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My AZGOP chair, Kelli Ward, liked it too!

Great!!  THanks for sharing it!! Sure wish it had a clickable link... I will work on it... I tried so many times I got frustrated!!

From Dr. Hill's testimony... Word of the day


Definition of castigate

transitive verb

: to subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism The judge castigated the lawyers for their lack of preparation.

Facebook pulled my link for information on Ukraine, Biden information on money and corruption. 

LOL!!!  Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

I love it!

Did you know: Twenty-three thousand people work at the Pentagon (DOD)? Floor area: 6 million 6 hundred thirty-six-thousand, 350 square feet? The average wage is between $24,000 and $80,000. So, if you take an average of $50,000. per yr... That is where over 1 Billion of our tax dollars go! And that is just employees!! Ever wonder what they all do?

'Ever' is a long time, and I'm sure I wondered, but not lately.  However, now that you mention it, I wonder if the 23 thousand people that work for the Pentagon wonder what they do.  I wonder if the Pentagon could get along with just 22 thousand people?  


I can't wait for the Democrat party debates for a candidate to run against President Trump.  It's sure to be very entertaining.  

Hi Mike... OMG! comedy central... Liars and Indians!!LOL!

Well, tonight at Taco Tue... I was called a Bitch and a Trouble maker...  By- wait for it..... a democrat!  Yup! that sums it up!

Consider it an honor whenever you upset a Democrat.



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