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Okay, new setup.  Gotta get used to it. So far so good!


Anyways.  Kelly Ann Conway's interview w/ Rush was right-on-the-money!

Thanks, Luis, more to come... I do not think any of the functional buttons will be moved in any way- so you should find everything as it is...Mostly trying to focus rather than trying to be everything...

any requests?

It is looking good. Makeovers is a good thing.

Glad you like it! more to come.. any requests?

One Big Question...

For old times sake- how many would like me to rename the Steam Room- back to VENT and Install Intense Debate?

Does anyone use Intense Debate?

Is there  a forum style that is better?

Feedback please!

Whatever name you want is fine with me. I think I still have an intense debate account. I don’t know if any other forum style out there. So what you think is best is the way to go!

So good to see you my friend... Hope you are well...

Besides Wordpress or Disqus I don’t know others to take a look at

We’ve been hanging in there. Still sorting through the odds and ends that come up, but less frequently than before. How have you been?  

Watched the sotu and thought the show of white clothing was an interesting choice considering the party doing it, let alone the gender.  But they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box are they, lol! 

Right after BO won a 2nd term, it was my opinion that the left would drop their masks and go bat-shit crazy socialist.  

Right after Justice Kennedy had announced his retirement that Chief Justice Roberts would become progressive swing voter on the bench. He has. 

After the 2014 midterms it was my opinion that if Michelle Obama ran for potus that she could win.

The music awards were this past weekend. As I was listening to Beck this morning he played a portion of the awards where Michelle O took the stage. And the crowd went WILD! 

When I consider the democrat-socialist lineup s far (Spartacus Booker, FAUXcahontas; "Beeto" O'rourke, etc) NONE of them could defeat DT. Even crazy-Joe Biden...who'd I'm sure would run a more "moderate" campaign...would be iffy at best. As for cackling-Hillary...LMAO! I WISH sje'd at least try again!

Folks. imo that MO's appearance at the awards was market research for 2020.  She could win.  I truly believe that. And she may bring Kamala or "Beeto" on board as VP. 

Btw, the market has been due for a crash since the Obama admn. But the Fed had propt it up w/ QE's to keep it from happening.   So, it's my opinion that a "big one" may occur just months before the 2020 elections.  And many of the GOPers in DC would run for cover -- as they always do. And if a dem does win in 2020...especially MO...they will bend and kiss-the-ring even faster than her hubby did w/ the Saudi King back in 2009.  Cherish 2019, people. This might just become the "good-ole-days".


Luis, A lot of your predictions were a slam dunk.

M. Obama run quite possible and yes the looney left would be ecstatic. I guess I will wear my red ball cap with the embroidered words Make Them Cry Again 2020. Now how can we all help make NPVC is not adopted in your state.

I think MO is beatable.

Oh Luis... I pray you are wrong... but my gut says watch out! Life would surely be worse for us seniors... They will market that so well- first woman, first black, first black woman...OMG!  no one will notice that they put in dumb and dumber and obama will be king!!



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