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Absolutely Larry. Progressives have complained for many decades that the constitution says what government CAN’T do and desperately want to rewrite it or create a new constitution that says what the government CAN do. 

They truly believe that everyone except themselves and their cronies are complete idiots and morons that can’t remember anything more than a second or two. They’re so very close to accomplishing their goal and I believe this is why we are seeing what’s been happening lately-name calling, character destruction, violence, etc.  It’s all cloward and piven and alinski tactics.  They have light at the end of their tunnel!  But people are now pushing back and that light is in danger of being snuffed out.  

They are acting like cornered animals that are fighting for their very lives/survival. They are now at their most dangerous and will risk everything and everyone to achieve their dream. Just look at what’s happening with certain yet important election results in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. 


;' / = as if i had written it. we seem to see it all from about the same perspective.

Thanks Larry!  I really do try to see positives. However, the current crazy insanity the commie left is showing to the world makes being positive difficult. I guess it’s better to try and see the situation honestly, the better to be ready in case the bottom falls out. 

I am not feeling positive at all today. The insanity from the dem/globalist (one and the same peppered with RINOs of course) I do believe our Republic and us deplorables are being made casualties.

Really I guess you can say we should have seen this coming. 

I mean with the democrats cheering the thugs on outside St. Louis, Obama and Holder completely judging and talking about situations as though it was so because they said so.  Allowing sales of guns to drug cartels, and ordering people to stand down in Benghazi and  thus allowing the consolate to be over run and US citizens killed. 

On and on it went until we have reached a point that we have no borders, no law and no say whatsoever because they allow our votes to be canceled by whatever means they deem necessary.

I'll quit now because I'm just making myself more depressed.

arizona goes w/ the socialist. when i consider the fact that its  McCain-country, I'm of the belief that perhaps the very progressive McCain family had voted for Cinema as well.

I'm glad that our Gov Scott is every bit the fighter that WI's Gov Scott Walker has been!  

Arizona . . .How very NY (Ocasio).

given the popular belief that 'if Texas goes blue we're doomed', and my warnings over the past several years that the sanfranAustin's uber-progressive disease is becoming epidemic in Texas....

i thought a post-election factoid on local news here recently was interesting/foreboding, and counter to the also popular belief that it is imports to Texas turning it blue. the factoid = more native Texans voted for Beto than Cruz. Best i can guess = if that's true then the education systems in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas must be purty dern effective indoctrination centers. or is it just the media???, especially news media???  I get two cities' broadcast channels, Austin and San Antonio. Not that San Antonio's news is void of overly progressive bias, but watching Austin's plastic newscasters with sugar sweet personas and flowery political correctness in comparison makes San Antonio's progressive-ism seem downright reasonable. I doubt Houston's is much better than Austin's, given it's recent reputation.

maybe conventional wisdom that imports are turning texas blue isn't so wise afterall??

"or is it just the media?"

Imo, it's both. And it goes beyond TX. It's been sreading, like a California wilgfire, throuogh every major city across the country in the last 2 decades alone. 

And the new age of globalism doesn't stop there. As we all know teaching religion in public schools is against the law, right? Do you remember the story where it was revealed that a TN grade school was teaching the Pillars Of Islam just a few years ago? It hasn't stopped:


The fires are spreading right before our eyes. Back at TPP I had posted reports of Sharia courts in America. Though it might've been expected in states like Michigan and California, it's also in YOUR neck-of-the-woods, Larry:


The far left has been nudging their global-progress agenda going back decades. Whomever wants to envision what the babysteps (cnosequences) would actually look like just look at the EU (Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway as an example). It's REAL! And it can perhaps occur here in the USA within our lifetime. And it has the "blessings" of the UN and perhaps even the present catholic Pope as well.

