1. A Constitutionally limited govt; 2. Conservative fiscally and socially and 3. A Balancd Budget). It's gone. No one even brings up full repeal of Obamacare; let alone even mention the $21T+ DEBT!  

Who wants to bet that Planned Parenthood, ACORN, Obamacare and FREE MONEY (Foreign Aid) to Mexico and Islamist nations  "won't" get their funding? They WILL!  

Plus more illegals will be allowed in and the TAXPAYERS will continue to foot the bill.

The Deficit and Debt will continue climbing and there will be NO SocSec reform.

Who'd bet against me?


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