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Thumbs UP! There are precious few committed conservatives that roam the halls of Congress.

"There are precious few committed conservatives that roam the halls of Congress"

Again, lets not forget that it's the VOTERS that put them there.

Look at Europe's latest elections. From what I gather,  The culture seems to be divided into the two dominant  factions: socialist or national-socialist.  And, because the former British PM, Teresa May, was such a squishy "conservative" (or CINO), Brexit (the UK's independent sovereinty/currency) will never happen.  

Make no mistake. Had that jackal, Hillary, w/ the help of the high-ups of the Obama/Biden admn, pulled off their rigging the election; or had succeeded w/ their coup to oust President Trump out of the WH...and it came close...the Paris globalist Accord would have gone through - w/ the blessings from the likes of Romney, Kasich, and the Bush dynasty, etc.  But it DIDN'T!  :-D    

DT means it when he said MAGA! And because of that, the EU/UN hates him (WTP) w/ a passion.  Unfortunately, nothing has stopped.  Sucking the USA into globalism, and the stratospheric spending and unfunded (SocSec) liabilties hasn't slowed down one red cent.  

If the "train track" is collapsing over the Grand Canyon - it really doesn't matter a damned how slowly we go over the cliff. The crash would still be devastating.  jmho 

EU/UN does hate DT for his style of populism threatens the order that they have worked towards for decades,

I marvel at the folks arrogance, Bloomberg, The Economist etc who downplay the wins made by EU skeptives.

TheU.S. left's coup has came close to succeeding. One thing that will stop it is re-electing Trump 2020.

The left has not wavered in their commitment to all of HC's deplorable basket crap.  These are the dem rat pack running for President. Most of the rat pack knew they would not rise to the top of the pack so why did they declare? All about chaos and sucking the air waves. I do not think it is working.

Joe Biden, already embalmed, the top things he rails about are part and parcel of his time in the Senate and those painful years as O's VP. Common sense folks know that. For now the dems think of him as a guy who can pull over the working class men & women and stop the bleed of black American voters. That is not going so well. Too late Joe folks are on to this.

I am optimistic for 2020. I am also realistic that many R's we eventually will vote for are not my kind of conservative. That is why the primary election is so important that is the time to take a weed wacker to the R field.

Would be wise, I think, to be involved now helping to pick a good conservative for the primary (local, state and as U.S. Congress reps).

DT does mean it with the slogan MAGA. He read the tea leaves spot on he was.

I think that a WWII type breakout is looming. What better way to protect America than have all the criticals

 made in the USA - no dependency on the global supply chain. Globalist I think do not have an oz of loyalty to country.

I am straying a bit just want to say Luis you are a good patriot.

I absolutely agree. We must forget the R or D when voting. Rino's will try to infiltrate and try to take us down. We are at war today. We are not using AMMO yet just lies and deceit by liberal terrorist Democrats. Please take a minute and review the past Presidents that wanted to turn USA over to United Nations. Remember the speech given by Bush senior and actions of Bill Clinton,Bush Jr.,Obama are reasons we are fighting for our survival today. When ammo starts flying just remember who enemy is and no prisoners allowed.

"Rino's will [try] to infiltrate and [try] to take us down."?

I'd say we're at least a century behind there, Lawrence. Remember Teddy Roosevelt?

As for forgetting about party affiliation, now that's HARD!  I recall a looooooong, loooong, time ago when the term "blue dogs" was used to describe the "moderate" or "Kennedy" democrats. That was waaaaaaay back in 2009. No more. They've gone the way of the do-do bird.  Their so called "moderate" today is that silky smooth talkin mayor Pete...and, wait for it, crazy, sleepy, loony Joe Biden.  Btw, Biden's behavior around...or behind...tha 10 yr old girl was scary to say the least. But not to worry. The media describes his behavior as "affectionate", remember? 

I appreciate the comments regarding vanilla RINO's are infiltrating. How do we try to stem the tide? One way is to primary them with well vetted constitutional conservatives who are on the Trump train..

To find that good candidate time to is passing by . . .


 So what's up?

No news really?

 Remember This?  

Wow! The military is sure moving big equipment around. Yesterday, got pics of one train over a mile long with tan colored, tanks and all sorts of big guns and other vehicles.  Many with the Red  Cross symbol. I know of at least 2 of these types of trains, moving north on hwy 111 possibly from Yuma. But where are they going north? Does 29 palms 1st Division also move this much equipment? Hmmmm ?


is there a indicator i'm unaware of relative to Suzie and Susan? ..just wondering, if maybe one is in admin mode and the other not -- or sumthin like that   :~}


being unfamiliar with the term '29 palms 1st Division' i did a search to get a clue...   didn't find anything relevant to what they're doing now, which is probably a good thing, but found a couple interesting older news articles that are easy to assume are related to each other;

The change of command ceremony at Twentynine Palms is scheduled for July 14. Craparotta, who was commissioned in May, 1983, served as Commanding General, 2nd Marine Division (Forward) from August 2010 ...
The Desert Sun3y <-- notice

Paul Gainey with the 1st Marine Division. Gainey would not specify what prompted ... took over the unit known as “Wolfpack” based at Marine Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in San Bernardino ...
Orange County Register1y  <-- notice

....truth and consequences, and no real surprise

i saw something about it being a recon division, don't know military enough to know if that applies to the whole of 29 psalm's missions.. but it is interesting that they're heading north and not south. ... maybe Berkeley is misbehaving again??

Yes Larry you found me out!!!!lol! One is my original member, the other is admin... I know it can get confusing! I am never sure who I am!!!hahaha! Published my children's book under Nora Nielsen - attempting to keep my politics out it. And my artist website is Susannoranielsen.com

and add to that the two Facebook and Twitter accounts associated to all !!!!

 I just thought all that equipment is going somewhere! And not south! And if I saw one and my friend saw one on different days how many trains are there...?

Why is a story that may unfold? Traveling the highways and byways of America for some 6 yrs we often saw military convoys particularly during  summer months. 

Now with that said I do believe, hope I am wrong, that we could witness a break out of a wwiii. I honestly believe that our President is doing all he can to get business' to move back to our shores for America is going to need them. Those corps are dragging their feet. Loyalty to America no to their bottom line and they will pay a high price for that and so will our nation have to pay.

What has been going on internally in China is a huge story deserving to be told. China rising military  is frightening. Iranian Mullahs behavior  disturbing. Our borders not secured is a threat to our nation, only a matter of time before a major event to occur on our soil.

Fat Boy well enemies of America keep him in their back pocket.

Russia still a major threat. 

EU is a sleep to threats.

So Suzie if military convoys moving about for reasons of training exercises that would be the prudent thing to do. 

I at this point not ready to accept a more sinister reason.


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