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I am amazed at the things I can accomplish in support of actions that I can do from my  little confined perch at home.

  • I can ask to be involved with others offering skills that I am capable of delivering on
  • I write letters to the editor particularly ones to call out shenanigans of my county GOPee Ons etc
  • Worked recently because the executive committee (not each member) took an action publicly to harm a republican candidate during the primary election and their motivations could only be described as those of swamp critters
  • My good close friendlies and I worked on a resolution that if passed by the grassroots PCs would prevent the ECs from acting on issues such as what prompted them without the consent of a majority PC vote e.g. requiring a special mtg
  • I have almost completed another common sense resolution to spring on them in January
  • I have wanted to be able to read special sheets that are by subscription, well north of $200/yr, no way could I afford. These sheets are read by the privilege elite which includes my elected. Spent some time thinking how I could get copies. Bingo one day I contacted a retired AZ Senator, he termed himself. I just ask that if he subscribed if he would recycle the sheets to me. He did and now I get the news to the privileged and I in turn recycle to others

My list goes on.

Its important to rant and discuss issues with lots of folk. At some point in whatever way you can help to be part of a solution even what may seem a small role. I honestly feel less discouraged when I do, doit. I have discovered that its important to not be invested in writing a failure script for when I let that script be in charge it renders me paralyzed.

Just some thoughts and I share them as a humble critter.

There is no better lesson about pain and suffering than that which our Lord Jesus Christ just prior to His cruxifiction. When we ask "why" the innocent suffer diseases or are victims of unimaginable atrocities, or ask "why me?!" lets always remember what God's only Son had to endure - for OUR salvation.

When we ask "What kind of God allows such horrors?!", always remember that it's the "kind" that offered His Lamb to be slaughtered by mankind as well.

"Why me?". Why not. We were never better than Him.

Christ had died. He had risen. And He will come again.

Happy Easter


Hi to you too Robert. I'm waiting for a special council to investigate the Soros'.

What is the reason why nobody wants to investigate Soros?  It's evident what he's done around the world....Hungary is the only one wanting to nail him...........

I have wondered as well Lanyon. The only thought I could come up with is that his billions of pocket change finds its way in the coffers of The District swamp dwellers and the elite of the uniparty.

This is just a thought . . .

Recall Clinton's body count ?  What if that was All Soros doing ?  That would make a lot of these "World Leaders" think twice wouldn't you agree ?

I  must admit I am encouraged by the Hungarians possibly passing a Stop Soros Bill.


Who wants to bet the NGO's and the Soros machine is behind the current surge on our border?

"Who wants to bet the NGO's and the Soros machine is behind the current surge on our border?"

Nope. That's a sucker's bet. His tentacles extend a helluva lot further than just that caravan.  

As for that "bill", I'd like to say that the only affective action that should happen is to stop Soros's breathing. BUT, it was reported some time ago that he had moved the bulk of his $Bs to a foundation where his heirs could/would continue his "cause" anyway.

It took me many years into adulthood to finally understand the Biblical accounts of God having led the Hebrews towards their Promised Land.  The journey took several generations. Why?  So that old mindsets would die off along w/ them. But, lets not forget that God Graced mankind w/ Free Will. 

Unfortunately, history continuously shows us that mankind has always had the same patterns of behavior. Mostly defiant, violent, and self-serving. Total waste of Freedom.    

I do not get into the political fray much as it is a ruse to keep us occupied and doing nothing to better our own situations. As I discover more and more of the fraudulent SS5 contract placed on me as a baby, I see more and more of the slaves telling others there is a border to their land. Ha! Ha! United States Citizens cannot own land.

I saw this guy has a group that promotes "open borders". That is such a waste of political time and energy as it only serves to cause the opposition to believe they can restrict human movement. it just numbs my mind. You cannot force your citizenship on a National! A National is governed by Natural Law and can go ANYWHERE on this earth they so desire. To become a citizen is a huge step DOWN the ladder. Because the order is like this;

1. God

2. Me

3. Agency

4. citizen, serf, chattel, slaves

Now why in the hell would we ever ask someone to become a slave to this national debt ruse (a.k.a./ citizen) just to be on this side of some border concocted by men?

If you do not strip that United States Citizen chip off of your record, then you consent to all manner of adhesion contracts they will never disclose to you until you are in a cell somewhere for some abstract notion of a crime having been committed by you. On my soil, the Texas Republic, no man with a claim for damages, injury or loss means NO CRIME. As a result of that I have walked away from their bogus felony factory and I pay no traffic tickets and jury duty and all of that crap. I am an American National.

WE THE PEOPLE made a covenant with God. A citizen is not party to that covenant. We have been denationalized and dumbed down through public education NOT teaching law and civics. You as a citizen are legally a "person" and not a "people" as one of "WE THE PEOPLE". Your flesh body is considered civiliter mortuus; (Latin: civiliter mortuus)[1] is the loss of all or almost all civil rights by a person due to a conviction for a felony or due to an act by the government of a country that results in the loss of civil rights.

The felony part of that is rubbish. The real part is truth. You move in commerce through that US Citizen on your SS Card. That is why you need an attorney in their legalese system. When the baliff calls "ALL RISE", he is summoning the dead. We are under Roman Civil Law and our courts are Admiralty Courts. The law of the sea has been brought onto the land and it is not what our founding fathers wanted. You have no civil rights as a citizen. You, the living person, are dead to them.


Yup, we have heard all this many times... but there is no proof, no way to present this option, and many have tried... many have failed...It does not matter if it is true or not... that and twenty five cents still won't get you anything... It's in the same heap as the "Birther"  they have propagandized the truth and thus- you will be labeled a nut case...

If you get anywhere with this- let us know...


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