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Hi, Suzie

Glad you chimed in. Since you have read Chelsea Meckel's facebook page (I think), what do her posts say about her thoughts about what's going on today?

somehow this is reminding me of your (Luis) courtship with Lisa Ann Dulles   ;' /


Why am I not surprised w/. your reply, Larry?!  The big difference here is that at least L.A.D. participated - no matter how goofy and doofy ALL her posts were!  But I did sniff the likes of "her"; her other alias "The Stoic" and Lamont Johnson and others early on. Aaah! Good times!  :)

Well Luis, I don't make a practice of guessing what a person is like... from her posts I would say not too active, but proud to put herself out there as a Libertarian...  which is only inches from Conservative....and her about me says she is involved...  I have no idea why folks do not post more often, I hear from many members, old timers via email and I do try to talk them into posting again... In fact just heard from Faye Clemmons, remember her? And ABS posts but gets little encouragement in dialogs... Mangus sends me emails daily. Many are reading few participate... maybe other sites they belong to frown on their members posting here... the original site...some places are like that and demand loyalty even on dying sites...you might have more insight then I do on that subject as you are a member of numerous sites... Do you invite folks to come here? That's what it takes... enthusiastic members who invite others...

Well, Suzie, just thought that, since you're both on that face page, you'd have an idea of her stand on the issues.

Btw, I disagree that libbs are like Conservatives. What I've learned during the run-up to the 2012 elections is that many aren't!

I certainly would not compare a libb to a conservative two very different creatures. I will say that here in my local universe plenty of evidence that I witness of the RINO repubs who tote the GOP line up and down the state. Conservatives speak up and subject to purge attempts by local and state GOP.

As with all humans both conservatives and RINO can at times become bias and even corrupt. Conservatives keep a watchful eye on both and attempt to clean house. I don't see this within the RINOs.

I will say that it is the conservatives that make the best grassroots Precinct Committee women and men.

Sorry Luis, I have not been on any of her sites only her page- AFTER- she joined... I welcomed her on her facebook page. I said something to the effect of if you have any questions just ask... that's it end of story...

Personally, I have been able to converse with Libertarians easier then Dems... thats all...

Hello Members and Friends,

Just thought I would give a little update on my status...

I am planning to leave on a motorhome trip this weekend. 

I do not intend to be out of internet service- but it could happen. In that case, both Patrica and Linda R have admin controls. They also have my personal email and phone, so there should be no problems. If you have any concerns please contact Patricia or Linda R

. And I always have my phone, just can't work on the site with my phone!

Please remember to "Share" your discussions on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends!




Hmmm...Lisa and her peter.  Those "newly fleds" are laughing at our GOPee-ons for a loooong while now...at Trey Gowdy & company and especially at Jeff Sessions whose been as useless as a pallet of Viagara in the Titanic! 

If Sessions or those other GOPee-ons don't arrest Lisa and Petie and charge them w/ Contempt of Congress, then I'd say it's time for our CiC to step in - as it is his power to do so as the DoJ does fall directly under the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch aka the POTUS.

If DT does take action:

1. It'll drive the jack asses on the left even MORE apeshit. And, yes, that's possible! And,

2. It will further galvanize his HUGE voting base even more! And, YES, that's possible too!  :) 

IMHO Sessions has been severely lacking in doing his job concerning the US agencies and the SWAMP.  I reserve the right to rescind this opinion should we ever find out he is doing something constructive behind the scenes.

I hold the same thought as you Norma.

I watched the circus hearing today. Overall I was disappointed with as Luis calls them the "GOPee-Ons" performance. 

I've heard that there a "things going on behind the scenes" and hope that it is true and people will be charged.  It's plain that's what should be done.

I watched most of the grand standing going on at the circus except when I had to pick up my dog from the vet.

Cutting through the "crap" spewed out my many democrats:  This guy was using our taxpayer time and equipment (enormous amount of texts and time) on his political views.  I know as a former person who worked for the government, I would have been fired for doing this.  It's clearly spelled out both in Union Contracts and in Federal Rules and Regulations what you are and are not allowed to do at work.,

I'm tired of the "in your face" ignorance they believe the the US citizens have. I love the representative towards the end who said, "I'm one of those Hillbillys."  It was hillbillys that fought at King's Mountain on the North and South Carolina borders who started the turn around of our American Revolution.  I'm proud to say and descend from at least one of them and maybe several more on both sides of my family.

This guy wasn't covered by Union. but as Number 2in the FBI, as he stated yesterday, he would have us believe he didn't have or know what he was doing was against Federal Regulations?  I think and know better. I repeat as I have many times, I'm sick of these "elites" doing and saying whatever they want while citizens are punished for doing much less.


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