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Pat, yes. MO is "beatable". IF

1. It's DT

2. The RNC and Fox News stands firm w/ DT and don't continue torpedoing him. (Just a few minutes ago FNC had commented how DT must be waiting for Rush's approval on the latest CR)

3.  Most importantly. Lets not forget that ILLEGALS have been given drivers licenses across the country. And more "caravans" are coming. 

A reminder: Though DT won the delegates by a landslide, the cackle SUPPOSABLY got the "popular" vote.  Why?  ILLEGAL voters.

Ex:  https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/26/hillary-clinton-re...  

Every country where caravan invaders join for the purpose of invading our nation all have U.S. Embassies and yes Consulates, goodness Mexico has 24 U.S. Consulates to supplement Embassies. Why then are not those who have so called liget claims for asylum not making use of doing so at an Embassy or Consulate? Wouldn't that use get rid of the middlemen e.g. coyotes cost?

Therefore it is an easy leap to make that this continued sustained invasion is not about legit asylum claims.

Granted some number who are being used may not be aware that the Consulates and Embassy location or even of their purpose. Their purposes overlap. Obviously an area of duplication and wasteful spending.

It's a crock we are dished.

While I am at it has anyone else here on TCC wondered how might securing the So. border, truly needed, move the needle up for the NAU?


no i hadn't Patricia, ya think maybe that's what the swamp is fighting so hard to prevent a wall about?

... not sure why it has me shaking my head in disgust today, given we've been through bizarroworld events aplenty the past decade - like the trans-bathroom fiasco, and actually having to fight seriously to stop nefarious/melicious organized caravan invasions... but now we have multiple doorbell lickers??     ...it's Twilight Zone material, maybe even beyond Serling's imagination.   ...just how does a culture get to the point that doorbell licking is a thing??


Good Point! and where is the news? I follow Paloma for Trump a gal in Mexico making videos says there are camps these all along the Border outside of towns, some as many 5000 people... Who is paying for this? how long can this go on? the sanitary conditions alone...who is feeding them...medical? is this all Soros?

 BTW-I love the way WIKKI words this... 

 The NAU is a theoretical economic and political continental union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States (sometimes Greenland and Cuba are included).


Larry, Yes I do think the 'dem R's' have NAU on their brains along with that a cheap labor pool. I do believe the 'dem R's' not interested in changing any of the emergency agenda items the President has requested to stem the tide of invader incentives.

What a mess they and the loony left has in store for this dangking by a thread Republic.

While it could take a decade + the u.s. senate will be gotten rid of and replaced with house members whose numbers will increase by reps of the big blue. At this point it is mob rule operating and sold as a true democracy.

No longer theoretical. Wasn't that long ago that along with a NWO the NAU was lumped as a CT. In the big picture the idea was 4-5 trading blocks across the globe.

Well in comes the Donald an oops bilateral trade agreements.

The NAU would evolve much like the EU. Now that should be of concern to us all.


Read it at the EDITORIALS section.


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