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Michael it is something I am proud of to put a democrats underwear in a twist. I am now in the stage where I throw zingers at a left one but also red dog republicans aka RINO's. 

After winning my court case in Orange, Texas in 2018 of course there was push-back. Sadly enough a detective took it upon himself to pick a date in 2017 to claim that I had committed yet another crime, only this time the detective listed that he was the victim. The nisi prius kangaroo court roped me into another 10 years of probation and when I went to sue the detective in his individual capacity, the judge granted him governmental immunity, which is fine when it is proper and lawful to do so.

The goal is to filch the tills of our estates. It is never about guilt or innocence. And the courts are extremely corrupt as I have proven. The detective lied on both the probable cause affidavit and the case report of the victim. A recorded conversation proves this completely. Then he testified before a jury to the perjured documents making it aggravated perjury. When a government official is performing discretionary acts within the scope of his/her normal duties, they cannot be sued in their individual capacity as this claim was for. But here's the problem, the truth is sovereign in commerce. Telling the truth under oath is a ministerial obligation to which no discretion can be applied. If a government official neglects a ministerial duty, no immunity can be afforded. The detective neglected the ministerial duty of being truthful in the documents he caused to be filed with the grand jury, which resulted in an indictment for a charge when I was evacuated for hurricane Harvey. Yep, the day he chose to lie was a day when I was with two witnesses completely out of the county.

The small claims court judge saw fit to grant immunity in spite of the facts I paced before him in a Divine Writ of Error Coram Nobis, from a higher court. This was the final piece to the puzzle I have been working on for many years. It is proof that they ignore facts in law to cover up for one another. This is now an International Tort Claim against the United States and one I will prevail in. But I have one stop to make along that path and that is my common law court which is set for a trial by jury in March.

If you go to dandb.com and do a phone number search on some of these entities claiming to be our municipal government, you are in for a big surprise. None of them are what they claim to be. The Jefferson County Criminal Court is actually the JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS with D&B duns number 601019250. The Federal Eastern District Court is really two 5th CIRCUIT COURTS doing business with the same number and two different locations within the federal court house, and they are headquartered at the Tyler Division which is really guess what? JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS with duns number 041868717.

When you go to the IRS with your Form 4506-A to inquire whether or not that entity is tax exempt or with a letter of delegation to be a governing entity, the IRS will tell you they are not tax exempt and they do not have a letter of delegation. So you file your Form 211 to report the fraud, the form 13909 to report a government impersonator, and form 3949-A to report they are tax evaders. My first payment from the IRS was $12,000.00 for the 211 whistleblower form and that was a percentage of what they recovered in taxes owed by this filthy organization. I have 13 more Form 211's that will produce results.

This brings me to my first file attachment. This file is the letter covering their response and treasury check. This is how the IRS addresses me now: CLOUD, RONNIE-ADAM - PRIVATE AMERICAN - NONCITIZEN NATIONAL AND LIVING MAN. My passport card has me listed as the same on the application. That is real close to diplomatic immunity, but there's one tiny step to take after that, and that is to become a de jure State national with recognition of the de jure republic.

Well guess what? I am registered with my de jure republic and I have been appointed by the president as Chief Justice of the de facto county of Jefferson. I have since changed my ballot to representative because our Chief Justice does not have much to do just yet. We have several positions to fill before we can fully function at the municipal level. So I am waiting for another writ such as the one I am attaching to this post appointing me as representative instead of chief justice.

President Trump is our Commander in Chief for the republic and he has helped tremendously in draining the swamp to allow us to re-seat our de jure government. The corporate United States has caused our de jure republic seats to be vacant with politicians from the de facto government taking their place and dragging the law of the sea/admiralty into our courts and replacing the law of the land/common law with foreign legalese only attorneys are allowed to be privy to through the Brittish Accreditation Registry/BAR association.

After the civil war there was never a peace treaty. That is why you are still under martial law. They claim national emergencies and war against drugs, terrorism... to keep the veil up for war powers and martial law. Those who do not have their head buried in the sand will see these truths the way God intended. We need all of our older and wiser leaders to step up and claim some of these positions so we can make America great again. America and the United States are two very different things. I have been told "well if you dont like what is going on why dont you just get out." I did get out. God instructs us in several places in the Bible to "come out of her". Google it and see if I am right or wrong. You will find it in Revelations, Zachariah, II Corinthians and other places. Citizens are fictions. I am no longer a fiction. I am now a State national with diplomatic immunity.

When a government agency deals with Federal Reserve Notes, they loose their sovereign capacity. That is under the "Clearfield Doctrine". They become mere private corporations that have absolutely no authority over that which they did not create. Did the State court create me? No, they create fiction citizens, and then the consent of the living person is required because governing authority lies only within the consent of the governed. We have the unalienable right to self-determination. USE IT!!!

