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...See it's kinda fun....waiting for Indian wisdom... 

Uh oh I left my Indian wisdom in my other tee pee.

We need that.  It's been hard to joke for the last several years though we needed it many times.

"Wars are fought to see who owns the land,but in the end it posses man.Who dares say he owns it-is he not buried beneath it?" 

Cochise, Chiricahua Apache.

Gary: Have you seen any copies of "Touch the Earth" lately, anywhere?....   including during Red Earth days?

It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.Apache

And one more for the record.If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come. - Arapaho

Oh so glad ot hear someday I will be smart! I wonder about everything!LOL!!

 At least it was a short speech! No surprises! Just more spin  and lies...

looks like we have another job!  de-fund...

Ya know.... I looked around at all the information and education- not to mention the awesome services we offer. Many of these additions such as our  Letter to the Editor are exclusive to us- our own Tech developed the page- Thank you Kos...

Have you tried it? I really feel that this is a very important tool to use to connect with the public...  very easy to do... Try it!


And please remember if you like the site- please invite your friends to join!

I fixed the letters page and with this page url as well.  Something went wonky with the code.  I also added it as a 'subtab' below the Activism tab.  It's fine now.   Damn gremlins!


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"IT'S OFIFICIAL: NO COLLUSION Read my latest blog."
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IT'S OFFICIAL: NO COLLUSIONBut the spin from the rabid far left is on cue. The likes of Schumer and…See More
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"Every morning I get up and hope we’re at about a 3. But by the time I go to bed I’m…"
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"This isn`t the end, it is the documentation that was required to take the next step. This has been…"
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"I would say we are at 8 at best."
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"I wonder if there are statistics here in the USofA that could compare to these?   "
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Americas Little Girl Socialist Part 3

The progressive socialists within the Democrat party are forever telling us how they are tireless…See More
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"Luis, Glad to see a post from you I was feeling a bit worried. One thing for sure the dogs of the…"

Volcano's and Earthquakes

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