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Suzie, The power of AI makes my very soul shake with fear. AI just keep in mind that the A - artificial and that people are the programmers  are still behind what gets programmed embedded & otherwise.

It is said now "we know more about you than you know about yourself". Just thinking this gives me the chills for what they know about you is subject to what  ideology driven agenda may want to shape and punish a person by.

I had to take an AI class while in college. I came to fear its power then.

Rush just said that Christine Ford "may be" a "serial perjurer".

I'm not so kind. He called her a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

That's funny!

The scary thing is, for them to walk with tail tucked and not be noticed they will have to create something even bigger to replace it...

Ford I think of a beng one sick individual who has allowed herself to be used (proof of sick) by disgusting politicians their shills and handlers.

Wh0 among the cast of characters  performing in the theater circus will pay a price by laws.?

Here is another brave sole attempting to "pull it all together" good luck... it's had 84 views... and I have been invited to be a Sphere of the group... What do ya think?

Site is nicely put together  

I wonder if JUST SOCIAL is short for SOCIAL JUSTICE????? hmmmmm?


I would say if JustSocial takes off it most likely would morph into  a social justice site. Organizations that lean progressive might be open to the site. Business community of progressive thinkers may invade as well.

I could see a place there for a brave soul of the constitutional conservative type but be prepared that you may not be so welcome after awhile.

I could as well be full of crap here -- 

"84 views", huh.

It means squat, Suzie.

Example:  Everytime a person visits this thread it's counted as a "View".  As a mater fact, when I was a member of the failed-TPP site, there was a member that used to boost the number of "Views" on a thread just to make the false claim of the its popularity and importance.  Pathetic.

Anyways, when a site raises my curiosities...or suspicions...I read the About Us to see its mission statement and learn about its creator(s) and its investors if any.   

Trust me Luis, I know all about views! I did not mean it as a compliment! And yes this appears to be well funded... I don't plan to do anything...

Just my opinion regarding these bombs being reported on, just 2 weeks before the midterm elections.  

I DO NOT condone violence of any kind!  

This doesn’t pass the smell test for me. It’s just too convenient in timing. Could it be there is no blue wave but rather a red tsunami on the way?  The “caravan” isn’t generating sympathy in the main stream of people, rather it’s generating anger. Kavanaugh’s destruction didn’t work, it back fired but opened the eyes of more people to the commie left’s antics. The list goes on and on.  Besides, all the previous violence, shootings, etc have been carried out by someone that’s got mental issues or are hardcore leftists. There hasn’t been any violence from anyone from the right (at least that I’m aware of-I could be wrong). Think about it-

      At least 1 “caravan” headed to our border.  There are reports of 1-2 more starting to form up, but I haven’t seen confirmation    of these. I feel it’s an invasion force-too many young men, confirmed nationalities that are not from the Americas, burning the American Flag and also carrying the flags of the countries they are seeking asylum from because life is so awful there, coming when we’re are headed towards winter, etc. 

      Hildebeast coincidentally and perfectly on time making comments while emphazing the election.  Her campaign was caught paying for activists to infiltrate Trump events during 2016 with swastikas and violence.

      All the commies from Congress and the past administration constantly making remarks encouraging violence and          confrontation which has been happening more frequently.  Scalise, Paul, McConnell, etc are a few that come to mind. 

     The people these bombs are being sent to, some just don’t make sense at this time-Wasserman-Schwartz-really!

     If you go back to the Clinton presidency-Slick Willie bombed an aspirin factory because his affair and cigar use was starting to get too much attention.  So that was a way to change the media/national narrative.

     The Russia meddling in the 2016 election, there seems to be no there, there.  If there was Trupm would have been booted from office as soon as possible and we’d be in the middle of trying the hang something on Pence.

I realize it’s very early in the process of investigating this. I’m just spitballing. This seems to come straight from the Clinton/Oblahblah playbook of distraction, bait and switch, sympathy generation to get out the vote and encourage  even more violence. 

I agree! First so good to see you...

Luis also has a discussion on this called Connect the Dots... look in activity feed to find it on Larry's thread...

Oh Yes Oh yeah... an academy award!!! LOL!!! Damn they think we are stupid!


Yes Linda nice to see a post from you. LOL I too, first thought, was how convenient these bombs sent around -- dems looking for their win and struggling to escape all they have done.  

Yes, they think we’re just a bunch of unwashed, uneducated morons or complete air heads that will forget everything in 5 minutes. Hildebeast was at least honest calling us deplorables haha (one of the few times in her life to be honest, or was it a Freudian slip!!).  We’re deplorable because we dare to think for ourselves and want the government to leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit.

The commie left is desperate.  They are behaving like a cornered animal-that’s when an animal is most dangerous and will do absolutely anything to survive  This is what we’re seeing now  I hate to think what boundaries they will push and how they will lash out when they realize they’re not cornered anymore but in their “death throes”.  

Thanks!  I’m back.  I’ve been scrambling trying to get back in the groove now that I’ve been home for a while. The 1st month or so I didn’t empty my suitcase because it didn’t seem normal and I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to get called back out there. It was really strange to not have plane tickets with known dates waiting for me to use.

It was a form of stepping back due to family health issues that had me in New Mexico on and off for almost half of the time from February to July. But I kept up with things, the insanities, the no one could have written this as a script and sold it as believable, etc.  

I’m ready for this midterm election to be over. We’ve been deluged with ads since late July here in Ohio. I’m sick to death of it and them!  Our choices for governor are Corday (oblahblah’s supreme tookis kisser) and Dewine (rino), Sherrod Brown (commie that still insists he’s a democrat-NOT) and Renacci (honestly don’t know much about him). Will be delighted to be rid of kasich-he should just come out of the closet and admit he’s a Democrat now.  He’s such a sore loser and a whiny baby. He started off so good and devolved into this embarrassment of a man and governor, ugh!  


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