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I like the second one.

Suzie wondering if you would think about going to a white background for all pages site wide?

These old eyes of mine would appreciate. Have people vote on this as well.

Clean, modern is a snappy look for present newsworthy articles.....  and, yes, white background is a great contrast to make reading easier......

I'm a "me too" on this subject.

The Hill confirmed what most of us believed was going on during the Obama, and possibly before, administration.  Spying on American citizens: 

Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying

Norma, sorry gal this one is a year old...

Reaching out to members for suggestions... Any other suggestions welcome... as you can see I am trying to clean house!

Please help to define what we are...

What is The Constitutional Conservatives? How does anyone know what we are?

Please click to the Main Page and see the left upper column...We are the Constitutional COnservatives...

I added our very old very outdated definition written by members who are long gone!!

 Come on... help me each one of you is good with words...

Suzie, I promise to "try" and full fill your call for action input. Honestly I am up to my ears in efforts with other good and true conservatives to hold our County GOP to account. 

Patricia, I know how busy you are... what you are doing is way more important...


Historic Victory For a Conservative Means a Monumental Loss For The Democrat Party

Not since just after the Civil War had the GOP held that seat. But on Tuesday Pete Flores put an end to the left's over a century long hold! "Blue Wave", huh?! lol

Luis, that was exciting news and Flores beat the dem by impressive points. Looks like Cruz is own his way to sending O'Rourke a defeat.

Blue wave not so fast it could instead be a Red Tsunami.

interesting thing I think I've seen about San Antonio's population, living about 35 miles east of it;

S.A. loudly touts it progressive-ness and it's well known to be over 50% Hispanic, and that makes immigration laws important to them. Not so much open borders though, mostly DACA related concerns. Other than that Hispanics there aren't really that much in the progressive camp, it's the white people there who are passionate progressives.

the Castro twins in congress/senate I think counter that point of view -- but with Hillary's demise I think the whole LaRaza movement that put them there is rapidly fading into past tense. 

 Yes I have been playing with ideas... here are a couple of choices... for our new header...

What do ya think? Getting closer...


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