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Hello Members,

Had to remove fundraiser thermometer not functioning properly.

Donations are still at $150.00 and I just had all Associated Domain Names come up for renewal as well as the fee for HTTPS security...

The annual for the site is like $225.00+or- however, I am still paying monthly.

Please help support the site if you can!!

The Donation link is just to the right ... and we have a page in the menu...

Thanks in Advance, Suzie

I posted this info regarding AOC. 

Hat TipLanyon had put together background and timeline on AOC, it is in an Attachment- please be sure to click the link to the attachment - there is a lot of research there! 


 Hat Tip Christine Rae Moylan

I made this as an intro to a new project- Feedback please!!! Will you help? Will you participate!

Looks great!  We fly our flags 24/7 and some people call us the flag house haha. 

As each day passes I wonder why I should care about what happens to country? Many citizens don't care what happens to country. They believe it will continue forever without their help. President Trump is our only hope of preserving our USA and he needs the help of true Americans. He is fighting battle with both political parties and special interest groups. He needs people that elected him like never before. Congress has broken every oath they have taken and nothing is being done to bring them to justice. We have allowed Muslims to join congress and we have laws to prevent this,but liberals broke law and we now have enemy in congress. I have my doubts about Americans standing up for USA>

Lawrence, It is increasingly difficult to be optimistic for sure. The younger resistors are lost to Americanism, those things that bind us together for country, instead they are the for me. They do not think for themselves, all in for what the mob groupthink is. Some point in their life journey they may come to a realization "what have I done and not done" but don't count on it for that by when they find themselves a controlled by the state.

Once in awhile I see glimmers of folk who are becoming 'woke' lately quite a few in my state.

For sure President Trump needs our support. Trump 2020!

One way to give him support of course is to join as many groups who are invested in re-electing him in 2020.

I’ve been talking about the group think for a long time. It’s so obvious if you look at all the tv/movies-either remakes of old tv show/movies or just a mashup of the same ideas and music-it’s all the same chords, just rearranged. What ever happened to being mortified about being compared to any other musician or movie production!  They’ve made the younger generations terrified to be individuals since that means original thought, not to mention the risk of critical thought.  

The commie left doesn’t just see a pinpoint of light at the end of their tunnel-they see a sliding glass door. The commie left doesn’t understand that very few of them will be allowed into the powerful elite’s circle or that they will probably be the first to be made examples of-especially if the radical muslim factions continue making in roads into all levels of govt. 

Good reply Linda. I would add that it is so true  those of the commie left do not understand that very few of them will be allowed into the powerful elite’s circle.

"Many citizens don't care what happens to country. They believe it will continue forever without their help.[1]   President Trump is our only hope of preserving our USA [2]  and he needs the help of true Americans. He is fighting battle with both political parties and special interest groups. [3]"

1  The American way of life has spoiled us to no end. Where our wants are as important as our needs. And in many cases, even moreso. We GOTTA have the latest Iphone! We trample shoppers literally to death during the Xmas rush... 

The citizens are about day to day survival. Having jobs or, if retired or applying for SocSec, making sure of its continuity w/ as little or no disruption. By our very nature we don't "see" beyond our own neighborhoods. It's an ocean of denial.

2 If DT's our "only hope" then it's hopeless. NO "ONE" MAN is a savior. (I'm so tired of trying to point that out!)

What "our side" need are 3 things: MONEY; organization; and MONEY!  The one time we were organized (2009-2010) was the LAST time we were just that. 

Now...the MONEY side of it. There are multi $Billionaires on our side of the aisle. BUT, there is not the WILLINGNESS...by the very citizenry on OUR SIDE...to do the hard things to get in front of the REAL problems.  Besides, the progressives and the democrat-socialists have been investing and organizing for well over a century. They...w/ HELP of the elected-"right"...had transformed the very intentions of the Framers of our Constitution starting as far back as 1868 w/ the ratification of the first of the three Reconstruction Amendments: the 14th; and then on towards the 16th and 17th in 1913. Once the far left had those Amendments solidly secure,  they then had TOTAL CONTROL of the PEOPLE'S treasure. W/ that, they took hold by insurrection the KEY e;ements that they KNEW were vital to start the transformation of the very mindset of the American population / culture as a whole. Thus they took the universities; the press; and the entertainment industry. Today it's also K to 12 schools; tv networks and even MORE influencial - the social media. And the majority are STILL of the one-man-savior mindset!  (jeez!)


3  Again, the democrat socialists had been playing "chess" while "our side" continue to play TWISTER! Waiting for the direct deposits of their paychecks or SocSec. 

We are soooooo close to the "cliff" now that it doesn't really matter anymore how much we even believe in the notion that we are slowing-it-down. 

The "branch" we are ALL grasping on to for dear life is just one election away from snapping. But, don't get me wrong. Mankind WILL prevail! There shall be Divine Intervention one Day.  It just might not occur for what's left of OUR generation to see. (So much for the instant-gratification crowd, huh!)  But, then again, Moses wasn't allowed to set foot on the Promised Land either. (So much for the atheists and agnostics too!)

Over and out.


The past good part of 2 days I was confused but then my confusion turned to steam coming out of my ears. 

Suddenly yesterday my email inbox, I use Chrome, would be rendered in the inbox with the email listed turned into an appearance of in unreadable sender and subject as some foreign unidentifiable foreign language. Oh I did all the usually things we can take to manage Chrome including checking settings for Language. But those efforts did not bring desired results. I closed Chrome, rebooted my laptop problem still there.

Overnight I ran a full scan. Nope problem still present.

I looked through my inbox and 1 glaring issue came to light. The emails that seemed not to be republican or conservative source were not in the state I described. I spent my morning uninstalling Chrome and downloading and reinstalling. That seemed to take care of the problem for now.

What has me still steamed is that I now am believing that Google Chrome and their hightech employees has taken on themselves to introduce the behavior I described. I have zero proof of that so now I am into CT.

Just yesterday Amazon banned selling all books that were thought to be anti-vaccine. I'm not anti-vaccine however Amazon banning this type of book to me is much like brownshirts burning books on a bonfire.

What other books will they light a match to? 

 I seem to be led to this D-Day action... This morning while sorting books for a sale, I happen to come upon Bob Doles book One Soldiers Story. The inside cover is a letter he wrote on June 6, 1944... It begins  Dear Folks "Today was the day everyone has been waiting for - invasion day"...

 Here is another flyer to share.

 Please Help!!! Need Letters of Support For Our President!! Please Help! Also-- need one-liners to put on flyers! these letters and flyers will be made downloadable for folks to use! Remember- folks will send a letter but they just don't like to write them!! Help me make this effort bigger... share this idea!


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