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A lot sites where one can make comments on an article offer a menu of options to login/post, FB, Google, Disqus etc., so I have made a leap in thinking its all about data collection. 

OMG! This woman needs to be arrested!

Peelosi is anti-America and anti-working women and men. Her base that she represents are the same. Clear example why the demon-rats should be handed a whooping in 2020. Imagine an open borders USA.

The other anti-american is Old Maxine, she sided with the Iran gov't.

 My Father Always said  Suzie "If they can dream it- it will be"

and "If you see it in a movie- you can bet it already exists" (with reason!) What is "reason"?

So How far do you think they have come with this idea- since 2017 the date of this video???

Suzie, Lot's of movies and books, Orwell, the movie The Giver and more, come to pass. This video is a prime example. In The Giver they showcased a drone capable of sucking their prey into its belly. Low and behold I read a while back that such a drone was being built.

For now I would say the reasons for all the existing and future technology is to control the masses. Raw sustainable, repeatable tyranny.

For a number of nights I have noticed from my backporch what I believed to be a drone flying at night. Now my eyes are not good so I decided to wait to see if others may have noticed mysterious drone sightings. Didn't take long before a lot of sightings were reported. 

Why on earth is this happening?

 why on earth? You and I and every member knows why!! As you said "control the masses".  I remember back when Alex Jones was chasing trains with shackles and then there are all those thousands of black plastic coffins!!! We need to remember "they"  DID go door to door in Boston... Let's not kid ourself... Hell one of these factions could take over half the he before Trump could even act...even my little brain can see that scenario... Picture the mountain regions anywhere USA or Mexico or ?.... Someones little army (obamass) can do some mass damage asap.....scary... 

I am here in my safe little community watching a nearby town get completely taken over and how easily it is being done right in the open... I am of a mind these days... Expect anything and everything... be as prepared as you can be...

All this is by design to scare the masses. Each and every time even the bullying of the left aids the cause to reign terror.

Plenty of examples in history of what gov'ts are capable of. Technology is making it easier. In present day just looking at mainland China PRC. That will be coming to our shores. Hell Apple and Alphabet, Google, FB and the like aiding China by now only a matter of a short time before the systems of China's PRC is fully integrated in the USA.

I have no idea how to fight this Suzie I'm old -- the groundwork to indoctrinate the youth it has worked for the most part and I fear they will think what is foreign to us they will accept as normal. 

Patricia, Suzie, I have no idea how to fight this either!  It wasn’t that long ago when we were called crazy for even thinking this stuff MIGHT happen. I keep a close eye on my grandkids for any indoctrination. I know their parents are aware, being navy vets, so that does help. 

The only thing I keep thinking is in books, film, etc in these tyrant/apocalyptic society breakdown situations, there always seems to be at least a few that hold on to their own thoughts/values in the belief that things will change some day.  They might “play the game” to survive, but that might be what we have to do to survive what looks to be coming.

If you have music, books, etc that you like or feel is important-don’t just get an electronic version-get the physical version. Same with maps, etc. if the web goes down, or the grid goes down what good will downloaded anything be!?!?

Linda, You are one smart patriot. Yes those of us, some of us if still alive, will learn to survive and hopefully contribute in any way possible to those who can be the disruptors.

Sad isn't it Linda that its coming to hoarding vestiges of history.

In the immediate one thing we can do is work our butts off to re-elect our President, vote for constitutional conservatives registered ass R's in the primary and then vote R u and down the ticket in the general. If successful our work is not over we then must hold their feet to the fires of liberty.

Our Republic is hanging by a thread. 

Thanks Patricia!  You are a great patriot as well. Years ago our oldest said I was the family’s “keeper of knowledge”. We laughed at the time, but it’s spooky that now I have to be just that!  So I’ve got books, not near as many as I’d like-space and money are the limits.  But the ones I have I trust to be as unbiased and truthful as I could find.  

That thread we’re hanging by is very frayed I’m afraid. Maybe at this point age has just a little benefit, haha. 

Yes Linda I do think that now being way down the age bell curve is both a benefit and at the same time gives me a big dose of disspire in that I may soon leave this Republic form of gov't to democrat socialism and a reign of tyranny for future generations.

I take stock of issues each day and the issues grow daily. Plenty of issues here in my local city and county plus the state. Those issues would keep an activist burning shoe leather.

The chaos caused by U.S. Congress members are burying us all,  literally.

Linda and Patricia, You are both great Patriots and I feel blessed and honored to know you and call you my friends. I too keep "REAL" Books with what I know as true history... I love books anyway...  but have no time to read...I feel the same... 



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