The last attachment is a house and senate bill I like to share with folks who are struggling with the de facto governing pirates. I'll leave y'all to debate it. I dont argue with anyone, because the proof is in the pudding. This last round they were going for 20 to LIFE. In the end, to stop them from re-arresting me for the numerous other things the judge promised to charge me with if I let that jury return with a verdict he promised to override (Only in Admiralty can a judge rule over a jury, its that crooked), I signed a plea agreement for 10 years probated, which amounts to an Alford Plea (Pleading guilty but maintaining innocence due to immediate danger of further harm.). But, the whole thing is VOID because there was no consent and no contract, plus the judge refused to establish jurisdiction on three occasions which is treason and was documented via affidavit by two witnesses I had in the court room. We have a verified affidavit of high crimes and treason filed with the US Atty General, the Department of Justice, the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and the Secretary General of the United Nations. I told you it was an International Tort. They have violated a treaty! The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The first 27 articles are not self-executing and must be expressed in viva voce, by voice, which I did at each special appearance. The United States were the only one to place this caveat on the signing of the treaty.

For my fellow Texians, go to the ELECTIONS button on the website http://thetexasrepublic.com/ and download the affidavit and declaration as a Texian national and follow the instructions for registering it with our secretary of state. This is the republican form of government guaranteed by the 4th amendment to the organic constitution. If anyone needs help correcting their status with the IRS, I am the only Ronnie Adam Cloud I know of on facebook, just send me a message and I will get back to you as I can. The reason you need to do the correction is because the Social Security Administration has a master file with you listed as a beneficiary. The first tax form you filed put you in the IRS Individual Master File/IMF as a trustee. Well, guess who has ALL of the liability? This is why we go to jail and loose our property, you are a trustee who did not perform correctly. BUT, you are also the grantor because the social security public trust account is hypothecated from the particulars on your birth certificate. A trust where the grantor, trustee and beneficiary are the same person is no longer sustainable. That is why when we reach the age of majority and become trustees we are supposed to merge the titles and collapse the trust into our foreign private trust/foundation or organization. Nobody has been told to do this, yet. Ha!Ha! You are a minor until you gain control of your assets in cestui que vie trust/public charitable trust. The amount of money we currently have in these trusts is phenomenal. You cannot spend it up because it is in usufruct for posterity. You bank off of its value.

Please dont let the dog-n-pony show in Washington continue to distract you. That is what it is designed to do. It is a manufactured soap opra to keep your mind focused on that Nancy Pelosi or one of the others is doing because that time you are spending looking up there at something that has absolutely nothing to do with you, your trusts are not being created, your commercial security agreement, hold harmless and indemnity agreement and non-negotiable security agreement, lien on your person, and private contract with the treasury with your offset and discharge bond, your indemnity bond, your common law copyright notice, durable power of attorney, bill of exchange to do private banking, your money orders and promissory notes registered with the Secretary of State, all of this is not being done by most people. My money orders on my estate are now verifiable through tele-check.

There's two governments and one of them has been de facto since 1861. Congress is fully aware of this. You'll find the caveat in the first paragraph of every stinking bill that comes out of it. BTW, I do not charge anyone for the information I share. That shit makes me sick. In the next few days I am working on our Jefferson Jural Assembly website. This is for the registration of our common law jurors and a place to become educated on matters of the republic. I just got the domain transfer and I am ready to start my design. I look forward to seeing some of you there, especially my fellow Texians. In case you are wondering, the term Texan is a legal term we do not use. And you can look up capitis diminutio maxima, media and minima to see why we do not use capitalization on certain things. You have to watch every word you use.


Thanks for your update!

Political Anosognosia -- a New Word- meaning unable to know the difference between right and wrong!! (I just made this up!!) *True definition is Anosognosia. Anosognosia, also called "lack of insight," is a symptom of severe mental illness experienced by some that impairs a person's ability to understand and perceive his or her illness.

Great post. I hope you don't mind I have copied to use your quote at a later opportunity.

My dear friend,  Go For It!  you can use anything on this site if it helps!!!

Ronnie, I can attest to some of what you say as I was formerly married to a polic officer for many years.  Some cops do lie to cover their butts or another's butt.  I am familiar with many cases in Ohio where I heard them admit it or knew my ex had lied.

Doing my Happy Acquittal Dance!

Thank God that is Over! but it will never be over... we all know that! Celebrate!...

But keep your eyes and ears open!

Now is the time to hold their feet to the fire!

Every single one of them!

Shame on Pelosi- she lived up to her piglosi nickname!

by the way- have you seen the presidential chess set?

It is just so appropriate to see an Ass on an Ass!!!

This will sound crazy, but in a way it not being over is good for President Trump.  He seems to thrive on the battles with the Democrats, aka Liberals....the winning, winning, winning...  not close to being tired of the winning!  

I just wrote this petition- please Share and sign 



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