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NO "yahoo" - if that Stryocksucker did get fired YET keeps his benefits.

As for the Manafort trial, well, if he eroke the lae, he should pay the price.  But it has absolutely NO connection to any of the allegations of "collusion" let alone "obstruction" or even "conspiracy".  Which were ALL committed by the ENTIRE Clinton camp.  No "yahoos" will ever come out of that one!

Old Polish saying, I think, "Not my circus, not my monkey". 

You know folks I had put that long list of Clinton people who have died mysteriously on a conspiracy theory list.

Today I read that another reporter  investigating the Clintons has been found dead in a Maryland hotel/motel.  Can there really be that many people dying around or associated with Clintons commiting suicide or dying by accident?

yup, gotta say me too. seems every several months there's been yet another suspicious death of somebody with potential to be in the Clintons' way.  ..and it's pretty disgusting that it's still treated as non-interesting

no steam here.. just throwing in something maybe interesting to the semi-techies

Energy-efficient spin current can be controlled by magnetic field and temperature

August 17, 2018, Universitaet Mainz

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-08-energy-efficient-current-magnetic-fie...


The transition from light bulbs to LEDs has drastically cut the amount of electricity we use for lighting. Most of the electricity consumed by incandescent bulbs was, after all, dissipated as heat. We may now be on the verge of a comparable breakthrough in electronic computer components. Up to now, these have been run on electricity, generating unwanted heat. If spin current were employed instead, computers and similar devices could be operated in a much more energy-efficient manner. Dr. Olena Gomonay from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany and her team together with Professor Eiji Saitoh from the Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) at Tohoku University in Japan and his work group have now discovered an effect that could make such a transition to spin current a reality. This effect significantly simplifies the design of fundamental spintronic components.

Hi Members,

I was just reading the page and I think I noticed a common issue... The name of this forum is not fitting anymore... not really...

The Steam Room has become so much more than a place to vent- this Steam Room contains years of knowledge! plus years of friendships.. and solutions...

So- I think it is time to rename it

You who are the most involved on this page know who and I am sure I would miss someone if I tried to list you..

Let's have a discussion as to a New Name for this "forum" btw- this is only a discussion with replies- it is not really a forum- I guess we will see how long it will let's us continue to add to it!!

First let's define what it is

 A conservative social forum

A conservative news forum

A conservative news and discussion forum

A conservative  social information station

Help me out here folks..

What is this forum for YOU?


Let's find a name that would not only include the social aspect but informative as well... 

Please participate, Thanks,


I would really like to define this site more and do some house cleaning...

any ideas- What to keep? What to delete? or just archive- not remove

Really looking forward to your ideas...

Just a few hours ago shots were fired [1] at the US Embassy in Turkey drive-by style. No injuries were reported 

It was also reported that the U.S. Embassy spokesman David Gainer had thanked the police for their “rapid response”.

Oh really?!  I'll bet the shooters will not get apprehended. And I read no reports that our Embassy security had returned fire. Of course not. That would be considered an "act of war", right?!

As the nation becomes more unstable economically: their Debt starts going out of control; President Erdogan continues transforming the once secular nation into Sharia law: and Erdogan keeps christian pastor, Andrew Brunson, held hostage, I gotta ask:  Why is Turkey still a NATO member? 

It's a rhetorical question. Anyone who understands geo-politics...as well as the political weakness in Western Europe and the American left...knows that the nation of Turkey IS a very strategic region, militarily and geographically speaking, going back to the Old Testament. Thus, we need their alliance because of their proximity to Israel..  And that Erdogan KNOWS it!


