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Biden is known for diarrhea of the mouth and unpredictable in many cases. At his recent happening in PA he did a bit of spin plus he outright lied but the union folks who showed up drank the kool-aid. Guess the union bosses owed him big tine and Sleepy Joe called in the markers. But as Trump said,, which I think is true, the rank & file most likely loyal to him and not the union bosses.

Sleepy Joe to me looks more like he is already embalmed. Suppose that look could be due to Botox injections.

Patricia, It’s amazing and not amazing all at the same time how many of them are botoxed to the point of looking even more ridiculous than ever!  Biden, Piglosi, Ketchup Kerry, Chucky Doll Schumer, just to name a few!  I’m always surprised when there’s even a teeny tiny bit of movement from those Botox frozen faces!!  Maybe they think it helps hide their lies better or something. 

Linda, I didn't think about the botox as aiding their lies but you have a good point. 

I being an old woman who will turn 74 in May I am damn proud of that fact and I do nothing to hide my gray hair nor a wrinkle for I earned each gray hair and wrinkle,, LOL I earned a lot of them.

Patricia, I’ll be 62 this fall (already-wow!). I’m as nature made me and is making me. I’ve done a lot of earning too. It cracks me up that they think that they’re fooling anyone with all the work they’ve had done.  Ketchup Kerry looks more plastic every time he reappears in public, like no one would notice his desperate attempts to turn back the clock!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t trust someone who’s face doesn’t move when they talk. That was the 1st thing that turned me off about carter-his mouth just didn’t move when he talked!  Then when I saw/heard his platform, well that sealed it!

The one bummer about getting older is the brain still believes it’s 25, lol, then the stranger appears in the mirror, and the brain has to take a minute to realize that’s no stranger, hahaha

Your reply is so spot on. In these last years  I have aged so much (looks) but my mind is still fairly sharp, I get around in my wheelchair yet I dream often about playing a golf game, riding a mountain bike or hiking the Sierra's. I also lost weight and my muscle mass is disappearing. It is advantages not to be overweight when one experiences falls, I do and getting up is difficult enough as a skinnier me.

I have tickets already in Aug.for an evening with Mike Huckabee. The VIP reception sold out in 30 mins and regular event tickets are selling like hotcakes. This is an event I look forward to and knowing I have this to look forward to will help me cope with the coming hot days of summer.

You Linda are a great patriot -- always enjoy what you have to say.

Thanks Patricia. You are a much better patriot than I am.  I’m just a small molecule in the bigger world. 

Linda, We both are good patriots. We both are among the common sense we the people and as Trump said "we are the elite" what he was saying is that the progressive/socialist are not the elite -- I say the P-Socialists have no walking around sense and if I dropped one of them off were I was born and raised a P-Socialist could not survive. LOL Perhaps we two are indeed in good company of plain elite patriots.

My reply is to both you wonderful ladies!!! I am so blessed to have this site which has enabled me to meet some of the highest QUALITY individuals such as you both... I too get carried away with mixing up what I want to do with what I am capable of doing! I get grandiose ideas!

And frankly, sometimes I scare myself in the mirror... I too have lost weight and I look just awful at 103 lbs.. muscle mass and strength...I hated it when the nurse said well that just happens... you know .. as you age... I wanted to stick out my tongue!!!LOL!!

So to add to my plethora of health issues, I just found out the reason my chest and arms and shoulders and ribs hurt all the time.. it's because I now have arthritis of the breast bone where the ribs connect and in the clavicles at the breast bone and at the shoulders! I have never heard of this one.. so of course, I get it!!!

And Ladies, I will be in Camp Verde Az. as of July 2nd...

Anyway, it is good to be home and back on my computer!!!  

Suzi, Holding you to the Camp Verde visit July 2. I am so excited.

Wow never heard of anyone having arthritis of the breast bone. Sometimes our lot is just what it is guess what we strong women even with hurt we keep on keeping on.

Yep those of us old lady's who have lost weight well show our age more. I worry without more padding on my butt a fall could result in a hip fracture. 

Well we all can benefit from the rule take "one day at a time".

It will be so great to meet you and Will in the flesh. Yeah!

"Biden is known for diarrhea of the mouth..."

Yeah...Yet he's in front by 39%. Even higher than the wannabe general secretary Bernie Sanders. ?!  Hmmmm...a couple of old, rich, privileged white men.  What happened to "DIVERSITY"?!  Oh, that's right. That only applies to US!

Btw, Biden's runny mouth now includes slurred speech to boot.   I watching Mayor Pete closely.  Some believe that those 20+ jackasses running will eventually start acting like monkers and throw doodoo at each other.  Wrong.  Just because the GOPers do it each other...all the time...doesn't mean the dems will.  Just look at how the Clintons dutifully steppped aside in 2008. And, dispite Hillary having packed her side w/ fake (super)delegates, stealing the primary from Bernie  he also dutifully (obediently?) stepped aside for the queen-cackler.  Yet another reason GOPers..."us", actually...ALWAYS get screwed royally - in the LONG TERM - i.e. for over a century.

The 39% over Trump no way do I buy that. Leading Bernie maybe especially after the Socialist wants prisoners voting from inside the big house.

I read where a once senator in Maryland got legislation passed so that serving felons current prison address was not the address if record this allowed MD to NOT lose a representative(s) seat(s) in the U.S. Congress due to flight of citizens from the state particularly Baltimore.

CA the realization of losing seats has them in a lather due to illegals out numbering citizens and possibly the census unable to accurately count all the homeless.

Yes that Biden seems to be struggling with slurred speech. Its an age related problem I suppose. Do it myself but m excuse is not only am I old I have a neurological issue but I am not running for Pres. 

I thought when Biden standing before all those union folk talking this and that about the working folk, dignity of work, Biden standing with O all in for the TPP and while O & B in ofc 8 long yrs and never renegotiating NAFTA how he could look those folks in the eye.  Politicians are pandering frauds.


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