If Trump intends to ramp up the tariff war even further  he really needs to be aware of this article. I posted the link because it's not from some far left site. It's AEI.

ackfire economics/’winning’: Trump’s trade war may have helped Democrats win the House


“It’s very clear, based on how they lost seats in the Upper Midwest, that declining agricultural markets likely led to the overturning of the GOP majority in the House,”


I believe that the US can lose this "tariff war" w/ China if for only one reason: Election Cycles

China can simply weather this storm by simply waiting out Trump's first term. The GOP did lose the HoR after all regardless the reason. China, since it is a totalitarian (communist) state, they don't have the "stigma" of free elections.  They NEVER answer suffer any consequences that way.  The Chinese people have NO say. And if they ever express any grievance at all - then they're dead! Or at the very least, sent to hard labor for the rest for their lives (same thing). 

Between the ransing hourly wages to $15/hr to drop a basket of fries and now the tariff hikes - the price of groceries alone is becoming a horrifying experience.

And now the first wave of the illegal mob has reached the border.  Will the TAXPAYERS burden continue to grow along w/ our Debt? 

Btw, France and Germany are talking about establishing their own unified army.  To that I say "YAAAAY!!!!"; "FINALLY!!!".  When did WW2 end, almost EIGHTY years ago, right?  And, the Soviet Union's "Wall" that separates  East and West Germany came down almost 30 years ago too, right? We...the US TAXPAYERS...have been PAYING the bills for NATO, Japan and other nations for over 70 yrs now. Yet the US gets NO respect from the UN. Yet another far left global entity that the TAXPAYERS are also forced to support!

If the Euros want to protect and defend their own we shouldn't only encourage them - we should push it by first redeploying the bulk of our troops. Leaving only enough to protect our assets until they've been relocated.  Second, SELL them OUR nukes. That is IF those democrat scoaislists even want them. 

WHY should we even want to stay there. Their every move shows they favor globalism using "glpbal warming " as their mantra; and Sharia law is growing in leaps and strides.  It's also obvious that they desire to stmulate the Russian economy by buying their natural gas. And some of those $Bs go towards Iran - which then trickles down to the terrorist networks in Syria, Palestine, Iraq and wherever else christians and jews around the world.  

The world is reshaping right before our eyes. Where will we be by 2030?  The panorama doesn't look too good.  But that's just me.

Btw,  the first wave of that "caravan" to arrive at the Tijuana border is the l-b-g-t-xyz group. 


So, they get to claim "asylum"?  What happened to the crying women and children trying to escape certain death by the gangs in Honduras and El Salvador, etc?  It looks like those l-b-g-xyz's have universal entitlements above everyone else - ncluding children and their mothers, huh!  If those bllsht XYZers gain entry here it's over in 2020!  jmho


You Luis have noted a lot.

The Presidents tariffs I support. As a Patriot food cost were rising back in the O tenure. We wait for sales and look for coupons to apply to sales items. Chris always checks meat products whose sell by date is eminent causing the product to be marked down. If we plan not to use the product right away it goes into the freezer. We get a lot of different meals made from 1 meat product.

The tarrifs I also view as a national security issue for in a lot of ways it encourages companies to set up shop back in the USA. I do believe that a breakout of another world war is very possible. I do not think tariffs add to the possibility.

The caravan has me shaken to my core. It is nothing less than an ongoing invasion. I also believe strongly that any one located in the USA who is aiding this should be prosecuted for treason.

Hello Members and Friends,

I need your help!  

While it is great to have these "never-ending" threads of information, it gives me nothing to work with! There is lots of valuable information getting buried in this Steam room, and in Luis and Larry's threads.  I have no way to attract readers to those threads.  For instance, if I share this entire thread, a person has no idea which comments I am sharing- because it will take them to page 1. There are no new discussions or editorials that I can Share. The only way to bring members to the discussion is to be able to Share. 

Please take some of this info. build a complete story around it and post as a Discussion or Editorial...

Also, I agreed to keep the site open if it paid for itself- but there have been NO donations since March.   

I am so thoroughly disgusted with all that is and has been going on in DC.  Remember federal employees make a huge salary.  Get a load of this:



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