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They should have this guy appear at Trump's rallies.


Wondering if members have read the Trump administration trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. I have decided to finally read. Would love to have your take on the darn thing we could turn this into a great discussion. Here is a link:


I get so steamed at those who have self interest for $$ reasons to by omission leaving out a trace of more of a story, it's lying period with deliberate intent. Reading a email blast today from the Dollar Vigilante he pulled me in for a moment because he implied a man was hoodwinked by DHS the goons operating under one of their police state agencies -- Used Civil Asset Forfeiture a law now that has been abused by the police state resulting in tyranny of we the people. The use of the words Civil Asset Forfeiture pulled my chain. Something bothered me about the $$  Vigilantes take. So I took the time to do more research and bingo there is more to the story although the stories I have read also leaves holes.

Day after day be it a story published by the left or the right if one resides on the right or left one cannot trust the story. 

It is what it is present day, it steams me that it is, so unnecessary to be purveyors of "Fake News". It's evil.

So, the nip-tuckqueen, Nancy Pelosi, has opened yet another tap from their toxic septic tank. She calls it "cover up". Presdent Trump was right to walk away from the scheduled "infrastrucure" meeting  THANK GOD!

Where is the proposes $2 trillion is supposed to come from? Where did the over $1T...under TARP and then The Stmiulus go? It was, after all, "Shovel Ready" monies, right? We ALL know where it went: The unions; the biggest banks and "green" projects where the investors were and still are, democrat super donors. And alot of that taxpayer $$$ ended up back in the pocket of the DNC and funding organized/mobilzed. protests.  In other words, THE $$$$ IS GONE!

So, again I ask, WHERE is the $2T is supposed to come from - when we have  yet to to pay down our present Debt of $22T or the $200T in unfunded (SocSec) liabilities which continue growing in leaps and bounds?  Don't worry. I NEVER expect an actual / real reply.

But as you guys know I look ahead at what I foresee.

Since Nancy and Chucky are enabling their rabidly crazed base to call for "the I word" although there's NO case let alone any evidence to bring impeachment to fruit ion, there will be NOTHING coming out of DC where legislation is concerned. Which brings me to my forecast.  September 1st is just a few mlnths away. What's does that mean you might ask?  The government shutduwn. And that one will go nuke!   Hell is about to get hotter.   jmho  


Luis, You have great questions. Yes I do agree that the demon-rats have been clever by infusing $$'s to union coffers that eventually end up fueling the dems campaigns. 

The remaining time left between now and the general election very little will be accomplished from the U.S. Congress. The President will most likely issue E.O.'s then lawsuits follow. It is lame duck time and yes hell hotter as the political theater puts on shows. The dems are as desperate as a starving hyena stalking for food. 

Who has been and are still engaged in a cover-up of the worst scandal in America's history? My answer is the dems of course.  

Will the dems be successful. Tide is turning against them. They will continue to fight to escape the paper bag they find themselves in forsure but there will be dribble, dribble of smoking guns + grand jury indictments coming their way, just my prediction.

The dems in the U.S. House who are doing the heavy lifting to harass and bully the President and his family voters have no appetite for except the left-wing and those so consumed by hate.

I'm fed up!

Peelosi has lost control of her kitchen in the U.S. House.

Patricia, I feel compelled to remind everybody that the events occurring today are due to the actions...and INactions...of democrats, republicans, and the self serving zombie-citizenry; which is the majority of the population going back over a century.

yes, Luis, great questions... many have asked...

We have our failures, we know, we have seen the lack of action beyond the empty word... Republicans/Conservatives lack stamina, they are not used to fighting this down and dirty--- but they better learn. 

I believe as Luis does... we did this...  bottom line..." enough people have to care enough" my new slogan

and it hurts to say... not enough care...

I have not met a conservative in my neck of the woods who do not care -- that caring can come in different forms. In that I think it does there are doers, real activist and the constant complainers who show up maybe at mtgs or on an AZ conservative blog and that is their way to complain and get attention. Showing up is never enough. Constant negative complaining does not accomplish anything.

I follow daily AZ republican briefs put together by a now 82 yr old conservative patriot.Conservative and the vanilla RINOs up and down the state read her published briefs and submit what they are doing. The reason I told you about this is that I would be very discouraged and thinking not enough care if I did not have avenues to know about what activist are up to. The problem is not that there are not enough conservative activist who care instead there are mountains of issues that must be fought against. Because of so many lefty driven chaos driven issues to fight our stand up efforts in numbers get diluted.

Patricia, You are fortunate by surrounding yourself with like-minded people... Unfortunately, I feel like I live in the dark blue forest and I try to shine the "right" light! I live in a Spa, people are here because they are retired and this place offers a living vacation. These folks are done fighting, yes a few may be conservative and they are fairly knowledgable but they are just not interested in doing anything other than voting. Most seniors are upset but they are simply trying to enjoy what's left...

Suzie, I hear you. What you said is true. Honestly for many of us oldies the so-called golden years should be a time to enjoy our declining years. 

We can't make folks do what they have no appetite for. At a Home Show recently where we had a county GOP booth an older couple dropped by -- the man I recognised from other events although I didn't know his name. The woman I did not know. She stood behind the man. I wanted to be friendly to her. I was cut off immediately when she said my husband cares, I don't give a damn about politics. She said that with anger, her husband just smiled.

There are many living in my 55+ community that fit your description.

You can try to lead folks to the right light but we can't make them take their blinders off.

I prefer feeling hopeful, more optimistic than the alternative of despair. I feel more optimistic when I surround myself those whose beliefs are similar to mine its like drinking an energy drink.

"Republicans/Conservatives lack stamina,"

f by "stamina" you mean resolve, then I totally agree. Today's so called "republicans" and "conservatives" always fear the vicious repercussions that come from old 20th century mainstream (progressive / establishment) DC; the education system and the media / press.  It's the reason why no POTUS had ever recoginzed Jerusalem as the TRUE capitol of Israel . . .till President Trump. And the old guard of DC, which does include those so called "repubs" and "conservatives" hate him for it. Because DT is actually showing...or proving to...them that it CAN be done. What this POTUS has been PROVING to the American people is that the "right" in DC simply did NOT...or does not...even want to do the right (meaning HARD/MORAL) things that would get the nation to it's original (Constitutional) roots.  jmho


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