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Suzie, I relate to your personal experience and I also share all other statements you have made.

I am listening to K now and it disturbs me greatly that he has been brought to defending his honor. I believe the judge. His defense of himself is very raw.

Sad today that our senate has shown they are true gutter snipes.

Very emotional... He did well... now let's see how this questioning goes... what the hell did Feinstein say?

But he is a judge... should he have sniffed so much...

WOW!  Finally! Someone grew a pair!!! Yahoo!

Go Lindsey Graham Go!!! Yahoo! I was standing up cheering!

lindsey's base in sc must be very proud of their senator today and rightly they should be.

That was amazing.  And uplifting.  Hopefully it was somewhat inspirational to other Republicans.  I do believe the Republicans, most of them anyway, are being careful not to come on too fast and overwhelmingly.  The feckless low life mainstream media is every ready to pounce their ever ready deplorability upon Conservatives.  It's no longer 'all the news fit to print', it's all the lies to destroy a Republic, hence, destroy the Republican party.  Fox News is not enough!

Fahrenheit 11-9

This latest from the greasy communist pig, Michael Moore, already qualifies for a MOAB award. It's the mother of all BOMBS!

" Blue Wave", huh. More like blue TOILET water!


Let's hope it is a blue toilet wave. But as you, I think, pointed out faith and hope are emotions. To ensure a blue toilet wave we republicans and conservatives must work to pour the blue stuff into the toilet.

This ambush by the low life democrat party will not produce the results they are hoping for.  In my small world, in a large retirement community, Conservatives, even everyday Republicans, are PISSED!  Not only for what they are doing to a good man and his family, but also about the democrat's unconcerning attitude using a woman believed to be a victim of sexual assault to advance their agenda.  I have many questions, but one that I believe is telling, why didn't she go to the Republicans as well to report 'one of their own' has committed a sexual assault on her.  That suggest to me that her mindset is set to believe Republicans are evil, not just an opposing political party.  I pray that someday she will come to realize how the democrat party used her for their benefit will little or no concern for her.  

"This ambush by the low life democrat party will not produce the results they are hoping for."

Imo, this wasn't an ambush "by" the dems. It was very much a full front attack! The ambush came from Flake just by leaving the room and delayigg the vote.

The "result" intended is to break the Kavanaugh family's spirit and resolve. To make them give up the nomination.  The Ks are human beings after all. How much could they take when they're also seeing that the GOP have not circled the wagons EVEN NOW - after this last hearing?!  And WHO in their right mind would want to even accept the next nomination w/ the treatment these GOPers have given Bret Kavanaugh?!  W/ every delay, the lesser our posssibilities to save our very nation 

And if anyone thinks that this is dirty and ugly.  Just wait till Ginsberg and/or Breyer's number is up. If the GOPers didn't'don't have the resolve to confirm K, forget it!  

And if DT's attitude is "Let it play out" How can we win?   jmho

Ya know one could safely bet that the democrats are very engaged in directing the FBIs look  see again. The dems and all their other slimes connections access to the internal FBI I remain not as optimistic the FBI will not produce results the dems are hoping for.

Now the thought came to me there was a great deal of holes with Ford. Grassley's timeline demonstrates there are holes from her and her lawyer. I have read a number of reported stories around the whereabouts of Ford, was she in CA or hold up in Delaware through out the time Grassley was offering to send staff to talk with her.

Its fishy. So if I were a smart republican having been burned over and over by the dems I would try and make sure that the FBI dug into all the holes in Fords testimony.

But the fact remains.. we do not know for certain... both had major screwups in their testimony... and I hate to say this... but  I am going to say it... I will probably have to eat my words...

But this woman's opinion of that mans certainty, integrity, and his strength as a MAN went up in smoke!. Sorry...I think he had some real emotion, but he sniffed and whined a bit more than I would want a Supreme to do... That constant sniffing, the constant reminder that he loves Beer- someone should have advised him about how incompetent he acted...If a man cannot handle his own shit- how is he fit to make decisions for all! NAH! sorry... and I really liked him a lot! But I will call it a loss if he wins... yes we need him but to what cost?


When our side screws up we lose more of our freedom and liberty.

When the left screws something up they lose nothing. All the gains they have made throughout the last century remain unscathed.  Theur screwups only means that they continue to advance - just a little slower.


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