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I did not verify this but sounds true enough...

I wonder if there are statistics here in the USofA that could compare to these?   

Where do you think we are On a Scale of One- Ten

One being- Their Takeover has just begun

Ten being- It's too late to stop it!

That would put 5 somewhere in the middle- but the line has not been crossed

6 would be across the line but- not too late!

Just trying to compare my gut feeling to yours...because maybe I am not crazy afterall

I would say we are at 8 at best.

Every morning I get up and hope we’re at about a 3. But by the time I go to bed I’m convinced we’re really at 8-9 almost 10!  Some days I’m convinced we’re at a 15-20 and wait to hear that civil war has started. It’s so sad and crazy to see how much has changed especially in the last 10-12 years!


Read my latest blog.

Yep! The Dems will keep up the assault against our President and this Republic. Each time I hear the Dems I think Trump 2020. I do believe a coup was in play designed to hide the criminal behavior of O, HC and her campaign.

Trump is right in saying he doesn't think another President could handle what the Dems have and are still doing. It angers me that he and his family have had to endure.

Linda I said 8 at minum. I like you think at times the number could be high and we have lost this Republic however like you I will continue with all options available to me to fight to keep, more like restore it.

Which bring the ultimate question of time?

And the progression of events/changes?

How do we prepare?

And for what?

Food, water shortages? fule prices?

My mind was spinning with this...

Do you realize that all they have to do is put semi trucks or tanks across all major freeway access- stop all food into small towns, cut the power- there goes the fridge- and then meds that require refrigeration... and then and then...

I still want to know where all those other immigrants went? The ones who hooked up with the gangs? or ?

I can get crazy with this stuff... please tell me I am not alone! in my nightmares! yikes...Hope its a long time off...

You are not alone. Chris and I live one day at a time... Have enough food in the cupboard to exist for a while well after that other options to slid into peaceful sleep.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago if things got as bad like you described why at my age would I want to strive to survive? 

Nope you’re not alone!  We live in the Midwest, so we have to be ready for blizzards, tornadoes, ice storms, floods, drought, even earthquakes, pretty much whatever haha.  Just try to prepare for whatever natural disaster could happen where you live plus have on hand a bit more and keep it to yourself and the family.  There will always be the grasshoppers and chicken littles.  

Try to remember, if they went to the point of blocking highways, cutting power, etc there’s this whole huge area of the country-better known as fly over country-that won’t stand for that!  If they do that, civil war would be a guarante not a maybe. 

This is the mistake of the elite, they forget about us here in fly over country and when they do remember we exist, they consider us less intelligent than an amoeba and lower than doo doo in the marianas trench. That’s fine with us though-let them continue forgetting about us and we’ll all enjoy the look of utter shock, terror, and disbelief on their smug, self serving faces when the doo doo hits the fan!

There really are more of us than there are of them and they forget that, to their peril!


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