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Hat Tip Starznbarz

Best quote I have seen in a while!!

Kibbe said it best years ago, 

" Like Ronald Reagan in 1976, today we may have to beat the Republicans before we can beat the Democrats"

Yes a very good common sense quote. Lot's of garden variety vanila repubs elected and we the voters must replace them with strong conservatives. Caution the vanila repubs will pull out of their sock drawer and make the claim at election time that they are conservative.

One must, I think, determine for themselves what it means to them to have a right to claim the label of conservative. Ask then if the campaigner fits your definition.

There are many Republicans that are RINO and need to be punish for action of crimes against American people.

It irks me that the Mueller special counsel cost some 35 million $$'s that amounts to 78 thousand + for each page of the report. What in the hell did we learn for the effort that we already knew? Were we surprised that Mueller or one of his democrat legions would not throw red meat so those characters in the Congress taking up space on 3 key committees could continue to abuse the citizens of these United States. I have concluded that the real winner in all this is Russia and other nations actors. To the dems involved in all this you folks are the agents of Russia on one hand, the other hand flips the ball of war with Russia.

It irks me that for last 40 years Congress has done nothing for the people or country. It irks me that voters are as stupid as they are,returning the same crooks election after election. They last 20 years are most disgusting years for Congress, as most have sold their soul to devil. Anyone who votes Democrat should be prosecuted for treason,as they are voting to turn USA into socialist country. We fought all over world to defeat socialist,communist, but many want it here.

I'm with you on those irks as well Lawrence. 

Many American voter's are some of dumbest in world today. Any sensible voter could look at all the socialist countries around world and see that none have survived. USA will become third world country if we fail to defend our country. We are not perfect society,but best in world.

Lawrence, Agree  "We are not perfect, but best in the world" and I am grateful every day that we have a President who works his butt off to make it greater.

Trump 2020! Contact your state or county GOP and get a Precinct Committee Application Form, fill it out, turn it in and work to elect conservatives up and down the ticket. Work to re-elect our President. If you are already a PC register voters and recruit more PC's. 


Joe stand-up-chuck Biden will be heading to Pittsburg w/ his hands out. It is after all what dems do best.

He also made it a point to tell Barack Insane Obama NOT to endorse him.  LOL  I guess he doesn't want the famous BO kiss-of-death.  Here's another funny: Joe kicked off his video/campaign w/ the left's garden variety of lies: racism.  How original. 

Reagan described the Democrat's campaign stump as a pile of manure.  Today it's reached above  The Himalayas. 


Btw, Rush suggested a kissing booth as a fundraiser.  LOL

How about a -scratch-n-sniff?


Love your post Luis. For sure the dem's have a variety of manure to apply to landscapes. Manure is manure and it stinks. Old sleepy Joe even a good many of the left-wing can't stand his smell. Honestly at this time there is not 1 bag of dem manure I would cart home, not in my garden dem's.

Don't believe a dem. Telling BO not to endorse him there are motivations behind that and the motivations are a bag of manure.

Don't be surprised if...when?...crazy Joe calls it off before Summer starts.  Biden's famous for his quickies.


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