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I have his back. 

I appreciate what you are saying, but I mean actual fighting?? I will fight in streets for this country to stay free,my oath of 1966 is still valid today to defend USA from foreign or domestic enemies. Talk and money are good to a point,but when enemy leaves to no other choice but to engage one has to be willing to pull trigger.

Lawrence, Glad you can still be able to fight in the streets and willing to stand up and do so. I too feel I am a brave soul with little ability to actual put up a actual brawling type fight. I am not a deep pocket conservative meaning very low fixed income. My $$ contributions are carefully managed in small $$ donations. I try to put up a fight using many options that I can. 

Would take my 3 wheel recumbent street trike to the streets if needed. But physically fight unable to.

We all do what we can and I am glad you would not only be able to but would defend USA from foreign and domestic enemies. I think we will be needing you.

My interest has peaked for D-Day. I have two meetings this month that are held at VFW Posts.One tomorrow is a republican club mtg and one later in the month with constitutional conservatives. A good friend started Mobilization of Conservatives to counter a gathering of left resisters who were making themselves visible every tuesday in prescott. Also may be able to snag interest from a biker group.

Not sure the large republican women's club in prescott can be convinced to take to the streets but will try. Shame on them if they won't.

I love your great patriot idea Christine.

I hear ya Larry, my hubby was saying the same words, and I will stand by his side! we have come this far wth...

One thing we conservatives are great at is speaking up and out. The thing we are, I think, is not organizing in a big way before all is lost. Oh there are some who make efforts like the Pro Life and the old Tea partiers but all in all we are not out to the streets resisters. 

We conservatives talk a good game but won't follow thru. We prefer to talk and write letters but that won't work with these liberal terrorist. They know that we won't stand and fight until our backs are against the wall. They keep pushing little at time and we keep accepting liberal ideas. We have to be in streets ready and willing to stand up. Many of us old veterans are ready to defend our oaths of years ago but need rest of free country to be with us. Look around these third world countries destroyed by liberal socialist and decide if you want your family living like that and future generations. Once we lose country you won't get it back.

I look around my community and I wonder who is a conservative- who will have my back? they are pretty quiet whereas it is easy to figure out who the loud mouthed rude progressives are...

Suzie: Liberals come in all shapes. You will find them in family,friends,associates. Within 2 minutes I can tell who is or is not liberal. Most that I have seen or talk to have no idea what they want out of life. They are told what to say,how to say it. They can not think on their own,and most times are angry about life.

 Patricia and Larry,

I believe most people simply cannot wrap their brains around the truth! It is just too far out, "science fiction", can't happen in today's world, blah blah blah...

When someone like AOC can actually sit n our congress, I am slowly losing my faith in humankind- it is like watching a take-off of dumb and dumber- people just laugh at her ignorance yet there she is...

Also makes me wonder what will happen to us, we who have spoken out, too late to quit now... but it does make me wonder

Suzie: I agree with you. I believe reason is greed and respect for our country. I was raised alot different than 99 percent of kids today.

I raised my children the way I was and today I am proud of them all. At times it was not easy but always remembered it was for their own good.  Remember one thing when raising kids,prefer they hate you know and not later in life. As adults they will say Thanks Mom and Dad.

I agree! Larry, my kids have said Thanks many times over...luckily my kids are all nearly 50 or over... and it is just the one 15 yr old Grandson who I worry about- but I have high hopes!!

What I don't get is why or how The Golden Rule disappeared... "Do unto Others..."  gone! Poof! Everything is so politicized!


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