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 The reason I like it so much is finding the values of all these strange things folks bring in due to the fact that we are still carting around 10+ moving boxes fro Will's Horder Fathers home- which took us 6 yrs to empty! but what lesson...all his "stuff" all had value!

Got you. I have only left a few valuables like Ms Futterby's art that gives joy each day. I had some coins that I researched and found they came from a Spanish ship that had sunk off Fla. I contacted a museum and yep they wanted to purchase so I sold them and both parties happy. I have shed myself from a ton of worldly goods. I have this thing that I care not to leave this world with a big cleanout to be done by others.

Know what for all those items I have shed I don't miss them at all. If any of the shed items were real valued ones I care not to know.

Yep, Patricia, it is.  They only show up to shoot episodes.  Most of the shows are reality these days.  I miss the days when we could laugh at prople who flubbed their lines or went off on their own like Johnathan Winters. And Red Skelton who made us laugh because he got tickled at himself.  You can add Carol Burnett's show to that list.

Hi Norma, Good to see your reply. I hope you are doing well. I think of you often and send good vibes.

Missing in the reality show relm is the fact I think that we little patriots are dished out in the political theatre games much reality and outrageous non reality 24 x 7. The political class dominates the air waves. The demon-rats and all those running for President now that has been a reality show designed and planned to suck oxygen from the air waves. DNC in debt so they needed to figure out how to get free press. And what about The Squad what a sad dangerous group of anti Americans, anti Jewish Americans, anti Israel they are their a danger to this Republic and our President is right when he says they are not smart. The Squad are a stomach churning episodes of reality TV at its worst.


Excuse me all but I am so sick of the misuse of my money and all taxpayers money.

Three times now, two by telephone, and one by email, Humana has contacted me regarding sending a nurse to my home to check me out.  Each time I have thanked the caller and advised them that I visit my doctors twice yearly for check ups and much prefer that Humana not waste my money paying callers and nurses to visit.  I have just done so in a reply in an email.  I also informed them (ha, ha) my doctors are available in case of emergencies or for any questions I need to ask.

Are these medical congomorates that stupid.............I think not.  They must sit in their offices figuring up ways to charge more money for their services.

Sorry Patricia.  Thank you for your kind words.  I agree 100%.  The squad are idiots and I do hope that more people wake up and see them for what they are.  Never would have I imagined we would have been in the position we are today as I was still growing up in the fifties. 

We had back then a thing called "equal air time".  When one view was expressed by a demo-rat (as you call them...lol), equal air time was given to the republicans.  Those days are gone along with the tv shows they were not allowed to air with so many vulgar and lewd langauge and scenes.  Have I missed something or do the airways still belong to the U.S. citizens?

just gotta chime into that with a - ! YEAH !  ;'/

WellMed operates with the same mentality.. i usually word it as ' covering their ass legally to the extreme and build maximum profits for the company while doing it'. Anything at all that can be found possibly wrong must be treated as a possible crisis, scheduling visits to as many specialists as possible and make sure some more drugs are sold/prescribed too.

about the whole issue of misuse of tax payers' money, and even national debt.. i have 2¢ that i think is necessary to embrace to have any hope of changing that = we tax payers have to see and incorporate to our decision making the reality of the real sin of taxes isn't the money - as impactful to our lives as the money is. The most impactful sin of the tax is the authorities granted that enable the tax.   -- expecting politicians to exercise authorities responsibly or spend our money responsibly is expecting the unnatural.

Larry,  It's a form of control. Taxes, medicare, medicaid, licenses for everything under the sun, and social security.

One of the redeeming points I gave to George W. was when he tried to get some of social security back into the citizens hands to invest it for themselves.  At least congress would not have been able to raid that portion. I won't even venture into the people who receive it that shouldn't 

Just how much trouble would have it have been to incorporate investing and money management into the schools?  I hazard a guess it would have saved citizens millions but their greed prevented it from being done.  Now we spend money teaching diversity.  Excuse me.  I believe that's the responsibility of a parent. 

I know I was naiive in my early days, but politicians did not spend with such abandonment before Johnson's Great Society and the implementation of medicare and medicaid. The welfare rolls boomed under him.

We were poor and on welfare.  My mother lost her job as a bullet inspector after the war and my dad, was legally blind.  I had my eyes and ears examined by the nurse at grade school.  The only time I saw a doctor was when I had spinal meningitis at age 10. I had teeth filled through a dentist who donated time, and there were clinics that people could visit.  The cost of this was born by well off people who donated money. Then, of course, education was not "lorded" over by the "great" Department of Education.

The only time I was aware of Mexicans back in the fifties was a family placed in the apartment next door to us.  We had to call maintenance because all the garbage they flushed down their sink wound up in our bathtub.

Geez.........the departments and people employed by the federal government has grown astronomically along with the costs and taxes. This is what I bear witness to in my nearly 78 years as a Untied States citizen.

Hi Norma,

So good to see you!. LOL! Hey at least they want to "take care of you"! My Dr.s latest nonsense is to try to take away my pain meds then I will be fine... he thinks he is God. And I am out of, state right now. I will probably have to cut my vacation short and go home to fire him and get a new Dr. before this one kills me!

Susy, My cardiologist for 22 years just retired because of managed care.  He's moving closer to his family and will be working part time.  Guess what?  He's originally from Turkey, a muslim country, but has been here for many years.

So, the New York born Boris Johnson as Britain's PM . . .For now, that is. And it took no time to label him "the British Donald Trump". And, in the same manner GOPe House members jumped, for the 2018 midterms, the same is occurring across the pond.

"Bo-Jo", as he's called in Britain, models himself after Thatcher and Churchill and says that Brexit will occur on October 31.

Personally, I don't see it happening. What I do see is the same level of hatred and resistance against Bo-Jo that we see here against President Trump.

the Trumpian BoJo message has been pretty loud this morning, noticed it too. Even read one that talked about BoJo being American born, even in NYC - Trump's stomping grounds. Also notice that the MSM biggies haven't said much about it yet. Guessing AP must not have distributed the response narratives to them yet. -- although, i did see one article warning brexiteers about BoJo's globalist past.

Personally, I don't see it happening. What I do see is the same level of hatred and resistance against Bo-Jo that we see here against President Trump.

Went to visit old friends yesterday, one of which has deep SanFranAustin progressive roots he can't seem to evolve out of - or the urges to bring such b.s. into discussion with me. So, I went armed with a new tool i wanted to try out =

I 1st let him get ramped up in his Trump derangement/bashing enough to play the tool... and then reminded him of my debates with him when his/their derangement was about Bush. Reminded him that the root of my argument then, just as it is now, is that " I HATE (fill in the blank) IS NOT a valid political argument. I'm not an R, but if that's all progressives/Ds have to offer, you don't even have a horse in the race."   -- and then I played the new tool = " I've become convinced that political progressives are the most hate filled bunch of people I know of." 

it worked as well as i thought it might, nothing in response but some stammering and a look of ' that hurt, isn't fair and can't be right' .      :~}  gottaluvit



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