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as far as ACORN goes... huffypost might;

The murder “confession” touted by Fox turned out to be a prank by an ACORN employee who’d caught on to the stunt. (State investigators interviewed her ex …
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Perhaps ACORN gets funded under a different gname. They have changed their name...


And w/ so many redundant programs and bureaus that continue getting funded by the taxpayers.

Luis you called out good points.

My experience within the GOP is a lot of the noise boils down to conservative (true ones) vs RINO party dominated ones. When the general ballot is cast conservatives vote the ticket for the Republican. RINOs may or may not.

The AZGOP and county GOPs for example talks the talk of party unification. Yet due to state and county party machines and the national GOP conservatives well always efforts to marginalize their voices.

I kinda feel a conservative wave approaching.

Policy enactment or not forthcoming tells who not to vote back into ofc. Politicians well its more to me what they do in ofc (their record) than what they say they are for and against in a campaign season. Those running without a record then little more difficulty evaluating them and other factors help plus asking them tough questions.

I went last Saturday to hear a speaker running for AZ Secretary of State. It was organized by a local conservative group. He is a businessman, says he is a conservative. He acknowledged that he was aware that those in the room were well informed yet the questions posed to him and there were many he for 99% of them  never really answered. Why? I was left to conclude he was clueless.

Now with that little story told conservatives wonder why more conservatives are not elected. What I am thinking is that identifying candidates and vetting them well and then preparing them before a primary season is critical. That is the hard work that must be taken to replace RINOs. 

Not difficult to understand that we have republicans in ofc that side with democrats on major issues. 

Not sure this would be held constitutional however there are like precedents already in place that sets the stage that it could be successful.

Psssst . . .The Camera-Hogg Is back!

Read my lates blog!

Did he actually believe that the Trump admn was going to stop w/ its naval maneuvers w/ So Korea? Does little KJu not yet get it? DT is no BHO or GWB!

So li'l Kimmie wants to show some illusion of strength; and now the meeting in Singapore has been postponed. I say SO WHAT! I am not the least bit surprised. What's most important thing to me was that we got our hostages back! And it neither cost us $Bs nor did we swap any top level Islamic terrorists in exchange! But, then again, I think Barack insane Obama already released what was left of them - for a TRAITOR / DESERTER who goes by the name of Bo Bergdahl. Remember? .

The difference between fake president Barack Obama and President Trump is the same as the differences between the democrat party constituents and Republican party constituents.  It's the people.  I think this year there will be many democrat constituents secretly pushing the Republican buttons just to get more of what is working, President Trump.  

Michael I think that's true.

Policy will get the reasonable democrat to cross over.

ROCKETman 2: Puck

Little Kimmie's attempt at trying to get President Trump to play chicken w/ him ended w/ EGG on the dicktator's face. The moment DT cancelled Singapore, Denis Rodman's li'l pot bellied friend punked-out QUICK!

It went a little somethin' like this:


If only at least daddy Bush had DT's aggressiveness in dealing w/ NKorea. He might've gotten a 2nd term. And sonnyboy 43 might've taken the lead w/ it. Remember that 43 did want to one-up his dad by overthrowing Saddam Hussein - when Bush41 knew NOT to during the Persian Gulf War. 41 KNEW there was no way out of that.  That was then. Here we are now...STILL in Afghanistan. And in Syria.

As part of the agreement w/ the Saudis, Egypt and Jordan, in the fight against Iran, those 3 nations should put troops at the Iran/Iraq border as well as the Syrian border to secure those borders and fight ISIS/ Al Qaeda and especially the Iranian infiltrators in Iraq. If they want to gain security - they NEED to have some skin in the game NOW; or have it MELT OFF w/ Iranian nukes soon!          

I think I've seen some of Trump's works being about getting the locals doing just that Luis. Seems like something in a Saudi agreement was to facilitate their doing so, as example.

at risk of sticking my foot in my mouth somehow.. by not being very informed about the NOKO stuff = A headline said Trump included something about 'but thanx for the hostages' to his announcement of calling off the summit. Looking back at how the events and headlines unfolded the past several weeks about all this I think Trump may have played the circumstances pretty admirably. NOKO now has no hostages or nuclear bomb testing site (<-maybe, at least one less) and Kimmie (<- like it Luis, gonna use it myself ;') has lost the alpha in the silly pissing contest.   I'm thinking Trump probably figured there's just not much more to be gained at this point with a summit and a lot of alpha to be gained by initiating the inevitable cancelation of it.  

" I think Trump may have played the circumstances pretty admirably."

I totally agree, Larry!  We have someone in the WH we haven't had in over 3 decades: A POTUS that our enemies either respect or fear - or both.

Imo, no one on the world stage had any level of respect at all for Barack insane Obama. Both he and Hillary were like prison b*tches ready to bend over for ALL the alpha prison leaders.  I'll add John Kerry and Ted Kennedy to that list as well. 

Btw, I want to through this at ya: Remember back at the end of BHO's first term, when he was caught on a hot mic asking Medvediev to pass a message to Putin to wait till after the election - where BHO would have "MORE FLEXIBILITY"?

I truly do believe that what BOzo was referring to the URANIUM ONE deal.  Many got rich w/ that one alone. , Just a hunch.

yup, and imo - if major politicians, at the very minimum Hillary, don't go to jail for it there's only bad natural evolution consequences coming very soon. If keeping the masses under their control is important to them at least one major politician must do the perp walk. If they have any clue at all about the nature of humanity they must know they have to sacrifice someone this time or the citizenry will have no doubt that politicians as a group see themselves above the law and will then reject the concept of law abiding them/ourselves, and uncontrollable chaos will be the result. 


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