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Norma, good find- if you can find it. Where is this info going to go? Is anyone going to do anything about it? I want to see Comey and all of them in orange suits! Especially the Clintons...

(I don't care for those sites that have a million other 1/2 videos trying to sell you on something...)

I can't find the message now but I remember posting it link so you could go read it.  Didn't want this site to get in trouble for copy writing.  What's going on??????  I tried to post on Larry's topic and it wouldn't.

Hi Norma,

It's there, just one page back!! Should be able to post... please check again...

Suzy,  I believe the problem is my old computer.  Please post it for me as I am unable to copy and paste it.

Norma, Do you mean this post?

 Any one read this?    https://independentminute.com/2019/08/03/murder-weapon-comey-toast-...  Haven't seen it mentioned any where else and wondered if one of you have?

What I meant by if you can find it-- is that site has sooo many ads on it- it is difficult to follow the article... I have not read the article in it's entirety... but perhaps- if this is what you mean- then I should...please let me know

More than two years ago it became public knowledge that former FBI Director James Comey most likely manipulated, ignored and destroyed evidence before rendering his decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

The question has always remained as to how Comey orchestrated the destruction of evidence and escaped reprisal from then Attorney General Loretta Lynch for so grossly allowing the mismanagement of a slam dunk prosecution.

Thanks to the American Center for Law and Justice we have the answer.  Comey’s actions were sanctioned by Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

The ACLJ has just obtained previously unreleased documents related to the Clinton investigation and immunity agreements given to top Clinton aides. These agreements reveal that James Comey’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice (DOJ) granted immunity to Hillary Clinton’s aides and lawyers, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, from prosecution for anything found on their laptops violating multiple felony criminal statutes governing the mishandling of classified information and/or the removal or destruction of records, including Espionage Act provisions. Further, the DOJ and FBI also agreed to evade the statutory requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by purporting to deem the contents of the laptops as not under DOJ or FBI “custody or control.”

The ACLJ has obtained the DOJ’s infamous immunity agreements with Hillary Clinton’s top aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson – documents previously unreleased to the public and which include the DOJ attempting to enter an agreement not to comply with the requirements of FOIA, and which confirm it agreed to “dispose” of evidence, including Mills’ and Samuelson’s “culling laptops” which contained all of the missing emails from Hilary Clinton’s private homebrew server.


According to the DOJ Inspector General, who identified these as the “culling laptops,” “[a]ll 62,320 emails pulled from the Clinton servers were stored at one time on these laptops.” Having taken control of these laptops, agreeing to severely limit its searches, agreeing to unlawfully shield the laptops from FOIA, then agreeing to dispose of the laptops, it appears the Comey FBI and Lynch DOJ did everything in their power to protect Clinton’s senior aides and lawyers from both criminal liability and public scrutiny.

While these new documents seem to reveal, in my opinion that, Lynch’s DOJ colluding with Comey’s FBI they do not provide definitive evidence of the attorney general Lynch’s direct involvement.

However, Bill Clinton’s “unplanned” meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport just days before Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton is about as incriminating as it gets.

If rumors, later proven to be false, contending that Michael Cohen visited Prague was sufficient evidence to investigate an equally unfounded wider conspiracy to collude with the Russians, then how in the world was the Clinton-Lynch meeting dismissed as happenstance?  Especially as it took place between two high-powered attorneys.

Further, following the tarmac meeting the Washington Times wrote Lynch “plunged her department and the White House into a panic when a local reporter got wind of the meeting.

Why the panic if there’s a simple explanation or if there were no direct connections to the Obama White House?

Is Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch on U.S. Attorney John Durham’s long list of witnesses he’s spoken to.  Or, is planning to speak to?  ]

The walls protecting the Obama-Clinton Deep State are slowly coming down.

That's the best I can do.  The link is above.  Since this relies on the ACLU suppossedly obtained the documents we can somewhat rely on it............

Ok, so that is the one...You did a good job...Thanks


too bad, i'da liked to seen your input..

Suzie - i still don't see it there.

Didn't receive a copy in email either, which usually is an indicator it didn't post.

Sorry Larry.  In the interium I've forgotten what I wanted to post.   Oh these senior years...............they screw some of us up terribly.  : > )


Big red flag w/ this Red Flag scheme. Check out my latest blog.

I would like to know how Americans can be so prejudice against the best country ever?  I have done some traveling across the pond to other countries and would never turn my back on this country. How can one vote in those that want USA to be taken down to third world country? In all my 72 years I have never seen economy as good as today. We need to weed out terrorist liberal in both parties. They are reason behind all mass shooting in country. They know how the youth will do dirty work for them and help take us down. Those elected that are against our way of life have to be removed by any means available to us. There are laws against these elected and they must be enforced. Terrorist liberals are planning on blood that will flow because of their actions to be from those that oppose them. I believe we have more than enemy think we have to make sure it is their blood that flows. God Bless America Again MAGA


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