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Comparing President Trump's speech to Obama's, I'd say that DT showed genuine love of country. His energy was electric and contageous. it really blew me away.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, he sounded like an old, desperate, liar. Period. .

Interesting! Look who the Communist party is backing! Are you voting for a commie?

When the Communist Party, USA endorses you for Governor of Florida, you know you're a political disaster for the State of Florida! It's the same for Georgia!

Yep, it's true, the Communist Party, USA, selected several current candidates who most reflect their Marxist policies. Two of the most prominent candidates are Andrew Gillum, socialist candidate for Florida Governor and Stacey Abrams, socialist candidate for Georgia Governor.

Question...How in the world are we even considering having someone supported by real live Communists as legitimate candidates for Governors of significant, capitalist states!!

Watch this 2-minute video and read the Commie endorsement!

Source: CPUSA

From CPUSA source:
The southern Governor races:

Georgia: Stacey Abrams would be the nation’s first African American woman governor;
Florida: Andrew Gillum would be his state’s first African American governor;
Maryland: Ben Jealous would be his state’s first African American governor;
Arizona: David Garcia would be his state’s first Mexican American governor in 44 years.

Minnesota – Ilhan Omar (Keith Ellison’s open seat) would be the first Muslim woman in Congress from her state.
Michigan – Rahida Tlaib (CD 13 Conyer’s former seat) would be the first Muslim woman in Congress from her state.
East coast:

New York – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would be a democratic socialist in Congress from her state;
Massachusetts – Ayanna Pressley, the first African American on Boston’s City Council, would be the first African American member of Congress from her state;
Vermont – Christine Hallquist would be the first transgender woman governor in her state.

The Communist party is backing the Communist party of another name....the Democrat Party.  And at least half of the people of the United States of America back the Democrat Party.  That is what concerns and frightens me the most.  Not just the Democrat party candidate, but the millions of 'Americans' that support and would vote for a Democrat, aka, a Communist.  I would like to think they have the 'Iron Curtain' pulled over their eyes, but who and what they are is obvious, a transparent curtain.  If this election doesn't wake up the true Americans,  the republicans, democrats or independents, I don't know what will get their attention.  Can't anyone point to what went wrong?  Death by a thousands cuts?  

There has been a recount.  It's now, 'Death by a thousand and one cuts'.  

I am beginning to fear a financial collapse...due to the fact that insurance companies cannot possibly carry the burden of the costs of all of these disasters.  The fires, yesterday an entire town in northern Ca burnt to the ground, the flooding, the hurricanes, and so much more... It is only my opinion, but I just can't see how they are going to pay all these thousands (hundreds of thousands) of people...and where are all these people now? How many will become homeless? and winter is coming... I worry...

Suzie, Take some comfort that the insurance companies have seen a big win in their investments. Clearly some of the retirement folks will not ever recover from this. Their remaining time on this earth quickly altered. Since it is happening in CA the old will not be their priority. That is a concern.

The fires that devastated some rurals areas in my county many folk had no insurance. So insurance companies could breath. Many of these folk were helped by many, many other folks in the area. My Chris, so proud of her, worked with others over many weeks. People who could not work donated $$'s, furniture, both new and old, same with clothes new and used, and plenty of other stuff. Volunteers helped build new structures.

Hope some of this occurs in CA.

Oh geez.  Now we have this:  https://www.thedailybeast.com/feds-now-have-evidence-trump-broke-th...

It boggles the mind how they can jump all over Trump's words and/or suppossed actions but nothing is said or done about all the attrosities that occurred under and by Obama and his people.

The Far Fetch news mainstream media is taking advantage of President Trump who is just a regular person that happens to be a billionaire.  He is clearly who he is and not a rehearsed person even when he is reading off a teleprompter.  It's like torture for him to stay on script.  Which makes him an easy target for the MSM to play their liberal games.  I have said this before and many times, the mainstream (liberal) media and the democrat party are the embodiment of the policy, 'The end justifies the means'.  They live by it.  It doesn't boggle my mind.  I've watched the democrat party, of which I was once a member, since Bill Clinton won the nomination to slowly embrace the dark side.  When Bill Clinton won the democrat party nomination, that boggled my mind right into switching party and becoming a Republican.  And Bill Clinton's nomination is nothing compared to what the democrat party has become.  Maybe this is what they were all along, but I just didn't notice.  

Michael thank you for your post.

Growing up as a coal miner's daughter I found myself questioning why the good people of the S coalfields did not seem to hold the democrat party accountable now their unions. The people were blue dog democrats who were conservative in most ways. The people suffered as a result of being the warriors on the ground for both the democrats and unions. It was the families of the miner's who really took the brunt of it all. 

So in many ways the democrat party is very much the same to me it seems though to have morphed into a more vile party since the notion of the new world order and all that includes. 

The republican party I do not let off the hook. Until Trump they have not seemingly been enthusiastic in being a brand  for the little working stiff.

I have no love for either major parties. I register in the republican party and while I can I will put my efforts into fighting to make it a better party. Not sure at all that the goal can be achieved.

"The republican party I do not let off the hook. Until Trump they have not seemingly been enthusiastic in being a brand  for the little working stiff."

So much in that one sentence....mainly, "Until Trump...".  For me, I think we can go way back and say...'Until Reagan..."  Both of them didn't start a career in politics.  I think it began before there were 'career politicians'. I'm not an advocate for term limits, but I am not against it.  Thank God for term limits for the Presidency.  I believe President Trump will be reelected, at least I hope so.  Regardless, IMHO, this is a dangerous time for the Constitution.  The time from President Trump and the next 'until president'.  I'm not saying the democrat party is anti-Constitution, just how it is written.  The name will stay the same, but I believe the democrat party would like to move around a few punctuation marks and 'modify' a couple amendments....such as the Second Amendment.  I believe the American people are changing to where there could be a push for a Constitution Convention.  God help us if Liberalism becomes the staple over Conservatism.  The next time between 'until president' to the next 'until president' is going to be huge struggle for the Constitution as we know it today.   

Good points, Michael and Pat. 

I agree with the working stiff and term limits points

but disagree with this one though;

. democrats ARE anti-constitution, emphatically. The constitution was written to create a limited fed/gov concept (Locke) and democrats are fully against that - wanting fed/gov to be the ultimate authority for EVERY aspect of life (Hobbes). Progressives all, especially the partisan democrat version are absolutely anti-constitution - to their very souls.


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