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Has anybody else heard about this?  Next question? Can he be held for something in the U.S.?


Never heard a word! WOW! Interesting...

I live in AZ and have read about this. Being a border state it is common to hear of incidences of the agents either apprehending suspected terrorist or finding stuff of Islamist in the desert.  

I was wondering about the site being dependable in reporting things as well.  So much mail comes into my box.  I can no longer depend on all these new so-called sites.

I sure hope they caught him if this is true.  After learning of all the Nazi's that lived out their lifeis in South America, U.S. taking in certain ones for ther abilities, and more................What can be beleived?,  Certainly not our main-street media.

If you could be quarantined with 3 people-

from the past or present- NOT including family and friends-

who would they be and why?

My partner . . . oh if my younger sister was still with us -- I long for her smiling face.

Patricia, Not including family and friends... Three others... so far I have  2 --Donald Trump and Carl Sagan... thinking about Ghandi or Mother Teresa or some famous artist- for my 3rd!

I know how much you loved your sis...We all would love to see our loved ones even once again...

It has been awhile but still think about you all. Pray that all are safe. Keep prayers as they do work. I have seen prayer work on me. God Bless.

Lawrence,  What a nice sentiment. You too stay healthy and safe. Very happy to see your post.

We are doing all things that we are told to do. Have plenty of food planted garden. God is looking out for us. Kids enjoy some time playing outside. My daughter home schools so she is keeping them busy. Pray that all is well with you all. God Bless from Texas.

Hi Lawrence,

Great to see your name here! So nice of you to think of us... Yes I agree Prayers do work! Stay Well and God Bless

I just had to comment on our Dear President offering to have the White House Dr. check out one of the Covid-19 patients who has Lyme Disease...

I just love his caring heart!



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