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Luis I was in need of a good LOL comment of yours and you delivered when you said


WOW! All that manufactured anger and outrage must be giving the rabid left a REAL case of CONSTIPATION! How much more full-of-sh*t can they get before they explode?!

Folks, the next seismic eruption might not be from a volcano!



Winning in my common law court of record. B180146-C Cloud v Marion et al common law trial by jury at the 163rd District Court in Orange Texas. Listen to me People, We are all Kings without subjects as We the People (not citizens) made God our King in the Declaration of Independence. WE are made in the image of that King. God-man-agency we never have to allow agency to skip up and get between us and God in the pecking order. Without a living man with an affidavit swearing to damage, injury or loss, you can never be charged with a crime! Not as a man/woman. I am about to jerk the city and county charters... and there's no man or woman named Orange or State of Texas to rebut my claim. The IRS cant touch you as there's no man or woman named IRS, get it yet? The SS5 social security contract is fraud and it removes you from the Covenant with God. The 7th Amendment to the Constitution We put into place to govern our government guarantees a common law trial by jury and it DOES NOT include the State's civil courts!!! Your court is a Federal Civil Court and you hold it AT their venue. My Defendants are all in default which is guilt by tacit procuration/tacit acquiescence and agreement to lien, writs of attachment, garnishment, seizure of personal property and accelerated foreclosure. There's no homestead exemption for them as they have NO RECOURSE! NO RIGHTS! I will get a default judgement, but I want this before a jury because I served 7 years flat for two false claims causing damage in the amount of $4.8 million dollars which is owing and due immediately. Under the Tim Cole Act of 2009 the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts owes me $80,000.00 per year for each year I was locked up and $25,000.00 per year for the 12 years I had to register as a sex offender. Then they have to pay me $80,000.00 per year annuity and dental and medical insurance through the TDCJ insurance program the Wardens have. I just sent my file to the Comptroller's Judiciary Section and they have 30 days to make it happen. Otherwise they get joined in the case. Oh, I forgot to mention, if your State has wrongful conviction compensation legislation like Texas does, you cannot sue them to get the compensation. You have to purposefully not include them until they have had the chance to compensate you. So don't go putting the State in your claim when you file it with the District Clerk. Make your claims in affidavits along your prosecution so they cure by the time you send them to claim the compensation. It takes 90 days after an affidavit is filed either in court or in public record to cure. After that cure date it becomes fact in law and truth in commerce.

I have had several calls from some really interesting sources wanting interviews. I will not tell sex offenders how to walk away from the registry. My innocence drove me to study and ultimately solve the matrix, not some desire to get away with something by exploiting a loophole. In our Court of man, you simply cannot use it in a wrongful manner. If a guilty man tries this, they will be facing the children they harmed as adults. Opening that door leads to more time. For me, my next strike meant life in prison. But you see where I'm at, right in the courtroom the lying police officer works as Assistant District Attorney now. I just had the clerk sign and execute my pretrial writs of attachment and writs of garnishment. Of course one of the defendants acts as our Texas Secretary of State, Rolando B. Pablos. I will publish the summons and writs served on him after the jury trial.

OH!!! When you go to make a claim for your social security fraudulent contract, get an Oath of Office Notarized for the Private Attorney General, file it with the Department of Justice, and sue them on behalf of the United States as First Friend to the People. The man/woman you sue is Nancy Ann Berryhill. She is DEPUTY Commissioner as her appointment expired as acting commissioner. Sue the woman who acts as commissioner. Send the oath of office to the DOJ in Washington DC via certified mail and your green return receipt card is your proof of filing required to bring the action. The filing number is the tracking number of the parcel. 

BTW, my advice and suggestions are regarding common law. I am an idiot at legalese. I am also an idiot at Chinese and Japanese. There's no law requiring me to be proficient at any of them. So this can never be construed as "legal" advice. Legal does not apply to me. I am above the law. The only way I can be charged with a crime is if I cause harm to my fellow man. Many will laugh, but that is the difference between my real freedom and their fake version.

It's been pretty well proven this whole Steele dossier was a set up:  http://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/400810-opinion-how-a-senior-justic....

When is Sessions going to do something?

Sessions who?...  Has he done something about anything?  The dossier thing is actually working out well for President Trump.  He's holding it over the Liberals, aka democrat party, heads for everyone to see.  The dossier is like a very bad smell that leads to the culprit, aka the democrat party.  

Michael,  You got that right.  There's been a mere trickle of justice for the conservatives.  The Obama and Clinton mob members are still walking around free.  Oh, the IRS did have to pay the tea party groups they denied recognization but the taxpayers will be the ones punished.

Hi Members,

I'm still traveling around in our RV. On the beautiful Oregon Coast...

So I was checking out stats for July... and we gained over 1,000 readers in July!!! WOW! See what the mere mention of the 912 Project does...

As far as I am concerned... The 912 Project is/was the original Walk Away campaign...

Obviously, folks still like the idea of 912... let's see how we can use it to attract some of those readers to post!!!

Newsletter coming out later today...

Thanks for your time, Suzie

WOW! no news since Thursday?

I am totally up to me ears working as hard as I can for my candidates in the primary. Also raising heck with my county GOP executive committee members who took an action that has a bunch of us PCs conservatives hopping angry.

Also going to many events to show support for the candidates I support.

I'm worn out -- but I recognize that this midterm is critical. 

Don't worry Suzie, I bet other members are busy as well with election activity.

Thanks for reminding me that folks are working hard at home!!! I needed that!

just remembering...

Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah said Mueller was a “great selection” with “impeccable credentials.” I mean, I don’t want to be too hokey here but hell, man, this guy IS Captain America. ...
Congressional Republicans and Democrats praised the ... Lawmakers also heaped praise on Mueller's credentials. "Mueller is a great selection. Impeccable credentials. Should be widely accepted," tweete...

Both Parties Praise Choice of Ex-FBI Chief Robert Mueller ...


May 18, 2017 · Both Parties Praise Choice of Robert Mueller ... served under both Democratic and Republican presidents in a tenure that lasted from 2001 to 2013, ...

Bipartisan praise in oversight committee for Mueller choice.


WASHINGTON (AP) —The top Republican and Democrat on the House oversight committee are applauding the choice of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to lead the Justice Department’s investigation into allegations of collusion between associates of President Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

somewhere, maybe not on this site, I said on day 1 that the immediate rush by so many politicians of both parties to flood the media with praise for Mueller as an impeccable choice was a sure sign he was corrupt as hell.   ... and it's been proven right again. No matter the primary topic, when politicians behave like that it's a con job.

I suppose most who heaved glowing bones to the public perhaps they would now want their bone back.

Recall republicans in Congress also once throwed glowing bones about Comey. These guys are now munching on the bone themselves.

A small Yahoo.  Peter Stryock fired Friday according to Washington Post.  Large Yahoo if they ever try someone for this garbage.


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