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You got that right on! I too am sick of the elitist's behavior and peoples ignorance! 

Suzie, I just read that the Conservative Causus plans to go around Ryan and send impeachment papers on Rosen??????  I think is Rosenstein.

Geez.......I gather my thoughts only to screw up the names of those I want to talk about..  Perfect example of why I stopped posting as I used to do.

Norma you are doing great!!

Yes Norma as Suzie said "you are doing great". LOLI have always had problems remembering names and now at 73 yrs of age and neurologically challenged as well plus my memory banks are full processing no small feat these days.

Good news is the faithful on TCC are good and kind folks. Just keep posting.

Am, imo, the Chinese has an edge here because: 1. Unlike DT, who as the POTUS, has term limits. The Chinese don't. They're COMMUNISTS!  And 2. Unlike DT, the dem/media does actually love the totalitarianism of commie regimes. They admire it and envy it. As for the liberal media, unlike w/ ANY republican potus, the Chinese media would NEVER ever criticize their dictator. Because it IS a toaalitarian regime. And as such - they'll literally kill,ya.

The question is: Can the Chinese regime wait out this game of chicken that DT has started?  And if the Chinese fold, I do believe the EU,as well as Canada and Mexico, will follow suit.

"and will say the federal government is working diligently investigating and prosecuting Chinas infiltration, espionage in the US government and colleges. Media isn't reporting it as main news."

Help me out here, Am. What does your reply have any relevance w/ my point of the Tariff War / Playing Chicken, remember?

President Trump throughout the campaign season said he would negotiate trade agreements and he preferred 1:1 agreements. This stance is not what globalist are for preferring trading blocks instead.

I can imagine the K and J street lobbyist both for foreign and domestic clients are raking in the $$'s. Obviously some GOPee'on'ers are listening to the lobbyists.

I could careless about China imports. Hi-tech folks mfg in China need to come back home.

"unfortunately you don't believe in using social media,"


A912, uuuh, we first met at TPP at least 8 yrs ago, right?  I'm a charter member of Glenn Beck's 912 Project. Which was the original 912 site.  I've also participated in many other "912" and "tp" labeled sites as well not to mention quite a few other IntenseDebate and Ning sites as well like TeamSarah and STANDWITHMARCO going back to 2008. 

Oh! I almost forgot the Disqus based sites like Gretawire, Fox News and Fox Nation, and WaPo as well. 

And you say I "don't like" using social sites?!  wow!

Am, just to clarify,

I did not invite her to our site, although she may have found us via facebook -that is what her profile says. All I did was to post her welcome on her FB page...

There have been so many other new members... why this one?

Suzie, I am curious why the focus on this one new member as well. Will admit that I personally have not tried to figure out any whys so no red flags to report.

AM912 and Luis could you cough out why the laser like focus.

"The laser focus"???!!!


All this drama just because of this initial post:

Reply by luis✩USA on July 9, 2018 at 10:17am Delete

"I find it disheartening when new mmbers don't participate in any of our topics.  So I've taken the initiative to try and reach out.  I've chosen the newest member Chelsea Meckel..."


To which Suzie had exprssed her "appreciation" for it!

The so called "laser focus" came from you (Pat), Am912 and Suzie!

(gimmie a friggin break!)

Over and out...


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