[1]   https://nypost.com/2018/08/20/shots-fired-outside-us-embassy-in-tur...

prefacing with - I don't know a lot about or have concluded opinion about Turkey.. or what I'm about to say, it's just 2¢ that comes to mind

to me it seems the only thing that makes Turkey geographically important is the mistaken concept that the middle-east Islamics can eventually live in peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world. Somehow thinking that measured/politicized military restraint through Turkey buys time for that eventuality to occur. my 2¢ on that is - how incredibly delusional, or very possibly nefarious in this case and others, can the political class get?? This is hard to surpass either way. My semi-limited understanding of it all is the only real importance of Turkey is for access to Afghanistan, which trying to nation build to western ideology is futile and has proven so many times throughout history <--including history within our lifetimes, it bankrupted the Soviet Union. -- I could be wrong but seems to me Turkey is only geographically important to continue a bad policy/idea of transforming Afghanistan.

...and less seriously, waaayyy back in olden times when we used to play board games there was a game called RISK. It was all about the strategic military importance of Earth's nations.  I wasn't the best at the game but played it more than the average kid probably. Seems to me I recall that it was Germany that was the most critically important as far as military strategy goes.  ...which has a government that is rapidly eroding into being a lot like Turkey's.

Hi, Larry.

I knew you'd offer your "two cents". No one else gets into the topic of Foreign Policy. :)

The 2 points you made that stood out were where you said: "to me it seems the only thing that makes Turkey geographically important is the mistaken concept that the middle-east Islamics can eventually live in peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world."; and where you brought up "nation building".  Those two pts are one-and-the-same and absolutely right.

The problem...or "mistake"...there is a deadly one.  Western culture has always tried to apply the Western philosphy / trends to Islamic culture. Even Politically. It doesn't mix. Islamic faith and their politics are one. Thus, their decisions are based on their fundamentalism (or today it's known as radicalism / Sharia). There's never any sort of "peace" w/ Islam. There's only been total emotional and intellectual control thru physical punishment and threats of it.

I'm sure you are aware of the alliance forming between Turkey, Russia and Iran> ( https://fpif.org/an-emerging-russia-turkey-iran-alliance-could-resh... )

As for your pov that Turkey's "importance" is about Afghanistan, I must respectfully disagree, ole buddy.  Are you aware that the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers start in Turkey? Those waterways are, imo, the biggest strategic assets, imo. And it's historic...

> https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-turkey/turkey-halts-filling...

> http://www.mei.edu/content/article/iraq-wilting-how-creeping-drough...


> https://endtimestruth.com/tigris-and-euphrates-rivers-are-drying-up/

There's more there than meets the eye.

nope, wasn't aware of the rivers originating there. that does matter a lot to those downriver I'm sure. thanx Luis, learned something today.

yaknow... those Islamics have some big guns    ;' /

Don't get me wrong, Larry.  The Turkish airfields has been "useful" for our ops in Afghanistan.  Dispite our having been there for a decade and a half, its "use" is short term in that sense..  Eventually, we'll have to redeploy our forces from there. We SHOULD HAVE once bin-Laden was captured!  I still contend that Brennan (CIA) knew his whereabouts all along. Otherwise, having "found" and caught OBL just weeks before the 2012 election was a "coincidence". No friggin way! 

Btw, Afghanistan IS the perfect example for your "nation building" arguement. It DOESN'T work! We CAN'T succeed in applying Western traditions on a culture that lives under 7th-8th century beliefs and customs.

And that brings me to your closing comment: "yaknow... those Islamics have some big guns "

Yup. Those "big guns" are their BELIEFS!

I recall quite a while ago watching a committee hearing  whose topic was about Afghanistan,  quite a while ago. A panelist made a comment and did so with a chuckle.  He basically said it would be not only cheaper but more effective if the USA would just observe and then bomb rather than deploying troops on the ground. Hiis statement did not take wings by those asking questions.

I thought at the time well that makes a lot of sense.

Now the idea bantering about is a total privatization of the war. Skip the nation building. I am chewing on that and thus far thinking privatization not a good idea.

17+ years of fooling around in Afghanistan is years too many.

The Islamist will do anything to keep America engaged in the ME. We need a new way of thinking. 


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