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My Local News!! 

Well, my big mouth finally got someones attention! Tomorrow  I am being interviewed by http://adamskolnick.com/     

I have spent the last couple of months  researching and exposing - artsy fartsy- liberal idiot rich kids-who are have invaded and exploit this poor apocalyptic town...Bombay Beach   here is the article on this -art festival- called the   Biennale     https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2019/mar/26/bombay-beac...


and  here is an article- just for the photos to show you what this place actually looks like https://www.nbclosangeles.com/multimedia/Salton-Sea-San-Andreas-Fau...

This town has 295 Residents most below poverty level, who do not have the wherewithal to stop these festival people from literally taking over their town!!! I have tried to help them because the ladies who run the Community Center help the area children. There are 24 children, I try to help in anyway I can.  These art people can buy the properties for back taxes and then they turn them into "art exhibits"...

The problem is that I am uncovering a lot of scams and borderline illegal goings on with funds... 

and here is just one set of scammers- check out the art exhibit phots below this article- and of course I left a few comments...


 So, hmmm... I guess this is my "Political" action in my area... I live 5 miles from this town!!!

Wish me luck tomorrow

So many things in ones local area today to fight for. Good luck Ms Suzi you are perfect woman to interview. If they record please share with us all.

Sad what was has been lost. I thought I read that CA was going to restore the Salton Sea to its original level. Of course since its CA don't hold your breath.

This is really crazy!! It shows how easily a town can be taken over!  These poor folks have been bamboozled! It was already pretty pathetic but seriously not it is just terrible...

Bamboozling people today is a sport. It looks "just terrible". I recall the devastation of Mono Lake due to the siphoning off of water to send to LA. Mono Lake was the habitat for Seagull's to nest -- the lake itself was full of brine shrimp. Seagulls nest were protected from predators. Ideal really. The lake had features that resembled what you see in caves. I loved stopping there and walking around. Not much else in Mono Lake but not hard to get to good camping in Yosemite.

Wow!  While the 60’s hippie part of my brain says-cool, let’s go check it out, the rest of my brain is thinking——this is what happens when hippies that never grew up, participation generation trophy kids, mad max fanatics, freeloaders/those feeling like society “owes” them, and those suffering from mental disorders drops some serious heavy duty LSD!!  

Best of luck with the interview. It seems like this would be better suited if the “artists” truly wanted to grow their “art” and following to some small town in the Bay Area or north of there in small towns along the beach. 

Oh! you guys are gonna have a laugh with this one!!!LOL!!! 

Just finished my interview about Bombay Beach with none other than a writer for Playboy magazine!!! Makes me laugh! But... they do have a lot of great articles... He sounded like he might be fair to the community, he listened when I was explaining that the art people do nothing for the community...and then he asked what kinds of things does the community need so I went for the moon and said a Park for the kids, playground equipment, and fund the air conditioning so the community center could be open all summer...He said he could mention these things to the right people to get in touch with me!! hhhmmm? 

How many can say they hve been interviewed by Playboy!! LOL!!! at my age!!hahahaha!!!

Well thank goodness the interview was not with Hustler I have joined others in protest with that porno rag. I am astounded that Playboy is still publishing.

If Playboy with all its connections can bring positives to the community that is a good thing. Would be quite an LOL if they provided a playground for kids and then put up a plaque with their name on it.

You did your best.

Too Funny!!! I never thought of that one!!!LOL!!  This is what it says on his page - who woulda thought it was for playboy! I was sure it was for the travel magazine!!!LOL!!!


The New York TimesESPN.comMen's HealthOutsideWiredThe Fiscal TimesBBC.comSalon.comTravel + LeisurePlayboy

I could see your surprise. Know that you handled it well.

Hahahahaha. Now I can say I know someone interviewed by Playboy. I’m sure you gave an awesome interview!

Hat Tip Starznbarz

Best quote I have seen in a while!!

Kibbe said it best years ago, 

" Like Ronald Reagan in 1976, today we may have to beat the Republicans before we can beat the Democrats"

Yes a very good common sense quote. Lot's of garden variety vanila repubs elected and we the voters must replace them with strong conservatives. Caution the vanila repubs will pull out of their sock drawer and make the claim at election time that they are conservative.

One must, I think, determine for themselves what it means to them to have a right to claim the label of conservative. Ask then if the campaigner fits your definition.


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