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Hi so good to see your name here!

Yes, unfortunately, we have no one else to blame- but other humans!! I am dumbfounded by the behavior of the left... commonsense has died! I fear that our younger generation has been brainwashed beyond return to sanity!

Your last sentence says it all!

If socialist country was so good why do these people risk their lives to come here.

Hi Lawrence, Citizens settled in to the point of complacy. All my adult life education always a hot topic in state and local elections. Education has only worsened. Throw money at the problem without accountability, audits of school systems went the way of the dinosaurs. Parents turned over all aspects of a school day to the state. Perfect storm that allowed democrats to take control of their kids.

Those who do vote often fail to vet candidates. 

There is not and never will e a thing that is "free".

I am so stressed that the Wahan Virus may very well setup the next stage to take away more and more of our liberty and freedom.

Suzie, Loved the bullet points. Hypocrisy reigns. 

God forbid, but what if this is another 9/11- I do not mean as far as terrorism goes...

I mean could this dis-ease cause the same effect on Americans?

Could we experience another 9/12- the day after/ the recovery...

Could this bring out the best in mankind again?

Could "We the People" become United once again?

Could Mankind become whole again?

How far down the rabbit hole does the light at the end of the tunnel shine?

I don’t know. I hope it will bring people back together. There are those that are lost mentally forever-the ones hoping all the boomers die off to get out of their way (but then who’s basement would they live in and who would pay for all the free crap they want), the ones that haven’t been taught HOW to think, etc. 

I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that no one seems to be a bit alarmed about all the “lock downs”. I understand things need to be done to slow this virus down. But these actions weren’t taken on other viruses. No I don’t want 1918 to happen but I also don’t want the never let a crisis go to waste country either. 

This is worse than 9/11 in so many ways -- we do not yet know if the Wuhan Virus was a China act of war, I've had that thought.

For some folks acts of kindness will occur it's in their DNA. Plenty of others sadly don't see it happening. 

No we want "become United once again?" the left will never left that happen.

Suzie mankind whole I don"t even know what that means.

Light down the hole? What light?

Linda, I have posted my concerns about the "lockdowns" many places. Think about it in recent times mini lockdown orders were given using weather events. While nothing like what is going on today they were practice runs. Add the push for red flag laws and outright gun confiscation it's scary. I am more afraid of gov't than the Wuhan Virus.

Here is a great article. Constitutional Conservatives must be vigilant both for U.S. Constitution and our state constitution.


Bills being proposed in state legislatures during this trying time must be followed with a fine tuned comb. This is most true when we now have left wing dems and red dog republicans in office.

We need to be on our toes and scrutinize every word of every bill introduced...

How much freedom will be given for security?

True word advise.

  • the left is feeling emboldened due to misreading why so many Americans are hunkering down dismissing that we patriots are showing support for our peoples President

Be assured that the left/left-wing will not give up, it will be full throttle ahead.

Evil times.

Donald Trump promotes Donald Trump.  Is the Republican Party doing enough to promote Donald Trump, that is, to promote his Presidency?  Pointing out all his accomplishments?  Is it enough that he is not a Democrat?  What are his accomplishments?  Can we name them?  

MeMikeT, over the hump with Donald Trump.  

Hi Michael,

I couldn't agree more!!  Trump has accomplished more and there would have been much more if he did not run into a brick wall called the dems at every turn!



Warning! Warning! Warning!! Video has F words!!



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